Thursday, 12 March 2009

Just for the joy of it

I mentioned a day or so ago, that me and the little one had made a yarn basket - well here it is in all its wonky marvellousness!!

We are both very pleased with our first effort, and for some reason the sight of the yarn bowl as it dried clinging to a rotund balloon in a mixing bowl, brought no end of hilarious delight to the child each time she saw it. I must say that the novelty of pva glue sticking to her little hands wore off pretty fast, so it was Mummy who ended up finishing it but nevertheless, it was a joint effort and we thoroughly enjoyed making it. Im considering making a more rounded one for some pretty scarves I have, in shades of blue, purple and aqua.

Later in the afternoon, we both got busy making a lucious lemony drizzle loaf cake. There is something sublime and delightful watching chubby hands grasp a wooden spoon and stir up the ingredients. Watching bright eyes twinkle mischievously as a finger is dipped into the mixture, a large dollop popped into a little mouth followed by a loud "Mmmmmmmmmmmm!"
Something warm and fuzzy happens when you make things with a little one - my girl is not yet 2, but she has a natural curiosity and an earnest need to help. I love my painting time, I love my hours spent crocheting or making bits and bobs of jewellry...but I love, love, LOVE this stuff we do together - watching her learn and grow.
While the cake was baking, she got very excited and kept wanting to look in the oven - we would open the door and peep inside and she would clap her hands in delight and shout 'Cake!'. Little people remind you to see the joy in the ordinary...its priceless.
This was what we made - not much left now though!
I have an Art Day tomorrow which Im really looking forward to, Im going to be working on the first of my submission paintings - did I tell you its called 'Can we come too?'
I'll post pics soon, promise :)
Til next time...


  1. how did you make the yarn basket.....would love to do it!!


  2. Hello Miriam

    Ok, this is such an easy and fun thing to do - here's how!

    You need:
    A balloon
    A bowl
    Alot of coloured strands of wool - (I save the cast off ends of my crocheting).
    PVA glue

    Blow up the balloon to the desired size.
    Sit balloon (knot end down) in the bowl to support it.
    Mix all the woolly bits with pva glue til nicely coated.
    Drape strands over the balloon til you have a bowl shape emerging.
    Leave to dry - can take from 1 to 2days to dry out thoroughly!
    Once totally dry, pop the balloon and peel away from the yarn basket - ta-daaaa!!Yarn basket complete!

    Enjoy! :)

    Love to you xxx

  3. Hi there, I just wandered across here from another blog - I've just made lemon cake with my 'not quite 2 year old' (yours does look yummier than mine though). My daughter just loves to help with the baking (and everything else that I happen to be doing). This age is just so precious isn't it


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