Friday, 1 April 2011

Spring Morning

'Spring Morning'

Hello my lovlies!

It was a bleary eyed start to the 1st of April here.  As I registered the rain rattling against the windows, a Small Person sat on my head and demanded coco pops.  It was slightly before seven o'clock and as I blinked myself awake, Tiny Tears was shoved into my ribs and a foot squashed the breath out of me as the aforementioned Small Person made her mountaineering style descent off the bed.

But it was to get better!! 
A telelphone call from the Grandparents asking if they could take the mischievous Small out decided the fate of the day.  That Spring Morning canvas would be finished off - the paints would come out and a leisurely, impromtu day of painting and pottering would ensue.

I worked alongside these rather glorious Cornish Daffodils (a bargain from our little grocery shop, 3 generous bunches for just £2.00) and before long, the rain had stopped and the warm sunshine they had originally forcast arrived.

There's something rather pleasant, painting amongst polka dots and daffs.
Anyway - a bit about the painting!  It's an acrylic work on a box canvas (20x20cm).  It's also rather illustrative, featuring chickens, a dog, a chap digging his vegetable patch and a woman hanging up her laundry beneath the cherry blossom tree.  There are sprinklings of purple and yellow crocus not to mention a row of cheery daffodils by the wall next to the little yorkshire stone cottages.  And of course, a glimpse of the sea felt necessary for this picture!

You may recall it looked a bit like this the last time you saw it:

But I'm heartily pleased with how it's turned out!  This painting will be available on my website shortly.

Aren't pink trees just the best thing ever?!!  Our little village is a delight of candy-floss coloured blooms at the moment, and our own little flowering cherry which we planted the spring our daughter was born is looking beautiful...

We have had a rather quiet week at home this week, and the little one tried acrylic paints the other afternoon with a bit of mixed media thrown in.  At just three, I was impressed to see how she used the paint, colouring in this Girl that I drew for her with real effort; dabbing into the paint with tissue, drawing into it with crayon and using her finger to create texture:

 'Mixed Media Girl' by Carys

She finished her off with sparkly jewels, and her name stamped with some tiny alphabet stamps.  She has no qualms about calling herself an Artist, which really makes me smile.  There is no confidence like that of a child, their sense of self belief is limitless!  Talking of artists, can I just quickly mention for any Being Creative Peeps dropping in today, you can find a link on the sidebar for the March Gallery under our Flickr Group widget if you still want to post links to images of your work.  April's theme is Dessert, and Im already scouring my recipe books for inspiration and have something exciting planned - how about you?!

One more thing before I go ~ as the original of one of my favourite pieces, 'Home', has now sold, I just wanted to let you know that I am releasing a Limited Edition Print run of it.  The print is full sized and comes with a mount plus it will be numbered, titled and signed.  There will be only 50 of these, and they are available to buy now from my website.

'Home' ~ now available as a Limited Edition Print

You can still by Home as an open edition print too :)

Right! That's about it from me for today!  Thanks as always for stopping by to read my ramblings; "hello" and thank you for following to all of the new followers and email subscribers ~ it's lovely to have you here, and thank you to everyone who is participating in Being Creative with me, and sharing their creative journey.
I wish you a weekend full of surprises, a warm patch of sunlight to snooze in, a good book to read and a happy heart.

Sending love
Julia x


  1. I love these paintings Julia, especially 'Home'really lovely. Have a great weekend!xx

  2. Beautiful painting - I had a go at some watercolours last night, and while nothing as good as your paintings, I enjoyed the process.


  3. Your little ones painting is fabulous! I love it.

  4. Hi Julia, wow !! I loved Home but I adore Spring morning !!!!
    It's all the little details and the pink trees, as you said , they are the best :0)
    Well done to your daughter for her masterpiece too .
    Jacquie x

  5. Your painting is beautiful! Love it...particularly the little glimpse of the sea in the background! Cx

  6. I love the new painting Julia and that of your daughter too, she has all the makings of following in your footsteps I think.

