Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Flowery goodness

'Strawberry Sundae'

'Citrus Twist'

Hello dear souls. I have managed to find a few spare minutes to drop in and share my latest crocheted goodies with you all - I couldn't resist letting you all have a sneaky peep at what Im making up for the fair in July and there they are, three of them all finished and ready to be put on little display cards.

I managed to get hold of some delicious ceramic buttons for the centres (which you can see on the corsages above in the pics), so Im making some with those, and some with little clusters of vintage ones which hail from my Mum's old tin - me and the Little One spent ages looking at all the shapes and colours, making little piles of our favourites and every now and then you'd hear me 'oohing' and 'ahhing' over long forgotten ones, that once found suddenley conjoured up faded memories of a pretty sundress or a hand knitted cardigan by Nan all those years ago when I was small myself.

As usual Ive been busy beetling away in the evenings but on Sunday, fatigue or something caught up with me and I surrendered to the most shocking tiredness Ive experienced in ages and was in bed fast asleep by 8pm! I think it was my body's way of saying slow down...well there's a big dose of Slow Stuff as of friday when we are officially on our hols - hurrah!!

We actually spent most of Sunday in York, I lived there for a while a few years back and now and then we all like to go and have a wander round. Despite the forcast being depressingly overcast, the sun shone all day and it was gorgeous. We had a picnic in the park watching the boats race and then wandered round the shops a while...I accidently stumbled into Cath Kidston and found myself sometime later with a little blue carrier bag in my hand...(chuckles wickedly :) How did that happen I wonder!! I treated us to a white enamel soap dish for our kitchen (which Ive had my eye on for an age now) and a pretty floral bowl which will suit a heap of strawberries or at present, a pot of home grown basil.

Anyway folks, thats all from me for now. I look forward to seeing you all after my week away, when I will visit all of your blogs to catch up with what you've all been up to.

Lots of love, thanks to all of you who visit my blog and leave such smashing comments - they really do mean the world to me. I know that most of you lead busy lives and that you take the time to come and read my ramblings let alone leave me a message...well, it just makes my day! :)

Sending love to blog friends old and new,
Love Julia xxx


  1. yes really beautiful! have a lovely holiday:) x x

  2. Hi Julia, have you a pattern for the flowers they are lovely, I could put them on my birdie sling bags, I have been making more for the fair in september...how exciting you were in York...I love York especially the shops...the CK shop is fa Polls and I spend hours in there...

  3. Hi Julia, found you via Helen's blog; I love crochet work and your flowers are a delight. I have saved you pattern (thankyou for sharing it) and will try them someday, tough it may not be until the nights draw in (ugh!) as the garden calls in summer.

  4. Julia,

    They're really super! You have such a talent.Hope you are enjoying your break - sounds as if you really needed it.

    Thanks for the kind words, really lovely of you.


  5. I have just found your blog through Sew and sew on and her blog. I love your crochet flowers-mine need a little more work on them.
    I will put you on my list and visit again soon.

  6. Have a great holiday - the flowers are beautiful. I'll have to have a go. xxx

  7. I hope you are enjoying your holiday and look forward to catching up with your posts when you get back. The flowers are delightful with their frilly edges. I think I like the green one best of all. x

  8. Hi Julia, I was just showing your blog to my British friend, visiting from Mexico.. we are very cosmopolitan over here! She loved your blog too and was amazed how you find time to do all that you do and be a Mum too! No wonder you ended up collapsing in bed at 8 pm! I am just going to have to buy The Happy Hooker and get started... maybe if I start now, I will get a blanket made by the time I have grandchildren... which are not in anyway on the scene yet! I hope you had a lovely time in York... my middle daughter has just graduated from the University! Bye for now.. Lynne

  9. Lovely little flowers! Very cute!

    I've been the same way lately with going to bed earlier because I've been doing too much. We need it every once in a while. :)

  10. I love your flowers, they are wonderful. xxxxx

  11. Hope you have a lovely holiday.
    your flowers are very sweet.x

  12. Love the new Banner Julia. Flower colours are fabulous, they jump out at you.

    Lisa x


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