Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Life and its little luxuries

Oooooh!! Delight and excitement is in the air, I finally have some pictures of my crocheted bag for you all to see!
The last stitch went in last night, and I could hardlly wait for this morning and our trip to the supermarket to road test it!

Here it is in its lovely stripy glory! I was rather inspired by the colours on some strawberry fabric I have (as I think I mentioned before) so picked these vibrant shades from Rowan's handknit cotton dk range. I was rather surprised how fast this bag took shape, I only started it the week before last, but I must admit to sneaking in a row or two whilst the little one played quietly and spending most evenings on it too.

For anyone who is curious, I followed the pattern on Attic24's blog, you can find it here. I have added a slightly different embellishment to the bit where the handles are sewn to the bag, using a pattern from my recent purchase (Crochet Bouquet) for round flowers which I thought were quite nice! My Mum came around with her button tin, and we poured the contents on the table before deciding on some white and blue buttons to finish off the centres. After some late night stitchery (I wasnt going to bed til I'd finished it) I was suddenley sitting with a completed bag in my lap! Im now twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do next, knowing that yes, I still have a blanket and cushion cover on the go...but somehow, there is something lovely about putting together a bag, something you can really use and go out and about with and after watching the little one parading about with it this morning, I decided to make a smaller version for her, something to put teddy in and the 'very necessary things a toddler needs' like a dolly blanket, toy telephone and books.

Do you know what I like best about making something for myself? Its the feeling that there is no other one exactly like it anywhere in the world!
Did you ever think about it like that? It makes our creations feel very luxurious doesn't it? There is also the added lovliness of the sentiment that goes into a handmade item, something that has been crafted with love and care, and possibly very good quality materials. I like the whole experience of creating something; the pleasure from making it, and the enjoyment of using it.

It makes me think, alot of what I think of as 'my little luxuries' are exactly that - little and perhaps very ordinary. They dont cost alot, they're not designer and I don't care - I derive great pleasure from a bunch of pinks or a cheery jam jar full of little daffodils, I like watching sunsets and moonrises, I like the luxury of once a month getting my fix of inspiring magazines...I like to treat myself to a gorgeous bottle of seaweed & arnica bath soak from Neals Yard, and now and then immerse myself with a book, candles and optional glass of wine for a deep and pleasurable home spa experience...I like the deep feeling of satisfaction from baking stuff, from cooking and sharing these goodies with family and friends - I like Green & Blacks chocolate with a mug of their hot chocolate when Im in the need of a real chocolate fix :) and I like clean breeze dried sheets on the bed and fresh jammies...I could list more, but I want to hear yours...

Go on, share...

...What are your favourite little luxuries?

Sending love to you
J x


  1. Ohhhhhh your bag is so beautiful! The way the colours radiate against each other is wonderful.
    I've got another bag design in my mind right now and will make that out of Rowan cotton.., I just need to find time to take it out of my head and onto the hook ...but truly your bag is lovely Julia, I'm so happy to see it!

  2. ohh nearly forgot the Little Luxuries :: fresh flowers by my bed, pure cotton bedding, new socks, brightly coloured glass-bead necklaces, hand made soap.
    And Lots more besides..

  3. Lovely bag Julia, I think a little one a little person is a great idea.
    Congratulations on being chosen for the exhibition. I had a couple of textile pics in an open art exhibition a couple of years ago and it was so exciting just to be chosen.
    Little luxuries... holding hands, watching the clouds shadows slinking over the undulating fields and hills. Fabric and yarn!

  4. Hello Julia
    I have been a bit behind on the blogging front for various reasons.
    What a lovely inspiring post again. Gorgeous bag! Always interested in what you have to say.You along with Attic24 & Posy have inspired me to want to take up Crochet. I have signed up on a 5 week course starting beginning of June. 1.5 hours once a week. I can't wait!!! I have admired all your creations and choice of colours. Little luxuries, well mine is Sainsbury's caramel or coffee panna cotta dessert (Heaven!), lying in a freshly made bed. The scent of apple shampoo when washing my hair is another one. There are others, that's just some.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  5. For starters: A fresh bed - when I win the lottery I will employ someone to change the sheets everyday!! My hubby's arms round me and his "smell" - I like to wallow around his person!! Watching my kids sleep - still!!! they are almost 17 and 14 now. The sun on my face. Silence. Sunrise and sunsets. When its too hot to sleep at night. Cosying up by a fire when its too cold to go out. Digging vegetables up to eat straight away. Being on a beach. Walking through a field. The smell of rain after a warm day. Walking barefoot (I did this for the whole 6 weeks holidays when I was 15!!). Being in love, being loved. The first glimpse of St Ives when I go to Cornwall. The "South Yorkshire" border sign on th M1 when we return to the county from the south. An empty ironing basket. A candle lit bath. Nice earrings and red lippy (I am naked without either of these). A good snog. I could go on and on and on!!!

  6. Beautifully crocheted bag! My little luxuries are the same as yours and I also like good quality scented candles, hand made soaps, craft materials, a new paintbrush, a new lipstick and a new book would all go down a treat!x

  7. Your bag is pretty! I am working on one right now, my first crochet project in years! My little luxuries are a great cup of coffee, a glossy new magazine and fresh flowers.

  8. Wow, your bag is just fabulous! I sooo have to make one! xxxx

  9. What a lovely bag - the colours are fab.
    Little luxuries - good quality bubble bath, chocolate truffles, fresh flowers, a nice bottle of perfume and so on and so on.....!

  10. Hi Julia, thank you so much for your kind words on my site. I was very glad to be able to sit down and crochet, it helps me relax too.
    Thank you for my cup of hot tea (Im drinking it now, just got in) and I'm sure I will have a restful nights sleep, I'm so tired, I will fall asleep as soon as my head touches the pillow! xxx

  11. So lovely. Good to meet someone else who skips from project to project. I'd make a small bag next so you can be a matching pair.

    Fresh bedding reminds me of being tucked up by my mum when I was small so just as comforting now.

    A new craft book, new yarns ....

    An evening by the fire with cosy Sunday type TV (Lovejoy sort) and crochet.

    Friday nights with a bottle of fizz.

    Having everything that I normally do (the dull everyday jobs) done for me. That's the best treat.

    Lisa x


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