Saturday, 14 March 2009

Works in progress

This is a corner of my submission painting which Im putting forward for the Art Show, its called ~ 'Can we come too?'

I had an Art Day yesterday, a whole 5 hours of painting. When it got to around 3 o'clock, I came away from it for a while, I like to do this to get a sense of its direction, its so easy to lose yourself in your work and then lose track of where it was you were hoping to take it so I make a point of leaving it alone and sit it somewhere I can see it as I pass in and out of the room, this way I can see what needs changing etc.

Im going to have to try very hard this week to paint in the evenings - I have my sister and her family visiting and they are staying with my parents in a nearby village so the next week will be mostly spent with them. At the same time I cant ignore the itchy need to create and complete this painting so I resolve to dig out the daylight lamp and get busy in the evenings - lets hope I can find the energy eh?!! :)

The other big thing Im working on is a summer blanket, I was inspired to follow the pattern on Attic24's blog and Im up to 14 squares. Im loving the colours, Im loving the wool - I dont know how long it will take me to finish it, Im just enjoying the journey of creating something that will be large, colourful..taken on picnics, to the wrap ourselves up in when we watch a movie...or to just fall asleep under on a rainy sunday afternoon.

A little heirloom blanket, for my little family.

If you like the look of the pattern, you can see how to do it here.

See you soon, have a scrumptious weekend!


  1. Hello Julia! I am glad you came to my blog because now I have found you too. We have many interests in common. I really like your painting. What type of paint did you use? Just to let you know that I have started a more arty/crafty blog at Mutant Trees. You can get to this by going to Linden Grove blog and clicking on the link on the top right hand side. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Hello lovely to paint for a living...I love your work...the blanket looks lovely...I bought a lot of yarn yesterday and I cant wait to start but I have polly's to finish first and the poor sock waiting to join its friend and pete's foot...and the scarf for my friend...and so it goes on...I think its nice to always have some crotchet on the go...have a nice sunday...H

  3. Hi Julia
    You are very busy! I look forward to seeing the finished results of that blanket, I love crochet patchwork blankets.
    I hope that you manage to find the time that you need to paint and do the blanket! Good luck.
    Isabelle x

  4. Hi Julia
    Tried to leave a message earlier this morning but it kept coming up with an error, so trying again.
    You have a lot on by the sound of it! I do look forward to seeing the finished blanket, I love crochet blankets.
    Good with it all, I hope that you manage to finish it all within the time required!
    Isabelle x

  5. Hi Julia - Just found your blog and I am going to add it my favorites. We seem to share a lot of interests, not least the St Ives connection. Hope you pop over.
    PS your blog is so inspiting.

  6. Hi Julia, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Your crochet is looking fabulous - so colourful.Have fun finishing it!
    Diana x


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