Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Chunky Little Crocheted Bowl

crocheted bowl

Hello my friends

I'm typing this with the door wide open, as well as the windows ~ there is a wonderfully humid breeze gently blowing and I have a feeling of happiness as I type because it feels like Real Warm Weather is finally arriving!
Today I'm going to give you a little pattern for my crocheted bowl, which is made out of just one ball of yarn and you can whip it up in just one evening (or a couple of hours).

The wool I used was Sirdar Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran which I got on sale for just £1.99.
It is a 50g ball which measures approximately 86 mtrs in length.

Take a No.4 hook and sit and chain stitch the whole ball.  Yes.  The whole ball.
This actually becomes ridiculously therapeutic and I found myself in something of a trance like state once I'd got to the end.

Next, you're going to need a No.10 hook because you're going to be crocheting all those chains into a bowl shape and you're going to need something big to handle the chunkiness of it.

The following pattern is written in US stitch terminology, but Im basically using SC the whole time which is DC for those of you who read UK style.

Round 1: Using the chained yarn as you would ordinary yarn, CH2 and then do 6SC in the second chain from the hook.  SS to join (6 stitches)

Round 2:  2SC in each stitch around, SS to join (12 stitches)

Round 3:  *1SC in SC stitch followed by 2SC in next SC stitch* repeat this 6 times and SS to join (18 stitches)

Round 4:  *2SC, followed by 2SC in next SC stitch* repeat this 6 times and SS to join (24 stitches)

Round 5:  *3SC, followed by 2SC in next SC stitch* repeat 6 times and SS to join (30 stitches)

Round 6 - 10: 1SC all around in each stitch (30 stitches) SS to join.

Almost finished!! Of course, you can make your bowl smaller by starting to build up the sides from Round 3 or 4 if you prefer.  This size fits nicely in the palm of your hand:

The edging:  Tie on a contrasting piece of yarn (I used a spare bit of Rowan Handknit DK in white and a No.4 hook).  

SS to start, 
1SC and 1DC in next stitch followed by *1SS, 1SC, 1DC* in following stitch, repeat around and SS to join when finished.

Now go and find somewhere eyecatching to sit your new bowl and admire it often.  Fill it with Nice Things.  Go and make some different sized ones and cluster them together....oh I'm just in LOVE with this little bowl pattern, so easy, so quick, so gratifying!

Whilst I'm rambling about crochet and yarn, I can tell you that I've managed to get into town to stock up on an extra ball of my waistcoat yarn...the end is in sight, I can barely contain myself!!!  Prepare yourself for a reveal Very Soon!!

Enjoy the sunshine, sending love
Julia x


  1. Julia, That just may be the sweetest little bowl I've ever laid eyes on. I just love the colour too!

    Please send some warm breezes across the Atlantic, spring, it seems, has forgotten us here!

    Hugs ~Andrea~

  2. Cute bowl, though I don't think I would have the patience to chain the whole ball first. Which is why the one I made last year, also a crocheted one, was easier! It also now has a flat cork coaster in the base so that it stands firmly. I have it on the table next to me and use it for putting in odd snips of yarn I cut when crocheting etc., or the odd sweetie paper!

  3. Julia - You amaze me yet again! This is beautiful and I can't WAIT to try it myself! I love the chunkiness! Warm breezes...aren't they wonderful when they finally arrive? After our hot, humid summers in Virginia, I'm always glad to see them leave in the fall...but ever so glad to have them return after a long, cold winter. So fickle, I am! By the way, I have a new blog for my crochet endeavors in case you're not recognizing this blog name. I'm the one with whom you recently (and ever so kindly) shared the pattern for the mini granny placemats. Cheers! Annette

  4. Gorgeous but unattainable for crochet thickos like me. Am looking forward to seeing The Waistcoat.
    Sun glorious here. Hip Hip etc, Ax

  5. Hello my lovely!

    Ooooh how fabulous is that! Must give it a go, gosh my list is getting longer by the minute!!!!

    Glad the sun is is here too and it is truly marvelous!!!!!

    Much love

    Vanessa xxx

  6. Just the thing to make a nest full of Easter eggs!

  7. What a sweet little bowl Julia, thanks for sharing! :)
    The weather is lovely at the minute.
    Vivienne x

  8. That bowel is sooo Very Pretty ....

    I have just had a lovely drive across the tops to the dentist, the sun & daffs are out in full bloom, just beautiful!

  9. That is gorgeous, why can't I crochet? Maybe I'll have to enlist my Mum to make it for me.

    Thanks for sharing Julia.

    P.s. It is lovely and sunny with me too and so warm and washing dry. Hope it lasts.

  10. A very sweet bowl, thank you for sharing.x

  11. I love your fun crocheted makes me wish so much i had more apptitude/patience for crafts involving yarn, hooks and needles! I usually try and talk my mother into making the pretty things I see ~ just last weekend I was showing her your pretty pictures of the heart banner and the delightful bolster pillow...
    Fingers crossed. :)))))

  12. What a wonderful little bowl! Such a gorgeous colour too! I am working on a few garden creativity ideas. Just made a prototype of *something* and was very excited when it worked just now.

  13. Such a lovely little bowl, would make a gorgeous Easter pressie filled with tiny eggs! Will add it to my ever increasing list!

  14. Hello Julia! That's really wonderful and perfect small project for me! Today was first day when I just couldn't write my post even that was my plan. Weekend will be easier, with some sewing and painting (but not a picture). I would love to paint 'Dessert'!
    I'm exited to see your waistcoat!
    xxx Teje

  15. Ooooh! I'll have to make one of them - very pretty and so good for a quick and easy present.

  16. Love the bowl! Perfect to put little chocolate easter eggs in too! :)
    Thanks for the tutorial! :)

  17. I love it, love it, love it! I feel that there is a bowl-shaped hole in my life and I might just have to fill it with one of these!
    V excited about the prospect of a waistcoat reveal.
    Emily x

  18. Oh wow! That's fantastic. What a great way to create something almost the same as something else you might have seen, but not the same at all ...

  19. Julia,
    THANK YOU so very much for sharing this pattern. I really must find the EXACT shade of blue to make one! It would make my heart sing everyday!
    Kay Guest

  20. It is indeed rather nice. I wonder how I'd feel after chaining one whole ball of wool though. Only one way to find out...
    Looking forward to the waistcoat reveal.

  21. I love this sweet little bowl and the photo with the blossom in it - just gorgeous! How great it's been to have some warm sunshine again! Wishing you a happy sunny week.
    Helen x

  22. Thankyou lovey one!

    Did you know about the Derbyshire Open Arts weekend May 28th -30th??

    The owner at Created has given me a booklet - It looks very exciting...

    Let me know if you'd like me to pop you one in the post.


  23. Lydia no I didnt!! That sounds brilliant - that's kind of you to offer to send me the booklet - I will get in touch with you, have a lovely evening.
    Julia x


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