Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Its all rather blue!

Don't worry dear souls, this isn't a post about being blue as in gloomy, no - it just occured to me how drawn to the colour blue I am right now. The mosaic above was made after a trip to North Wales on sunday and it just so happens that it seemed to fit in with my 'blue' theme of late.
We had a lovely time visiting Rhos on Sea and Llandudno and despite the forcast being totally wrong, we did manage to catch some sunshine (as you can see in some of the photos) and got the tot on the sands three times in between dodging the raindrops! North Wales is a very beautiful and dramatic place, the peaks of Snowdonia national park all windswept and majestic behind us! We ended our day out at a lovely little pub in Walton, just on the outskirts of Warrington - a hot roast dinner being just the job after braving the April elements all day long! It was so good for the spirits to see the sea again, I always feel refreshed and revived when I go to the coast - I suppose its breathing in all those negative ions that breeze in off the water that make us feel so light and happy!

But back to more things blue....

The second cushion cover is coming on a treat!! I picked the shell stitch after much deliberation, it seemed fitting for a cushion I had named 'Porthmeor' (after the beach) before Id even started it, and Im really liking how the shells are taking on a wave like effect as the different colours flow into one another. I don't know whether you'll agree, but I was aiming for a sort of tidal feel to it, the dark of the sea turning into those brilliant turquoise shades you find in the shallows before meeting the creamy white sand...what do you think?

A trip to town a couple of days ago saw me splurge on some delicious new fabric - also blue, surprise surprise :) Im making up some decorative fabric hearts (Summer fair preparation) and thought this fabric would be just right!

Ive also started to make some more corsages, the other evening I followed one of Lucy's patterns (at Attic 24) for making flowers and I was delighted with the result - I love how simple her instructions are and Im hoping to try out some variations and make some for the stall - which Im still not sure if Im being allocated as it seems its very popular and the group have had a million applications from people who want to take part...I'll let you know if I get picked, it would be very exciting if I did and Im keeping my fingers crossed :)

Im looking forward to a bit of a relaxing afternoon now - this morning I went back to the Children's Hospital to run an art workshop. I had come up with a 'Magic Garden' theme and drawn an outline of the picture onto a large board for the children to paint and decorate with fibre papers, glittery gels and crayons. I was working with a smashing little girl who was in hospital receiving treatment for bone cancer - whilst we were working, she was asked to take part in a hospital dvd which was being filmed for patients families to watch, and somehow I was drafted into it too!! Whether my little bit part will end up on the cutting room floor or not I don't know! We had to 'act like the film crew weren't there', and get on with painting and colouring - great fun!!
Sadly we didn't have time to finish the whole picture (what with all the filming going on), but I left some materials behind and hopefully some of the other patients will be able to finish it during the week. It was a brilliant experience and Im so glad I was invited along :) Its quite moving at times, seeing all the little people and knowing that some of them are very sick - its hard not to feel affected by it all and my heart went out to them and their families. However, the staff there are all fabulous and it was a pleasure to have met the ones that I did on my two visits there.

A cup of tea is beckoning...the sun is shining...and my little one is waking from her nap.

See you all soon,
J x


  1. I like your shells - they remind me of this baby sunhat I made a while back except I used a sandy colour too.
    Lovely fabric - I love the shade of blue in that. I also think it's wrong that 'blue' is associated with being 'down' - I've got three rooms painted blue at home and they've a lovely and fresh feeling.

  2. I love all the sahdes of blue - I love the feeling that you get when you are beside the sea - I would love to live closer to the coast. xx

  3. I am a big fan of the blues at the moment too. I think it is the influence of the bluebells, forget-me-nots and borage around me. Your blue cushion cover is gorgeous. I think the shells look really good representing the waves of the sea and representing shells too! You really are multi-talented Julia. I can't wait to see what you get up to next!

  4. North Wales is gorgeous, yes, I know I'm biased, I come from there....
    Good luck with the crafty stall, I'd love to do one of those.
    The shells, wonderful... where did you get the pattern? I'm so fed up with trying to get the ripple to ripple, it's the first row after the chains, I can never get the right amount of stitches.
    Working with kids in hospital is so rewarding, I know, well done.
    Take care

  5. I am almost afraid to ask about the shell pattern, like is it easy to do, where can I get a copy and will I be able to understand the instructions if I have them in front of me!? The ripple took me a long enough to get to grips with, though I got there in the end. I love the blue, but I am a pink girl at heart. Dev X

  6. I must be mad, but go on then, hit me with the shell pattern. I have heard of the happy hooker but I don't have a copy. Dev X

  7. Lovely lovely post, I am so enjoying all your lovely refreshing, peaceful, relaxing blues.
    The little shell pattern crochet is beautiful and hey you made a really super flower :o)
    Hope you have a wonderful, sunshiney, blue sky and sea scented May day and lucious long weekend.


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