Thursday, 11 June 2009

And the Winner is....

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who left me some great comments on the last post, and for entering my first little giveaway!

With much excitement, the names were popped into a hat and one was drawn out at random by an independent adjudicator (my daughter :) Im delighted to announce that the winner is Felicity from Joshy & Belle. I wish everyone could win something, but Ive had so much fun with this Ive decided to do another one in the not to distant future!

The rest of the week has passed in the usual flurry of chores, playgroups, dental appointments etc but on Sunday we drove over to Salts Mill. My folks came with us and we had a fabulous time wandering around the old mill building, looking at all the Hockney art pieces and soaking up the history of the place. On the top floor was an exhibition of opera sets, and unfortunately the Small One in our party wanted a closer look, stepped over the White Line and promptly set the alarms off! Im afraid the chap who was sitting in the darkened space keeping an eye on things wasnt very amused by this, but come on, she's only 2, shes curious and obviously excited by what she saw and I didn't think the way he scolded us was that necessary. Anyway, we put the unfortunate incident behind us and went for a rather nice coffee and a browse in the Home Shop.

This week, creatively speaking, Ive been bubbling up some grand new creations which Im going to share with you here.

Im talking crochet.

Im talking Hyperbolic crochet, and despite the vaguely unattractive name, this type of crochet has got me well and truly hooked (pardon the pun).

I stumbled upon this method of creating a 3-Dimensional piece of work by chance. Browsing some blogs at the weekend, one led to another (as they often do) and I found Hook & Scumble! So very inspiring, if you have a yen to crochet I suggest you take a peek at what this lady does, its rather amazing. The origins of this Hyperbolic Crochet lark are rather mathematical, and Im sure if you're inclined you will be able to find the method involved and create your own patterns - I also discovered that there is a Reef Project that is based in Sydney which features crochet work from people all over the globe in the form of corals etc - you can find out more about it here.

Before I waffle on any further you might be wondering what this stuff actually looks like. I have devised a pattern of my own (based on the absolute basics of the original mathematical formula) and Im going to share it with you here today! It works for me, I love the effect, and Im now in the process of making some fabulously 3-Dimensional corsages - and I might call them Sea Blooms as they do remind me of corals.

(Sea Foam - Hyperbolic Crochet Corsage)

What do you think? Isn't it lovely how it sort of froths over itself in folds and waves? For those of you who are interested in having a go at making your own, here is the pattern. You can use as many colours as you like.
Sea Bloom Crochet Corsage Pattern

You will need wool that holds its shape quite well, I used Rowan Cotton Handknit DK here, edged with a Sirdar Calico. Use a hook size relevant to your choice of wool. The stitches are in US crochet.

Chain 4 and join with a Slip Stitch (SS).

Chain 1 and then Single Crochet (SC) into the ring 8 times, join together with a SS in first SC.

Chain 1 and SC twice into each stitch in the ring, fasten with a SS.

Chain 3 and Double Crochet (DC) twice into the first stitch and then 3 times into every other stitch. You will see the crochet piece begins to fold and swirl now. Finish the round with a SS.

Chain 1 and SC twice into each stitch. Finish the round with a SS.

Chain 1 and SC twice into each stitch, finish the round with a SS.

At the end of any round, you can fasten off and tie in another colour if you wish.

If any of you have a go at this, please share your pictures as Id love to see what you come up with! I think you could take this in all different directions, they would make lovely decorative features for curtain tiebacks wouldn't they, or maybe a mobile!!

Well tomorrow is an art day! I also need to get myself in gear and start planning my stall at the summer craft fair, Ive worked out Ive got about 4 weeks to get everything made and ready...oops! Best get cracking!!

Sending summer sunshine, cold lemonade and happy moments to each of you!

Julia xxx


  1. Oh, well, I'll definately be trying that out, what a fantastic effect!!
    Prob the moment it's too too hot to do anything that involves close proximity to yarn!
    I'll leave it til later, thanks though

  2. Lucky Felicity! That was such a lovely giveaway. I must say you have excelled yourself with the Hyperbolic Crochet Corsage! The technique gives a super look and I must give it a go when time permits! Enjoy your art day tomorrow. x

  3. Hi Julia
    ive just emailed you my address, Im so pleased I won, thank you so much!!!
    your daughter is so funny, we were in a cafe toilet and joshy pulled the red disabled help cord, he was holding it saying mummy what is this, leave it, i said, oh i pulled it mummy, then a member of staff walked in, i still blush now!! xx

  4. I love Salts Mill, and my kids set that self same alarm off too - and they were much older than 2years old!!! The Opera sets are lovely. I love the whole little town of Saltaire. Did you manage to avoid the floods yesterday? I love the look of the flower, i'll have to give it a go. I bought the self same wool in Cole Brothers (I know I'm not the only one who cannot refer to it as John Lewis) yesterday!! Spooky

  5. Hello,
    Sorry I missed your give away the cards look lovely.
    One day I must learn to crochet, the flower would look lovely on my hat.x

  6. Love the flowers and will add them to my list of things to do, sometime, whenever, maybe, possibly! Have a great weekend. Dev x

  7. Hi Julie
    Thank you so much for all your great comments left on my blog.
    Thank you for the crochet pattern. Going to see if I can have a go.
    Lovely blog :-)


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