Wednesday, 25 March 2009


...I wonder if I'll ever get fixed on creating in just one theme.
...I wonder if i'll always be an artist who paints and creates in diverse ways, with many different types of materials.
...I wonder if it matters - because it doesn't really I suppose, yet its something that has bothered me at times, about being known for a certain style, a certain theme of painting.

Maybe its not in my bones to be one of those artists who sticks to one medium and paints the same thing over and over, although I do admire people who do this as their work is instantly recognisable and they get a trusted following.

Maybe its in my nature to be random, to follow the calling to create what feels right at the it illustrative, scenic or whatever - like right now, Im enjoying making little ACEO's in watercolour and ink, but at the same time Im itching to get back to my oil pastels, and play with the buttery goodness, blending it into the canvas board with my fingers, such a tactile and lovely way to make art.

Maybe I think too much and should just give up and go with the flow?

Off to get some chocolate biscuits and a nice mug of tea.

J x


  1. Girl, go with the flow. Life is too short to be always second guessing yourself - as long as you are happy with your art, and enjoy it, people will love what you do. Don't let it become a chore!
    Kim xx

  2. Hello Julia
    I saw you over at Simone's blog, thought I'd come and have a little peek at yours.
    I must say I am very impressed. I absolutely love your artwork, the colours are fabulous. It looks like a lovely, lively blog altogether.
    Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Hello Julia, thank you so much for sending the Spring sunshine, it arrived today! We had a drive out to Kendal and it was glorious.

    I know what you mean about sticking to one theme or one medium. I flounder and flap in and out of lots of different crafts. I think you'd call it 'a finger in too many pies!' But thats just me, just the way I do things. Who's to say if its right or wrong or good or bad? It makes me happy, it makes me, Me.

    I love your paintings, you've given me itchy fingers. I used to do a lot of pencil portraits as a teenager and was introduced to oil pastels at college. I still have it all, the paper and pastels and stuff, but at the moment it's textiles for me. Although I might have to dig it all out and have another go! Teehee!

    I've not been to Grassington yet, just seem to keep missing it on our little jaunts out. Silly really, it's not far from me.

    Thanks for the sunshine, love Fi x

  4. Why restrict yourself to one medium when you are able to express yourself with a variey of mediums? Your talent is in your diversification!!!

  5. Hi, I have just come across from Hollypop’s blog, I think you should go with the flow you work is absolutely beautiful.
    Love Lou xxx

  6. Hi Julia.I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog because now I have found you-your work is beautiful.Absolutely beautiful!! I really love your style and the colours in your work are so fresh.All gorgeous.Thanks for the smiles.

  7. Hi Julia
    I think it's wonderful to be able to create different styles and not be restricted to just the one. It shows how creative you are!
    If you take a look at my blog, you will see that there is an award for you.
    Isabelle x


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