Thursday, 26 March 2009


How exciting!! I was given an award today by Suzy's Vintage Attic! Big happy smiles :D
And more smily moments followed when I saw the faces of these gorgeous violas beaming up at me - we have had a few days of people being unwell in our house (including me) ~ all sorts of tummy upset and runny nose things going on so it was uplifting to see these on my little meander around the garden this morning after being cooped up indoors for the last 2 days.

I wandered down by the river at the bottom of our little garden and along the scruffy path that runs along the side of the river and discovered that the daffodils there are now blooming beautifully! Their big yellow heads are a lovely contrast against the dark peaty water and rich green stems! Oh I love spring time! I feel so much better for all this flowery lovliness! You may notice that the picture is a little skewed (that tree doesn't really grow on such a strange angle)...well so was I as I leant precariously off the bank side to try and get the flowers in shot! The lengths I go to for a photograph!! :)

Another thing also happened to cheer me up, and that was the arrival of some new wool which is to be added to the stash for summer garden blanket squares...Im on 22 now, only a hundred or so to go I think, but I do love the quiet methodical nature of crochet, I enjoy how it relaxes and makes everything alright again, its a soothing thing for me.

Its all lovely and quiet here now, the other half is back at work after a day in bed, and little one sleeps peacefully upstairs...I can feel another cuppa coming on, and my fingers are itching to put those new wool shades to work!

See you soon!
Sending you tiny posies and peaceful moments today
J x


  1. I love tiny posies and peaceful moments! I hope that you all feel better soon.

  2. Sorry youve all been "a bit badly" as they say up north. Hope you all feel much better soon. Your stream/river looks utterly divine at the bottom of your garden, I would have loved one of these, but the floods in 2007 have made me view them slightly differently now (taken the romance away) Did you flood back then?

  3. Glad you're feeling better. I am sooo envious of that little river ... you lucky thing ... I just want to grab my wellies and net and get in there!!!
    I know what you mean about crochet - it is the ultimate relaxation. I find too that it literally 'forces' you to sit down and chill for a bit. When you've little ones you can be so, so busy that you forget to rest!!

  4. Thank you...I am just about to have a peaceful moment ...40 winks actually ...before I start my marking, report writing and GCSE work....then ironing...washing etc etc and all the time my two crochet projects call to me from the table...choose me choose lovely to have a river in your garden....

  5. Hello Julia
    Thankyou for your beautiful comment on my post. I am always finding in blogland, just how much many of us are alike.
    I hope that you and your family are recovering from your bout of sickness.
    Take it easy
    Warm thoughts and wishes
    Sumea xx

  6. Hello Julia!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment :)
    I've just had a look in your Etsy shop- wonderful artwork and lovely blog! Glad you are felling better.
    Em xxx


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