Thursday, 9 July 2009

Fabric Art

(cupcake love - fabric art canvas)
I have been playing about with my fabric stash and some little box canvases this week. As well as furiously stitching brooch pins to corsages, and finding vintage buttons to sew onto my fabric hearts (which don't, sadly, smell of lavender I have to add, and are purely decorative) I realised this morning that all the printing I intended to do today for my stock of cards etc would have to be postponed as two of my inks had run out!


So I twiddled my thumbs for half an hour, wandered about trying to decide what to do instead of printing and card making and eventually, after a strong cup of coffee (and several Balsen biscuits) I had a whim to get the sewing machine out and top up the heart stash and also make another little fabric picture!

I used little swarovski crystals to decorate the cupcake, like sparkly hundreds & thousands...

Ive got plans for some more pictures of this nature, although Im still deciding whether or not to take them to the fair - there's only so much room on my table!! :)

Anyway...I have to tell you Im still having withdrawal symptoms for sea and sand, thatched cottages, villages that sit snug on twisty-windy lanes under the towering ruins of old castles, seagulls calling, hot fish and chips with salt and vinegar on the harbour, hot sunshine (its disappeared practically since returning north and today has taken on a rather autumnal feel which is very disconcerting!)...

So, to remind myself of some of the nice bits, and I do hope Im not boring you I hasten to add, here are a tiny handful of holiday snaps...ahhhh, them were the days!

A cottage of delights at Lulworth Cove, ice-cream, fudge and sweets - isn't that the prettiest sweet shop you ever did see?

Sunny cottages adrift with flaming red roses

...and the serene beauty of Lulworth Cove - shaped like a scallop shell when seen from above, the water is glassy green and cool, just right for a hot day paddling with a little girl, who still demands to wear her 'whimhoot' everyday despite being back home for almost a week.
Im having a relaxing evening tonight, no crafting or anything like that, just a big glass of wine and perhaps an episode of Ashes to Ashes (still got withdrawal symptoms for that too ha!)
Tomorrow we are going to the Art Show - I dropped my 3 paintings off last night as today is hanging day and we are all looking forward to having a look around the exhibition.
I'll try and pop back next week with another post, but I know its going to be all systems go in order to be ready for Saturday...but Im looking forward to it, I seem to thrive on challenges and Im always happy when Im making or doing, although to some of you it must seem like I never stop!
I hope you all have good weekends, sending you love and see you soon
J x


  1. I just love that cottage door - the perfect cottage and I have just spent a blissful few minutes imagining myself sat at the end of the jetty, legs swaying while watching the boats and gulls, ahhh.

    Stunning photos, very evocative. Enjoy your quiet evening you deserve it! hugs Debs xx

  2. Wow! I love your new stitched picture it turned out amazing. You are doing great getting everything ready for your stall, you must take pics of it so we can see all your goodies on your stall.
    Love to you

  3. Beautiful photos Julia. I do love the look of that little sweet shop too. I think you should take a couple of fabric pictures to the fair - nothing ventured nothing gained! I too would like to see pictures of your stall - I bet it will be gorgeous! x

  4. Lovely cupcakes they are great...shame I can't get to your fayre to make a purchase !

  5. Love the stitchery! Very cute and the beads make it pop!

    The pics of your trip are so nice. The ice cream shop is too cute! Love the red roses too! Thanks for sharing.


  6. I'm sure you do miss that area. We went camping there once...gorgeous!!
    Good luck with the weekend.x

  7. I have never seen such a perfect little sweet shop in my life. I shall ask Mr. Sandman to send one just like it in a dream to me tonight.

  8. Julia your stitched pictures are amazing . . . you must put them up for sale, Love Helen x

  9. Hi Julia,

    I called in at the Art fair this morning, but i didnt see you. I saw your 3 paintings though - they were gorgeous. I was very very impressed by all of the art I saw today - amazed infact. Its not something I would normally have gone to see, so thanks for the inspiration - I had a great day.xxxPS love your textile art - you are soooo talented.

  10. the pictures are great ulia...I would love to write words with my sewing does a lot but it doesnt do letters.....have a wonderful fair I hope you make lots of and hugs H

  11. Hello Julia

    Lovely photos julia, Dorset is such a wonderful place.Like you I could look at them time and time again, not boring at all. Your stitched picture is so pretty, all the detail that has gone in to it! In your last comment you asked me what I do. I am self employed working from home. I do the following: Complementary therapy (Aromatherapy, Indian Head massage & Swedish body massage), I also am a freelance marketing consultant in the Industrial & commercial sector (Property) and am working towards making and selling things online. I am not doing any complementary therapy work from home at moment until all the work in the house is completed and that is going to take a while!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  12. I have just found you via the fairyglade and am so glad I did. I love your cards, your posts, your crochet work, so inspiring it has me itching to make the corsage. So I am going to do just that, right now... thank you and now I have added you to my list, I look forward to more pleasing posts.

  13. Loving the cupcake canvass. I want to have a go, but don't feel quite ready yet.
    Lovely holiday photos, feeling a little more inspired now. Thank you.

  14. i love your fabric picture, it is so sweet and pretty, its really lovely!!

  15. Such a lovely stitched cupcake... How sweet!! And the shop, oh~ wish I could go there for a visit!

    Happy day!


  16. Hello Julia! I just wanted to pop by to say that I hope everything is ok with you. I miss your blog updates! x

  17. Hi Julia! Hope you're fine! The cupcakes look great!
    What a lovely village, it's so charming! Thank you for sharing!
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  18. I so love that little cupcake's adorable! And our holiday photos make me want to visit there!

  19. I love your cupcake artwork, and your blog... Best wishes... Kareen


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