Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Simple Pleasures

This weekend we took ourselves to Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales. We had foolishly ignored the weather forcast (fierce winds, hail blizzards and freezing cold temperatures) thinking that as normal they'd get it wrong and packed up a bountiful picnic with all hopes of discovering another gorgeous little place.

And it was - gorgeous I mean, inviting little lanes and cobbled entrances leading into secret yards, clusters of cottages with pretty gardens, friendly cats and dogs, shops like the Rustic Rabbit whose window lures you in with its tempting array of goodies so its almost impossible to leave empty handed.

There were little galleries, Emma Bridgewater pottery (heavenly!) and all this would have been the best day out had the little one not decided to be horribly carsick on arrival, and then after a clean up and cuddle operation getting well caught out in the hail storm to beat all hail storms, complete with wicked blasting wind that scratched your face and a cutting icy cold wind that chilled to the bone. We reluctantly retreated to the car, but very firmly decided that when the weather was warmer we would return for walks and another picnic.

So it was time to head home, to more relaxing pursuits...

Being very inspired of late by the fabulous Attic24, I took inspiration from one of Lucy's beautiful projects and decided to crochet my own jam jar vase cover, making a colourful little addition for the kitchen and any pretty flowers that might find their way home in my shopping bag.

I am also beginning a blanket, and Im six squares in already...its addictive and Im afraid the painting has been put on the back burner of late! Wool is the current inspiration and I cannnot ignore the lure of it - today, me and the little one made a yarn basket (I'll post a pic once its dried out) after reading about them on Soulemamas blog some time back. Im also going to invest in her book - The Creative Family after being completely delighted by her words and pictures, check her out!

So, typing with bits of dried pva glue still stuck to my fingers, I am relaxing and loving simplicity today - I love my daffodils in my crocheted vase, I love the little yarn basket drying on the kitchen window sill, I love the fact I have an art day this friday and I love that Im meeting an old friend on thursday whom I havent seen since last summer...I love that the daylight is slowly stretching itself into early evening, I love little purple crocuses, the kingfisher on the river and this lovely tatty little house of ours.

Sending you love today xxx


  1. Hello Julia
    Wow what a delight to find your blog, why have I not stopped by here before?? :o)
    Grassington is a fabulous little gem, we are lucky it's only about 20mins drive from where we live (Skipton)..and yes wasn't the wkend weather ghastly at times lol? I got caught in the hail shower, it hurt!

    your crochet vase coverlet is so pretty, I think I might have to make a few more in springlike colours esp for the daffies.

    Off to read some more of your blog...love to you

  2. Hello Julia, Grassington is gorgeous isn't it. So glad you liked it despite the weather. Enjoy the rest of your week, it sounds like you have some lovely things planned.
    Bertie x

  3. Polly was a sick as a dog when we went to Grassingon too...try those little elastic wrist bands from Boots...they work...the times we have had to stop and clean up and then try and find something for her to put on afterwards!..thank you for popping in to cocoa and blankets...I love your blog and will have a good look round now I have said hello...

  4. Grassington is a real little find -we cant wait to explore more of the Dales too!
    Thank you for your lovely replies, it was really nice of you all to stop by my blog :)

    (Cocoa & Blankets ~ Thank you for the tip about the little wrist bands, I will consider giving them a try - all those pretty twisty windy hills and lanes are not easily endured by small people!)

    Love Julia xxx


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