Monday, 6 July 2009

A wonderful time

Hello Lovelies! :)

Well, here I am again, thanks to all who left me messages during my holiday, I'm looking forward to relaxing and reading some of your blogs during the week to see what you've been up to so you haven't been forgotten!

We had such a great time in Dorset, the weather was dead on and the sun shone furiously every day! There were cream teas, days on the beach, visits to little farms, meals at lovely pubs (The Smugglers just five minutes from our cottage at Osmington was my favourite), meeting up with old friends from Devon in Lyme Regis, and lots of other treats, like finding the vintage Famous Five book (above) in a grand little bookshop in Bridport.

This is our little holiday house, right next to a dairy farm so we would go to sleep of an evening with the soothing sound of moo-ing in our ears :) The little daughter, since coming home has announced that our house is 'rubbish' and wants to go back to the 'pretty one'. Well, I have to agree with her there - coming home can be such a downer cant it? Im now trying to acclimatise to life without the sound of seagulls calling, the scent of salt breezes coming in off the sea, and the old favourite - fish and chips!!

Still, we have some lovely memories....

...miss those evening beach walks though (with the odd football match thrown in along the way).
I decided on the 8 hour car journey home (it was atrocious!) that instead of drifting into the old routine when we got back, I would make little changes here and there to make life less predictable. A holiday usually reminds me that sometimes I can be a bit habitual - and yes, in some ways this is good - but its nice to shake things up a bit and our little family have vowed to allow more spontaneity into our little world (like sunday breakfast being taken in a village cafe instead of the same old cereals at the breakfast table, and tea being a picnic in the park instead of in the house). We are also saying 'Yes' more, as interesting and magical things usually happen when we do.
So here is Monday. And here I am, working hard on projects for the craft fair. I made a list of things to do and I quite horrified myself at the amount of stuff I need to get through in less than two weeks!! Luckily, Nannie Mum has agreed to have tot twice this week and next to give me some extra time to get prepared - phew! I can see some late nights in the not too distant future but Im looking forward to it all the same.
This coming weekend is also the Great Sheffield Art Show, so we'll be pootling along en-masse to that too. Anyway, here's what Ive been making today, decorative hanging hearts!
Only a few more to go :)
Have a great week all of you - sending love,
J x


  1. SOunds like a truly, truly lovely family holiday.Of course everyone goes back home and thinks.. no!!
    Good luck, it's hard work, I hope you get all your work done for the exhibition.

  2. Isn't being on vacation a blast! It is tough coming back home and leaving all the fun and rest. You daughter is too cute! Cute as a button!

    Good luck with the exhibition! I'm sure you will do well. All your things are so wonderful. The hearts are sweet!

    Have a super duper day!

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Can't wait to catch up xxx

  4. It looks like a lovely holiday...I must look out my old famous five books..I used to love them..have a good H ps you should come to the vintage fair and european market in Salt Aire in September its a wonderful day out me and I will give you more H

  5. I was totally hooked on Enid Blyton as a child and so wanted to have lots of adventures - but my mum wouldn't let me! I think thats why I have adventures now!Your holiday looks perfect - just like a holiday should, and like you, I always try to snap out of the routine once back. Great to have you back . xxx

  6. One of my favourite parts of the world, and from what I remember The Smugglers does great pub lunches too...I can hear Dorset calling ! Hope you get everything ready for the craft fayre:)

  7. Love your photos from your holiday. The hearts are pretty-do they smell of Lavender?

  8. Dorset looks gorgeous. I must put it on my wish list of places to go. You have inspired me to be a bit more spontaneous in what I do as well. I do love muesli and fresh fruit for breakfast but I might just have a buttermilk pancake at the weekend!!! x

  9. Hello, glad you had such a lovely holiday...wish we were going away but sadly not enough dosh in the pot so to speak. I had a large collection of Enid Blyton books many moons ago and chucked them all out! Can you believe it, I must have been mad but at the time we were moving into our first home and suddenly they didn't seem that important. Now with a daughter myself, seriously regretting it.

  10. ooooh am very envious, both of my children were whisked away with their Grandma & Pop for a week in Dorset last week. It was so quiet without them I hated it! So nice to escape the packing and pop into blogland for a few minutes - once we are moved in I plan to pick up my hook again & try your hyperbolic pattern - it looks beautiful! hugs Debs xx

  11. I am planning a walking holiday along the Dorset coast and would love to know where you stayed in Osmington. All the accommodations I find are in Weymouth, which seems too busy.

  12. hello dear Anonymous soul :)

    We stayed at Lavender Cottage in Osmington, which we found through a website called (I think) Dorset Holiday Cottages or something like that. I hope you have a lovely visit and find somewhere to stay, there are lots of wonderful places and I miss the area dreadfully!

    Thanks for visiting my blog

    Julia xxx


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