Thursday, 18 June 2009

Making Blooms

Another week passes by and Im fretting, looking at the calendar, working out how many days Ive got left before the Candy Floss fair...Ive been beavering away in the evenings, crocheting like mad with eyelids (and body) craving sleep, creating my blooms and a small pile is emerging. Im just waiting to sort out my order for some delicious ceramic buttons for the centres of them, and they'll be all ready to go!
Im finding that different wools produce different effects when using the hyperbolic crochet method that I posted about last week - but I like it all the same, the softer wools dont fold so much but still have a gentle undulating effect which some people might prefer over the more luciously folding ones.

Its been yet another busy and productive week here at the little riverside house. Ive started to make new batches of cards and have boxed up some seasonal favourites:

Im going to be selling these at the fair, and Im hoping they'll go down well it being summer and folks in the mood for seaside-y type things! Here's what you can find in each box...

Im also going to pop them on my website and in my etsy store, both of which have been sadly neglected of late as other priorities take over. My partners sign business, which he began in January has propelled our little family on a real journey. We have waded through some real tough times and then its been all go, and now we are working really hard to promote him in his specialised area of handwritten signage - Ive been spending alot of time helping him with online stuff and marketing type things - Im no expert but Im learning bits and bobs as we go along and to my surprise Im finding it quite interesting!!

Needless to say, this doesnt leave much time for my own pursuits and without wanting to sound like Im moaning, I feel like part of me is neglected - the balance is missing. I long to start work in earnest on stuff for my stall, to work on my own marketing...but with only so many hours in a day and on call to a Little One 24/7 its no easy feat to cram it all in. Im just about fit for a spot of crochet come the evening before trudging up the stairs to fall into bed and a deep, instant sleep.

Next friday though, we are packing our little suitcases and we are driving down to Dorset for a week in a tiny thatched cottage. We are going with my parents and we are all desperately ready for a bit of sea air and some time to relax and switch off...Im looking forward to sunsets and pub lunches, seeing boats bobbing in harbours on teal green water...visits to little towns and villages, catching up with my dear friend who lives in Devon, the best cream tea in Abbotsbury...

For now, I have an hour to myself, while Little One sleeps. So Im going to indulge myself...

Sending you sunshine, moments of calm and elderflower cordial...
Love J xxx


  1. The flowers are gorgeous as too the cards, i know what you mean about having not very much time, it just flies by and there is so much to do. Hope you have a terrific time on your hols, take time and chill out , sounds like you got a busy time ahead x x x

  2. Your cards are just delightful, so gorgeous. I am dreaming of a day by the sea to blow the cobwebs away. Enjoy your break, I think you deserve it! When I reach calmer times I will have to try your crochet technique. Lots of hugs, Debs x

  3. Hi Julia!
    Lovely cards!
    Best wishes


  4. Hey Julia. Wow those cards look amazing I love them!! What a great idea, your seaside paintings are so lovely, they work really well as cards. Your holiday sounds wonderful, there is nothing like some sea air to refresh. Good luck with your work for the fair and I hope to catch up with you soon xxx

  5. Your cards are beautiful Julia. I know what you mean about hard times. We're going through a rough patch at the moment. I am constantly tired and there are not enough hours in the day for things I want to do. I hope that your partner finds his way and that you can concentrate on the things you want/need/love to do. Oh, I nearly forgot! Your crochet flowers are wonderful - really unusual. I hope they sell well at the fair for you. Enjoy your break and make the most of it! x

  6. Hi Julia, Your cards are beautiful - dont forget to remind me nearer the time about the fair and I'll try and pop along. Enjoy your break - you do deserve it. xx

  7. Your cards and crochet are very beautiful, I don't think you will have much trouble selling them at your fair, so then it will all seem worth those long hours you have been putting in!

    I do hope you have a great time in Devon, your plans sound idyllic

    and, lastly, thank you so much for visiting me today and leaving a comment. It was a lovely surprise and I've now added you to my blog buddy list although I'm not going to be around much for the next few weeks as I'm taking a short blog break, but when I'm back I'd like to keep in touch.

    With best wishes, Carolyn x

  8. Hello,
    Thank-you for visiting - I'm glad you're enjoying your hyperbolic crochet. I love the beach cards - beautiful!

  9. Pulled from piller to post, real life isn't like living the deam. . .have a great holiday and relax it will give you thinking time and you will come back refreshed. Lovely cards!

  10. Your cards are lovely Julia, I love them...have a lovely well earned holiday...H

  11. Hello Julia

    I have enjoyed catching up with your posts as I was offline for a while. I understand what you mean when you talk about not having enough time to do some of your things and feeling out of balance. I have been feeling the same for a while. I too am self employed and at times it is all or nothing. For the past month it has been all at once. I took up crochet 3 weeks ago, I was inspired by you, Attic24, Henhouse and Posy. I love it!!!I hope I can get to be as good as you.
    Lucky girl going to Dorset for a week, that will do you the world of good. I lived in Dorset (Affpuddle) for 3 years after arriving from France. At first I hated it (So different to Monte-Carlo & Cannes which is where I used to live) but 6 months later I was hooked! Life in the West Country suits me well.
    Have a wonderful time with plenty of you time.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  12. Hi Julia,
    It sounds like you all really deserve a holiday... taking time to wind down and be inspired by the beautiful scenery.
    I so love your new cards... the designs are absolutely gorgeous.... maybe I'll have to persuade my parents to have some for sale at their B&B "Pebbles" by the sea?
    Take care and have fun

    Yvonne xxxx

  13. Wish had found you earlier. I like your cards and your crocheted flowers - and because you like cupcakes, you may like this link.

  14. Love love love that is my color!!! Your cards are amazing as well!

  15. Hello!
    Just wanted to say that your blog is just lovely and your artwork is amazing! I will definitely be taking a look at your Etsy shop.
    Have fun on your holidays!
    PS I noticed that we share some of the same "favourite films"....High Society and Carlito's Way.....I LOVE those films :)

  16. Hi Julia
    thank you so much for the lovely cards I won in your give away, I love them!I hope they go down well at the craft fair too, Im sure they will, Im not sure if i'll be able to part with any of mine! he he!!!
    thank you again, felicity xx


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