Thursday, 2 April 2009

Little Helping Hands

Look at this!!!
We decided to make some Easter cupcakes yesterday afternoon. My little helper was very good until I went to take a picture of the scrummy looking ingredients and she thought I wouldn't see her little hand creeping up over the worktop in a vain attempt to get herself some chocolate goodies!

'OOOOOooooh not yet!' I said - 'We have to decorate them first and then we'll have one after tea!'

A solemn face with chocolate smeared cheeks and chin looked at me and blinked slowly (yes, she'd already licked the spoon and wiped clean the mixing bowl). Not happy though, we had a bit of foot stamping and wailing but eventually the antics of Mr Tumble on C-Beebies lured her into the lounge and I got on with the icing of my little cakes.

The stocks of these are diminishing fast...I live in a house of chocaholics!

This morning we woke up to a light grey mist which the weather chap promised would give way to warm sunny spells - well, we haven't seen much in the way of sunshine so far but when I went into the garden this morning, I was delighted to find that our Lemon Meringue tulips were on the verge of opening!

This cheered me up immensley, as I am feeling rather distant from my painting work at the moment. I do not feel called to paint and feel more inclined to curl up in the armchair with a good book or my crochet (3 more squares completed last night folks, it is indeed becoming an addiction :)

I wish I could motivate myself at times like this - I am an excellent procrastinator and I am currently displaying top drawer tactics of avoiding. Its not that I don't like the piece Im working on, I think its because at the moment Im struggling to find enough time to devote to it...with acrylics and mixed media work I cant just dabble with it for half an hour - theres so much to get out and prepare, and then once I start Im generally engrossed for several hours. My days are quite full at the moment and come the evenings Im feeling so exhausted its enough to be twirling a crochet hook (which I do in a reclining position on a comfy sofa usually :).

Im also missing out on an art day this week too, as both my parents who usually have my little one for a day are laid up with a vile bug. Its not good news, me and my chap are meant to be off to Holmfirth tonight to see the Saw Doctors and at this rate Im not sure we'll be going - ah well, good job Im an 'everything happens for a reason' sort of girl...although Im not sure what good reason will emerge for us missing out on a good gig like that! Humph! :(

Still, on a brighter note, my sister in Suffolk has asked me if I want to pootle down for a few days - of course I would! I don't need asking twice! Tomorrow afternoon we are travelling south!! Hurrah!! Holidays!!!!!!! Im very lucky to have a sister who lives in such a pretty part of the world. Bury St Edmunds is one of my favourite places, a bustling little market town full of thatched roofs and gently subsiding old cottages with wonky windows and tiny doors! There are some gorgeous little shops and tea rooms, and another big plus point is that they are less than an hours drive away from Southwold!! Hurrah again!!!

Well, time for a coffee and a doodle in the sketch book - Im due back at the Childrens Hospital on the 15th and need to come up with an exciting design for the Magic Garden picture we've decided on for the next project!

See you soon!

J x


  1. Wonderful blog post Julia. You make the most amazing cakes and so beautifully decorated too. I hope you get your creativity back soon. Sometimes you just have to go and do something else such as make lovely cakes! I hope you find lots to inspire you on your weekend break. Thank you very much for introducing me to the work of Shirley Trevena. Now that really is something for me to aspire to! x

  2. The tulips are beautiful. I know what you mean about the the grey day - I'm not a fan of grey skies. Have a great time with your sister - leave your credit card at home!! xx

  3. What yummy chocolate goings on here...they wouldn't last five minutes in my house! Have a happy time in Suffolk - one of my sisters is out that way too.

  4. What a lovely read I just had! and Mmmmmmmmm I am just having my morning cup of tea and would so love one of those Eastery cupcakes to accompany it. Yes I can eat cupcakes for breakfast. It's good distance yorself from a piece of work sometimes and expand yourself elsewhere, I think your cakes and crochet and breathing in the tulips are all part of the process of your work.
    Your sisters place sounds lovely, just the ticket for the much needed change of air.

  5. HI Julia, thanks for your kind comment, I'm feeling much better thank you. Those easter cupcakes look absolutely delicious. Enjoy your visit to your sisters, we have friends who live in Bury St Edmunds they're coming over to France this weekend.
    Perhaps the few days away will inspire you again next week.
    Take care.

  6. Do you need to paint - are you on a deadline? I sometimes think that if you don't want to do something it's not necessarily avoidance, merely your inspiration recharging. If you let yourself have some time away, you may come back to it reinvigorated?

    Kim xx

  7. Hi Julia
    I hope that you made it to see the Saw Doctors. Alan (my husband) has seen them several times and met them too. Meant to be really nice bunch of people. Sounds as if you are in need of a break, just as well your sister has invited you.
    Your cakes look scrumptious...
    Have a lovely Easter. I hope that your parents feel much better soon.
    take care
    Isabelle x

  8. Hi there I could eat one of those cupcakes right now with my morning coffee. Am crocheting like mad at the moment trying to get my blanket finished but there are so many other temptations like the ripple pattern on Lucy's blog, more dishcloths, spring flowers....the list is endless. Have a nice time at your sisters and Happy Easter. Dev X

  9. Lovely post - those cakes look devie - they are making me peckish!!!


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