Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tiny Art

Wasn't I lucky to have these pretty anenomes and daffodils in bloom on my windowledge over my birthday weekend? I had to share them with you :)
A tiny pot of springtime goodness bloomed on the back step by the little soapstone frog...there are signs of the new season everywhere right now, its so lovely to see it!
Anyway, back to todays pursuits!

This morning, the tiny one and myself got down to the serious business of making flapjack - its a very necessary staple in our home, and I also went on to make a tasty (or at least I hope it will be as its a new recipie) spinach, potato and goats cheese tart for our tea later today! Busy, busy is the word today folks! When little one went up for her nap, I got busy again, this time with pastels and paints. I created these little ACEO's (which stands for Art Card Edition & Originals) - so much fun to do and now available in my Etsy shop! Hurrah!!

'Just Hanging Out'

'Nose to the Breeze'

'Lets Go'

As well as these little paintings, which I did using watercolour and ink on acid free watercolour paper, I spent some time adding to my latest picture 'Can we come too' which was initially started as a submission piece for the art show....and which yesterday I spent debating whether to continue with, in fact I convinced myself so much to begin new work I posted about it here.
However, as the day wore on and I kept passing it, propped up on the side, I felt that perhaps I may have been a bit too hasty in my decision to shove it on one side in favour of totally new stuff.
Such are the whirlings of an artistic gal's mind...
Hmmmmm....so, last night, I decided I'd give it another shot, you see the thing is, with some of my work it gets to a point where Im very involved, and then circumstances arise which makes it nigh on impossible to work on it - this time it was visiting family and exciting trips out and about, and when this happens a kind of apathy sets in (well, with me it does at any rate). Almost 10 days later when I have time to work at it again, I look at it and feel quite detached from it. This may sound strange to say, but the painting had become a stranger, so not much wonder I was seduced by some unknown man's compliments of something Id done before, anything to take me onto something new and perhaps far more interesting than have to get stuck into something half finished.
Its just how I am, Ive always been this way.
So, this afternoon, after drifting off to sleep thinking about it, I added some depth to the acrylic ground work with my buttery oil pastels, and so far it looks like this:

Still alot to do, a long way to go...but despite what I said yesterday, I think I have to give it a chance...don't you?

Call me fickle...but Id love to hear your thoughts! :)
Love J x


  1. Oh yay! I am so glad you decided to carry on. I totally get what you said about paintings becoming strangers, but once you start working on them again everything falls into place. I love love love your flowers how lovely! xxx

  2. nice ACEO's...flapjacks are a favorite around my house, too!

  3. oh you make cooking sound so simple...despite recetly doing up my kitchen it hasnt improved my lack of interest in cooking...I lived on cream crackers and cheese as a student...I would love a piece of flapjack! Lov your paintings and the flowers were a delight! XX H ~o~

  4. HI, just found your blog. I love your paintings, and the work in progress is looking great. I know what you mean about becoming detached, that happens to me if I start one and then get distracted (which happens easily) I find it hard to go back to sometimes.
    Will pop by again
    Take care.
    p.s. love the flowers, especially the colour of primroses.

  5. You artists are such tortured souls!! I love the lavender field. The depth of colour is amazing. Ive popped the date for the exhibition in my diary so hopefully I will be able to come and see your work up close. You are very talented

  6. Thanks for your beach comment! I always think gut instinct is a good thing to follow....we ignore our instincts at our peril!

  7. Hi Julia, thanks for visiting my blog and I'm glad to have found you too - I always like people whose birthdays are near to mine so that's a good sign :-) Lovely bright colours and your work is delightful <3


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