Friday, 5 June 2009

Delicious Giveaway Time!

I seem to have taken a little break from Blogland, but I have a good reason, Ive been away on a little trip, and Ive also been very busy.

Some time ago, I wrote here about some new card sets that Id been working on, I am now very excited to be able to offer one of these lovely little boxes as my very first giveaway! Yes, thats right, I thought it was about time I showed my appreciation to all you lovely people who stop by and take the time to read my ramblings, so if you would like to be in with a chance to win this set, which comprises 5 art print cards of the designs shown above, just leave me a comment on this post and I will pull the winning name next week! Hurrah!! Simple!!

Anyway, onto other things - a few months ago I was very lucky to find some smashing polka dot fabric in the sale at Laura Ashley. I promptly purchased a couple of metres with the idea to make a blind for our recently decorated kitchen....well, you know me, always something more interesting to be doing!! Ha!! That pretty material has been languishing in a bag in a cupboard for too long but luckily while I was away, I bought a very nice magazine that had a very nice and very useful thrifty home project booklet with it and my attention was caught on the page that showed me how easy it was to make a blind, with just material and ribbon. I came home and got stuck in, pinning and measuring in between watching another classic Auf Weidersehen Pet and the following day while little one napped, I sewed.

And then I put it up.

Its my first 'big' thing that Ive made on my sewing machine, and I have to say in a rather bashful way, Im mighty proud of it, I think it finishes the kitchen off just grand!

So, last weekend we escaped to sunny Wales to visit family, we stayed in Cardiff but spent most of our time at the beach, the weather was glorious, it was just sandpies, paddling in the sea, peeping into rockpools, pub meals and cold pear cider...and a big comfy hotel bed with a big lovely hotel breakfast the following morning...ahhh, refreshing - to a point. We had a very excited little girl in the room with us dont forget, and she didn't go to sleep til 10:30pm despite our best efforts to introduce a bit of quiet time and story telling. No, it was far more exciting bouncing on the big bed and looking out the window over the lake at the heron eating a fish on the bank side. Happy days though!! :)

This is the view over Rest Bay, Porthcawl - we were waiting for the tide to go out, but the surfers seemed to be enjoying the swell!

Today I started a new painting, needless to say it was inspired by my time at the beach and my other favourite subject - food!! I will post pics as it progresses.
Anyway, don't forget my little giveaway - these cards are really nicely made (if I do say so myself!) and packaged in a pretty little box, all the designs are printed onto good quality archival matte paper and I think would suit most occasions! Good luck to all of you!!

(Go on, you know you want them ;)
See you all soon, have a happy weekend, hope you don't get too wet - Ive heard the forcast is a little damp in most parts, sounds like a good time to plan a little reading, crochet and napping....
Love Julia xxx


  1. Well, I for one want to be put in the hat for a possible win of your lovely art print cards! I read your blog and am immediately transported back home! Wish I had my sewing machine here in the US... but my daughter in the UK has it! By the way, if I win, you wouldn't have to send it here... you could send it to my Dad's house! I am off to have some sweet dreams. Happy crocheting! Lynne

  2. Hi, please include me in the card giveaway, they are all lovely x

  3. Came over to say thanks Julia for your lovely words and found you have a treat in store for a lucky one of us. So please chuck my name in too.

    Like you I have a few bits of material for windows that hasn't quite made it to the making up stage. Never made blinds before so keep putting it off. Is it fairly easy?

    Lisa x

  4. I'm like the donkey in Shrek - I'm jumping up and down shouting "pick me, pick me"!!! I love your blind - I am a Laura Ashley girl. You did a great job with it. xxx

  5. Lovely cards Julia, please include me in the give away. xxxx

  6. Hi Julia, sounds like you had a lovely holiday, that big comfy bed sounds good. Your blind is great, glad you did it in the end, I am always buying stuff for projects I never get round to. I love the crochet bag you made the colours are really beautiful. Good luck with your new cards they are so sweet. Jane xxxxx

  7. I do want them!!! The card sets look wonderful and I would love to be in with a chance of winning a set. I especially like the card in the middle at the top. The beach in Wales looks stunning with the bluest of blue skies. You did a great job with the blind and have every reason to feel proud. I have 3 sewing machines and am scared of them all!!! I really must conquer my fear of machine sewing! x

  8. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm glad that it led me to I your blog. Your work is lovely, I'm glad you find time to fit it into family life.

  9. I love the chance to win your cards (my very favourite is 'can we come too' I just adore it!)

    Great blind - I've been meaning to make some for my kitchen for ummm about 10 years many next year I'll get around to it!

  10. The cards are lovely Julia, I can see why you have been so busy x

  11. Oh yes please!!
    They look delightful!!
    I don't think I'd want to send them to anyone though!!
    Glad you had some time away, to tidy Wales!!
    Take care

  12. Well it would be rude not to leave a comment wouldn't it.
    They look so vibrant and inspiring. I love the colours.

  13. Hi julia
    I love your blind I made a little voile curtain trimmed in ribbon and I was so pleased!
    Please can you enter me in your give away I'll give you the details of the Japanese craft books I'll find my best ones and pop back later!
    Felicity x x

  14. how glad am I that you found my blog :-), just in time for your little giveaway. Jimmy Nail used to record in the house opposite where I used to live and one day my friend nearly ran him over with his pedal bike lol... lovely blind too, well done

  15. oooh count me in !! They are lovely, lovely, lovely:) Glad you had a nice break. noelle x x

  16. Love your cards, yes please!! Wales sonded like a lovely weekend, too.
    xxx Diana

    ps: word verification: tingle!

  17. Oh I'm SO glad it's not just me that buys fabric, specifically for a project and then leaves it languising in a bag for ages!
    Well done for mustering up the time to complete the project - you are right to be proud of your bling - it looks super!
    And I'd love to go in your giveaway hat! Thank you!

  18. Hi Julia
    here are the Japanese craft book details, i have two for crochet the first is in English and can be brought from here

    bit of a long link!!
    and the second is all in japanese but its got charts so I think its pretty easy to work out, even if you cant read crochet charts the book is so pretty its really inspiring, its here:|301:0|293:1|294:30

    that link takes you to ebay, but the same seller is on etsy too, ive brought 5 books from her, she is really nice and postage is fast too. Most of the japanese books are so gorgeous and there are diagrams so you can figure out what your doing, if you fancy any pictures of all the projects or about my other books leave me a comment on joshyandbelle with your email and i'll email you the details,

    hope that helps, sorry for taking up so much space!!
    felicity xx

  19. Thank you for visiting Poppy Cottage. Yes the moment like that with Joe are so lovely and don't happen very often. MSN, TV etc etc seem to sadly get in the way. your cards are fantastic. Too good to send!!!!

  20. Well, of course, we all want them. Your artwork is beautiful and so inspiring. It reminds me of home. I get quite homesick when I look at your art. I'm brewing a quilt inspired by the use of color in them.

  21. I just love your art as you know lol and love your new blind. I am totally inspired to do one myself gonna have to pester you to let me know how you did it lol. Best of luck to everyone for the draw. Love and hugs Niki xxx

  22. thank you Julia for your lovely comment :)

  23. Yummy, yummy!! your cards and designs are just gorgeous... as usual. I LOVE the blind for your kitchen, it does look great.. you have every right to be proud of it!!
    Glad the sea inspired you to paint.. I always find it gets the creative juices going!!

    Take care,

    Yvonne xx

  24. Oooooh CHOOSE ME, I NEED THEM!!
    I don't think you can beat a british holiday when the sun shines!!

  25. Beautiful blog and lovely cards. Loving the blind!


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