Thursday, 21 May 2009

A Lovely Dream

Im delighted to be able to show you my painting 'A Lovely Dream' which I completed today. It is another in the Little Red series, which seems to be building a momentum all of its own as more new ideas for where I can take it descend on me (usually as Im nodding off or cooking tea or doing something mundane when Im nowhere near a sketch book!)

As some of you may already know, Little Red has derived from several sketch drawings of my girl Carys, and for those of you who don't know, my little child is a flame haired, half Welsh firecracker of a tot who inspires me deeply on a daily basis - it seemed natural to include her in my work, and so from the earliest doodles she evolved to this little character, who has a dog, Bo, who has a bird, Dudie, and several other companions to be making an appearance along the way (including the gaggle of fabulous fat geese again).

I already have some ideas for my next painting, but for now Im doing alot of doodling
to get it just right before I put it onto canvas and I'll post some pics of the work in progress, probably next week :)

Well then, I think its time for a cuppa!! :)

Im finding this character work to be very fulfilling. It seems to have turned on a tap for me somewhere in the deepest reaches of my mind and for the first time in an age I am not stuck for new material. I remember many times wanting to paint something, and spending hours dabbling and messing and not really producing anything at all. The emptiness that I felt at those times was profound, and I think its because I was still searching for something that really made me tick. I would like to think that this is it.

Im going to be submitting this picture into a national competition run by an artists magazine. Well, you never know do you?

Im also promising myself an hour or so of crocheting later this evening as the past few days have seen me in a whirl of activity updating websites and general businessy type stuff for the other half and I feel a little bit worn at the edges, a sort of feeling you get when you don't switch off very easily because you're so absorbed in the task at hand.

Practising listening to my little old bod - its demanding a nice bath, preferably with something lovely from Lush and some serious R&R with perhaps the enticing prospect of an iced glass of Limoncello (ooh do try this if you havent, its an italian liquer made from lemons and its like drinking sunshine! Sublime!!!)

Is it summer yet with you? We are still dodging torrential downpours in between wearing sunshades and shedding cardigans as the weather still cant decide what to do. The hens over on the allotment across the road seem equally perturbed by the inclement conditions, ducking in and out of their little hut in mild bewilderment I think!! :)

My sister is coming to visit tomorrow, staying for the weekend and I have much to do to prepare a little birthday bash for a Certain-Little-Someone who turns 2 next week. A day out with her small cousins, Aunt, Uncle, Nannie-Mum & Grandad Joe (and us of course) is planned for sunday, as is a picnic complete with birthday treats and cake!!

Wishing you all a serendipitous bank holiday weekend, hope the sun shines for you - if not, dodge the drops and have fun regardless!

Love J xxx (off to get the long awaited cuppa :)


  1. Julia I love this! It's your best work yet!!! I can't wait to see more from this series and one day I just know you'll be illustrating your own beautiful story book. Hugs Niki xxx

  2. This is beautiful work Julia. How wonderful that your little flame haired girl is your source of inspiration. I am so inspired by the work that you do and the sheer enthusiasm you have for your work. Have a lovely relaxing weekend and enjoy your picnic come rain or shine!x

  3. how lovely to use your little one as inspiration...I am sure she will treasure these pictures as she grows up...the weather forecast is good for next week...hurray

  4. Your painting is beautiful! Your sooo talented! xxxx

  5. Hello it's nice to meet you and your blog!
    I have only just got back from st Ives so shall catch up with your blog when I'm rid of the sand in my ears etc!!

  6. beautiful painting, i just love red and her little dog. You are so clever. Have a great weekend and a wonderful party and a Happy Birthday to your liitle one! x x noelle

  7. Your work can definitely win a national competition. It's gorgeous. And thank you so much for the wonderful things you said on my blog. It's a pleaure to meet you and see what you do. I am also in Yorkshire, althought not half as beautiful part as you! Looking forward to getting to know you and your work. :-)

  8. Hi Julia, I don't know what kind of crafts are done in the craft class yet, I have phoned them, but got the machine, so left a message asking, when I know, I will tell you.
    The book binding class sounds great!

  9. Julia, I think this is wonderful! I'm so happy that you have found a wellspring of inspiration and creativity. This painting is so sweet and tender and touches that part of my heart that gets teary eyed over sleeping babies. :~)
    I wish you the best of luck in the competition!!!

  10. Loving the painting it's so restful. I like all the little white flowers floating around her.

  11. What a wonderful source of inspiration your very own flame haired little girl. I love the story... the little girl, her dog and its birdie. Beautiful.

    Did you get to some of that crocheting?

  12. I love your paintings, this one is beautiful. I have a little red headed granddaughter who turned three last Sunday.

  13. Just GORGEOUS !! I will have to try the liquid sunshine. . . Helen

  14. I love this gorgeous picture.. what an inspiration your little one must be. Isn't it wonderful when you get on a roll and the ideas just keep on flowing?
    Can't wait to see more in the series
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend
    Love Yvonne x

  15. Dear Julia,

    today I found your blog. My english is not so good, but I like your paintings and your pictures!

    Have a nice weekend! Greatings from seaside to seaside from Cornelia

  16. Your 'Lovely Dream' is Beauuuuuuuutiful :o)
    The sweetest starry night blues, with the lovely peachy sleepy head and little Bo curled up too, such a lovely atmosphere, I want to live there. I do hope you will illustrate your own story books, we and our little ones need them x

  17. Thank you so much for your kind message Julia. Really appreciate it. I'll be up and running again soon.


  18. Hello
    your painting is gorgeous so pretty, its lovely. I noticed your bag im nearly finished on one of those too!! oh and i have a weakness for tea, cake and crochet too, think i'll pop back here often, he he!!
    felicity xx

  19. Julia, I have just started my own blog and came across yours... I just wanted to say that I love your bright and sunny blog. I will check in often, especially when I feel sad! I am a Brit living in New Mexico and get so homesick! Maybe one day I will get back. I am also from Lincolnshire... I just love the Peak District, ... You have also made me want to learn how to crochet! Is it too late at 55?!

  20. Wonderful paintings, Carys is going to love this when she's old enough.
    Also, the excitement is unfathomable when she gets to an age when she can show it to her own children, believe me! What part of Wales is your other half from? My family live and I was born in North Wales, my daughter will marry in Llangollen in Sept.
    Love you work

  21. Hi again Julia, in answer to your question... (not sure whether I should post it here or..??) I have been in New Mexico for 15 years and come back to the UK often because of my kids. I would like to get back on a more permanent basis but money and all kinds of other constraints like working for shows seem to get in the way. However, next year, come what may, I am coming back.

    By the way, where do you sell your lovely cards in Lincolnshire?

    Keep up your wonderfully enchanting work and I will definitely look at that Crochet book. I don't think I am too old really, just a bit busy, but seeing all that you do makes me feel that I have no excuse! Have a great weekend!


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