Monday, 23 March 2009

A change of plan

'Safe Home' ~ A commission piece

Ive not been around this last week as we have had family visiting, so Ive been out on lots of trips to lovely parks, farms, bird reserves etc, and at the weekend it was my birthday (hurrah!!) so there were cakes, shopping trips and a celebration meal at our lovely village pub!

But now, all is quiet. Im pottering around today, and generally musing on something huge.

I am making a big decision to change the work Im entering for the art show, and this is something that has been playing on my mind for the last few days...kind of like an itch that needs scratching. I am starting to acknowledge the comments that I receive about certain pieces of my artwork, and right now I am very aware that some of my art attracts more attention than others.

As those of you who read my blog will probably know, I have spent the last few weeks working on some new art, works which are illustrative and feature my character 'Little Red' and her band of merry animal companions. Im half way through the third one and I was sitting looking at it the other evening with my other half, who happened to mention that he'd given my business card to a chap who he'd met and that he'd heard back from him that he was really taken with my red boat pictures. Now, he's not the only person to pick these out from all the work on my website and its becoming such a thing that I cant ignore the impact that this type of work has on people.

Suffice to say, the original works are now happily living in Brisbane having being sold more or less instantly (and then this was followed up by a commission request for two more, one of which you can see on todays blog post).

I am really enjoying the character work, but I still feel drawn to creating work with ink and watercolour ~ landscapes with my red boat...Im looking at my website and thinking it needs an overhaul, Im looking at the calendar and thinking I need to get things moving as I have to have 3 paintings ready and framed up for May 10th and with a little one to look after this is no easy feat.

So panic sets in.

I wonder if Im ever going to be able to do it, and I talk to B about it and ask him what he would do if he were me - continue with the character work (which is almost finished) or start from scratch with some totally new work. Im concerned now that Im leaping from one thing to another in haste, that Im not thinking it through, that Im too random...or something...

He said; 'What does your heart tell you the right thing is to do?'

I know the answer to that already.

I dont exactly make life easy for myself, but I cant live with the consequences of knowing Ive put work out there that doesnt feel right. Im going to have to really knuckle down and work hard now in the spare moments I can find - my little daylight bulb lamp will be brought out again and the crochet may have to be put on one side for a while, but I know in my bones it will be worth the extra effort.

Flying by the seat of my pants again!!

...and still finalising the workshop Im running at the hospital next monday...

...and Im helping out at the Craft Candy fair on saturday...

No time to waste, catch you all soon!

J x


  1. Busy,Busy,Busy!!! I really love coming to your blog and seeing what you have been up to. I have been looking back over your past posts and you really speak to me. I hope you had a lovely Birthday at the weekend. Mine is tomorrow!

  2. Hi Julia, send me a reminder for the exhibition and if I can make it, i'll pop by. It will be great to see your work exhibited. I love the "Art Scene" in Sheffield - so much talent and very diverse. Congratulations on the birthday. xxx

  3. Hi there discovered your blog via Surfer Rosa. Love your hat and blanket, lovely colours. Looking forward to reading all your older posts when I get a moment. Dev X


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