Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Crocuses and Crochet

Hello there!
 I hope you are all well - thanks for dropping in to see me today - isn't the weather just lovely?  I am seeing a festival of colour on my travels this week, Spring is well and truly arriving and I am loving the drifts of white snowdrops, and bright splashes of colour from carpets of crocus flowers.

Isn't it just the prettiest sight?  I am amazed at the effect that the weather has upon me, and the seasons too.  I have felt so much happier with blue skies, warm sunshine and flowers - whilst I do appreciate all seasons for what they bring, I think Spring is my favourite and there are two reasons:  1, I am a Spring baby, born right on the equinox and 2, Spring is laden with optimism and promise.  The feeling of the first day after a long, cold winter when the sun actually feels warm on your skin is beyond words - and something inside stirs up and you think...there's more of this to come!! And isn't that a happy feeling?

These pictures were taken on a walk around the grounds of Cannon Hall yesterday and do you know what?  It was warm enough for ice-cream!!! (Raspberry Ripple in case you're wondering!)

We discovered a flock of beautiful geese at the waters edge...

...and fabulously long tree shadows stretching across the grass.
In fact, all that walking about outdoors, listening to woodpeckers, enjoying the sunshine and admiring all those gorgeous flowers reminded me of a painting that needs finishing...

It's been a bit of a slow haul back to feeling 100% after being ill recently, and needless to say all things arty have been neglected - I do miss it but I really haven't had the energy.  I'm looking forward to getting the paints out and finishing this.  And talking of things that need finishing...

The waistcoat!

Bit of a way to go yet, but I'm getting there!  I'm going to fess up now and tell you that at this very moment in time, there is no pattern!  I told you what I was like didn't I?  I go full steam ahead and I was so involved on the first front panel that it wasn't til I'd finished off the last row that I realised I'd neglected to write down the tricksy bits....ooops...

Well, what I'm hoping to do to rectify this, is to write things down on the second panel, once it starts changing shape, and then hopefully from that I might be able to construct a pattern for the first side ( I hope - we shall see).

This is a lovely project that I've been doing in the evening, and I look forward to that bit of time each day, when I can settle down on the sofa and get stuck in.  It's surprisingly therapeutic too, all those lovely stripes and I must say I'm hoping it fits when it's done as I can't wait to wear it!!  Do you think it's looking waist-coaty yet?  Can you see the shape I've made for arm holes?  I'm a little bit pleased so far I have to say! :)

OK - before I go, Im going to tell you about my most recent discovery.

There are probably quite a few of you who already use e-cloths, but it is a new discovery for me.  Ever the one to try and reduce the old carbon footprint, be eco-friendly and all that, I was keen to try them out as they do not require any cleaning chemicals - just water (and I love that idea).
You know what though, they work - they're amazing and I'm over the moon because having a Small Person in the house and the thought of those household cleaners full of nasties has worried me a bit for some time.

It's a bit odd, doing the dishes without washing up liquid - but the pots are just as clean and shiny without the bubbles.  It's true, a bit strange, but true!   

Anyway, I must be away now - I'm hoping to catch up with you in Blogland again now, visits to Blogs from Moi have been very sparse of late because of the nasty bug and I'm sorry if I haven't been to visit you - normal service will soon be resumed!

Thanks for reading today, do say Hello if you have a minute won't you? It's always lovely to hear from you!

Mucho hugs,
Julia x


  1. Hi Julia

    What a gorgeous spring like post!!

    I love the crochet waistcoat. Will enjoy watching it come along just in time for the warmer weather.

    Fiona x

  2. Hi Julia ~ Glad to hear that you are feeling a little better, there are so many nasty bugs about just now. We have one resident in our house too just now which is not very welcome at all!! Your waist coat is indeed looking very waist-coaty and I am really looking forward to seeing the finished item! Great photos of all the spring flowers too :O)xx

  3. Hi Julia , lovely flower pictures. We havn't had that much sun in the midlands and it's pretty darn cold today but I've seen some lambs and ducklings so spring must be in the air :0)
    Love how you crochet is looking .
    Jacquie x

  4. I share all your feelings about spring, perhaps because I am a March babay too!
    It is certainly not warm enough here for ice-cream - only about 4 degrees but sunny.

