Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Corsage joy

Last night I started and finished this pretty little corsage - its adorned with a lovely blue heart shaped ceramic button and I was rather pleased with it I must say - I was in two minds whether to actually put it on my Etsy or keep it for myself, but as the dear other half pointed out, if I kept everything I made, Id be flooded with stuff...he's right, I have a drawer overflowing with such things so with some reluctance, but sure that one day it would meet with a joyously happy owner, I added it to my little shop.

I also managed to do a bit more crochet work to add to my blanket stash, and realised that the pale blue wool I had chosen to edge my blocks with was running dangerously low. Alas, the only thing for it was a trip to Holmfirth to the excellent Up Country

If ever you have the chance to visit this little aladdins cave of treasures and all things woolly, then do go along for a peep - once inside you disappear up some stairs and you are in wool heaven! There are delightful cupboards oozing wools of all shades and textures, drawers have yarn tucked away in them and there are lots of lovely makes like Rowan and Debbie Bliss - the owner (I presume) has also very thoughtfully left some childrens toys on the floor in a corner, so that mummy can browse in peace whilst the little ones amuse themselves with small cars, a house and a plastic snoopy.


I came away with stocks replenished (isn't it awful when you run out half way through something?) and after a spot of grocery shopping we came home for lunch.

A lovely, pootling sort of day - and tonight a meeting with my Craft Candy friends!

Hope you are all having a scrumptious day

Sending love and cosy blankets - its still very chilly here, is it the same where you are?

Julia xxx


  1. I can feel a trip to Holmfirth coming on!! I'm running out of blues and greens for my "St Ives " blanket so I might have a trip. The corsage is divine.xxx

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely words. To be compared to a great present not bad at all.

    I see your four squares ahead of me on the crochet blanket. I wonder who'll finish first.

    Love your watercolours - the colours are fantastic. I'll read old posts later, but Mr Bun's laptop just blown up so he wants mine for work. Ho hum.

    Hugs Lisa x

  3. Hi Julia!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment.
    You also have a lovely blog here, and I love that blue corsage :)

  4. That is a very pretty brooch. Very tactile looking. I wish I had a nice wool shop near me! It is quite chilly down here in the South and not at all springlike!

  5. up county...my favourite shop...I love it and all the big lady clothes which from time to time I treat myself to especially when there is a sale...Pollys bag nearly finished fro the holls will do a post when its done...love H

  6. Hi Julia! Thank you for entering my Giveaway.
    Your corsage is lovely :)

  7. what a lovely blog you have, so colourful and jolly. I love the knitted pot cover! Your illustrations are really sweet. I still have not done my new years resolution to learn how to knit (got sidetracked with rag rugging!) but seeing all your bits has made me more determined to give it a try. Thanks for visiting Love Jane xx

  8. Hi Julia
    Thanks for commenting on the blog it was great to meet you too - no I didn't make the meeting but I am going to the jewellry workshop on saturday! Will try and get to the next meeting though - hopefully!
    have a great Easter!
    oh and PS love your boat paintings!!


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