Saturday, 30 April 2011

Being Creative Gallery Check In ~ April

 Hello to you all!

It's the April Gallery Check In for the Being Creative Group!
I'd like to thank all of you who have been sharing your work in the Flickr group pool - there have been some fantastic interpretations of this months theme, which I think has proved that there are some really creative people out there!

This month, I decided to work with some air drying clay and created a pendant.  I haven't worked with this medium for absolutely years and I really enjoyed it - I have decided to try and incorporate the clay into my artwork more, perhaps by designing small tiles.

'Dessert' themed pendant

Now it's your turn!

For those of you who would still like to share your work via your blog/Flickr or other photo hosting webpage, then you are very welcome to add your link to the widget below (please just link to the page your work features on).  Don't forget to use the whole caboodle of http://www...etc or else the link won't work.  Anyone who has already posted in the Flickr Group are also encouraged to share your images in the gallery here too!  It's going to be wonderful to have a monthly source to access everyone's work ~ and please don't be shy about sharing...encouragement and support is the key to growing in confidence with your creativity, and although it can feel a little scary, I think you will feel a huge sense of achievement when you share your work and get feedback from the other participants or blog readers here.

You will be able to add your 'Dessert' themed work to the gallery here until the end of May.  There is a list in the sidebar so that the gallery pages are easier for you to find.

For those of you who are working on the project and don't have the facility to share pictures of your work, then you are welcome to add your thoughts about your creative journey so far in the comments section at the bottom of this post.
I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on taking part in the Being Creative Project, so please do share or feel free to email me privately.


Oooh!! An one last thing before we start to add our links - the theme for May is HOME
Again, this theme can be interpreted or taken in any direction you wish, or you can use the word as a focus point.  There will be another gallery opening at the end of the month here, but the Flickr group is available for you to add your pictures to every day if you wish.

If you would like to join the Being Creative group and haven't already then you are so very welcome to do so - it's totally free and you can take part on a regular or more infrequent basis, whatever works for you best.  You can register your commitment to taking part by clicking here and adding your link at the bottom of the page. 

And's the gallery for April - it's your turn! :)


  1. How the simplicity of your pendant Julia and appreciate how much work goes into keeping it simple!!...hope you do try more creations with clay.
    Thanks for dessert!

  2. Thanks Ali - looking forward to dreaming up something for 'Home' now ~ will you be joining in? Much love, Julia x

  3. ...sure will! Have some ideas floating around already!
    Love being an ingredient in dessert!

  4. I am just keeping an interested eye on your group..part of me would love to join..the other part just wants to keep observing!! Torn.

  5. Hello Julia! Your pendant is so wonderful! You could make them with any theme you just think!
    I'm sad I just couldn't find any moment to create 'Dessert'. I do hope I have time for 'Home' - I love this theme and as I work with homes it fits well! I have of course already many ideas...
    Have a lovely May! xxx Teje

  6. The pendant is really lovely - the colours, design - everything :) Helen x

  7. Carol...I so hear you! observing is just fine, and if you decide to take part at any point you will be made very welcome, with as much support as you need - visit the Flickr Group page to see what I mean, it's a lovely bunch of people and all art created is greeted in such a positive way. Either way is good though, whatever feels right to you :)

    Teje, thank you dear soul, I know time can be hard to find which is why the flexibility of this project is so nice, just dip in and out as it suits you :) I do hope you can take part with 'Home' ~ I'd love to see what you come up with!

    Helen ~ Bless you for your kind comment, thank you! :)

    J x


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