    I think I'm going to struggle with this month's theme, I simply don't eat dessert and rarely see any, but I'll see what I can come up with, even if I have to take my camera to Waitrose's cake counter.

  7. These works, including your little one's, are just beautiful Julia. Welcome to spring! There are signs around every where now.
    Have a great weekend,
    Jane x

  8. Beautiful painting although I have to admit that I rather liked it before it was finished. There are pink candyfloss trees here too- just gorgeous aren't they? Love Small's artwork too. Of course she's an artist!!! Ax

  9. I love the new painting, just scrumptious - there is something very magical about pink trees isn't there. Our streets are lined with them too, I want to stop and photograph all of them just to capture the moment!
    Your daughter's painting is wonderful, I see her career mapped out already!
    Have a great weekend. x

  10. Blossom trees are so beautiful.
    Lovely painting.

  11. I love Spring Morning - love all the blossom!! Your little girl's painting is beautiful - she is a real little artist already. Have a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  12. ooh I love your new painting, it is so 'us', I love hanging out washing and blossom and hubby loves digging in the garden and his dogs :-)

    Love your little ones painting, it is fantastic, she is a wonderful artist!

    hhmm dessserts, I made one for my Mum for her birthday today, must pop it in the flikr pool. xxx

  13. Way to go Carys. Looks like there's another artist in the family :)

  14. I hope you have saved your little one's pics right from her first scribbles. I put Maxine's in a scrap dook for her first seven years and its a fab thing to look back on. M. is a far better artist than I will ever be, but I like to think I nurtured that little seed!
    I love your Spring pic - perfect timing to finish it - all the blossom looks fab at the mo!

  15. Hello Julia! How exiting to think what your daughter is going to be when being so great artist already! Your new painting is beautiful - always I think the latest is my favorite - and then you make an other one 'favorite'!
    I love that your painting has a story and sweet colours!
    xxx Teje

  16. Beautiful Julia! Your new painting is so colorfully wonderful and springy. And your daughters painting!!! How sweet. A treasure I'm sure will never be parted with. Three years old... Amazing!

  17. That's a lovely homely painting Julia,and your little persons painting is adorable! Hope you had a great weekend and lovely Mothers day.

  18. Your daughter is going to take after you! A smashing little artist! I love your paintings!

  19. The new painting is gorgeous - I love all the little details, so much to look at. It's a very happy looking painting! I'm impressed with your little girl's artwork too. Even though I haven't finished my 'garden' project yet, I'm already thinking about 'dessert' - made a cake at the weekend to get me started - any excuse!

  20. I love the pink trees in your picture. Interesting to see the final picture and the photo of it half done. I'm going to attempt to paint soon, I was quite good at it at school but havn't painted since then so I'm actually a little scared I might just be rubbish, got to start somewhere I suppose or it'll never happen. If my first attempt is half as good as your daughter's latest offering I'll be pleased!

  21. Your paintings are so lovely! And I love "Spring Morning" because it is so beautiful and I love pink.

  22. Lovely post Julia you are sooooo talented! I love pink blossom trees, they just shout 1950's England to me.

    love Fi x

  23. A lovely start to spring all the blossom is so very pretty, not to mention all the daffodilies. Looks like little Carys is another talented artist in the making. Have a lovely week. Dev x

    p.s. I am having a little giveaway if you are interested.

  24. Spring Morning is absolutely beautiful! It's just what I'd like my life to be, right down to the apron! Not sure my other half would be quite so keen on the flat cap and working the veg plot though...!

  25. I love the 'Spring Morning' picture. I'd like to imagine myself and hubbie like that ( though no doubt he'd disagree with the cap considering the battle we have here about him donning a pair of slippers ) .. We get woken up with a Tiny Tears here as well, named George?, I haven't figured out the naming as yet because the doll is hairless and dressed in pink

  26. Beautiful paintings, both yours and your daughters!! x

  27. I would like to say how delighted I was this morning when my husband gave me my birthday present. I am now the proud owner of your Spring Morning painting. It is absolutely beautiful.


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