  5. Love the waistcoat! :)
    You are so right, spring does make you feel better! We have had the most beautiful week too, it really lifts the spirits.
    Vivienne x

  6. Hello Julia. I am glad you are feeling better now. We had blue sky briefly here today but generally the weather has been dreadful and sooooo cold!!! You waistcoat is looking good! x

  7. Ooh yes I love the sunshine and I am a Spring baby too so maybe that is why I love this month the best aswell :-) Ooh those e-cloths are on sale in Waitrose at the moment, aren't they fab! Try the glass cleaner one too, it is fantastic!

  8. Your waistcoat's coming on very nicely indeed! I enjoyed the sun being out today too, I actually did some gardening so I now feel very springlike!xx

  9. Hi Julia
    You are right these last few days have felt like a turning point and that spring is just around the corner. Impressed with the waistcoat and can't wait for the pattern as I would like to try this one. I have been looking at the sun through the window today as trying to get to the bottom of all this ironing, how much does 2 people have!!!

  10. How pretty. I cant wait till spring. It's almost here

  11. You're so lucky with spring on its way! It's snowing again in my little corner of the world (Slovenia)...sigh... so thank you for the absolutely gorgeous spring images! As for the waistcoat, it's going to be fabulous - I saw it (online, I think) and it's really pricey. Yours, on the other hand, will be much cheaper, and yet priceless!!!

  12. Hi Julia! I hope you're feeling better!
    Lovely name: Crocus and Crochet! So beautiful spring photos! Your new painting looks great! And your crochet looks certainly waistcoat - it's going to be your favorite for this summer! I hope I'll manage to do mine.
    Quite interesting that e-cloth!
    xxx Teje

  13. The crocuses just lift your spirits don't they. Ours are just coming out and make me smile every time I walk past them. I agree with the idea of settling down in an evening with a little knitting/crochet project. I am baby knitting for my sisters 3 grand children she is awaiting this year!!

  14. Hi Julia
    The waistcoat's looking great - can't wait to see the finished article!
    Hope you're fully better soon
    Emily x

  15. Oh you poor thing being ill. A lovely dose of sunshine and pretty flowers was just what you needed. I'm loving what you are doing with your crochet and yes, I can see it's going to be a waistcoat. Looking forward to seeing the completion.
    Take care and have a great day,
    Anne xx

  16. hello Miss Julia,
    So glad to hear you're on the mend... I'll tell you one thing, those crocuses nearly made me cry when I saw them.... :( We don't have any here in northern New Mexico and was such an amazing site to behold when I was growing up at my grandparents farm in Wisconsin... crocus and tulips, lilies of the valley and lilacs. What a lovely post... can't wait to see the ta-dah on the waistcoat! Looking great. XOXO Ursula (and licks from doggie Cowboy too)

  17. Lovely post!

    Those crocuses are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. The waistcoat is definitely looking waist-coaty. You're doing a great job :)

  18. Springs great isn't it, energy just flows through you when the sun comes out and the light is fab! Love your photos looks like you had a great day out and your waistcoat is just coming on so brilliantly, you must make a pattern I want to make one!!!

  19. Hello. LOVE the waistcoat and can't wait to see it finished. I'm very tempted to make one for myself, but I know I really shouldn't buy any more wool and, of course, I haven't any colours already for the project ;) !!
    So glad Spring is here. Thanks for the crocus pics, just what I needed. My bulbs are peeping out but not yet ready to show themselves. xx

  20. Hi Julia, glad you are feeling a bit better now:) your spring crocus photos are gorgeous, love the purple and yellow together! We had the most gorgeous day here yesterday, cold but blue skies and no clouds in sight. Just off out for the day (errands as opposed to anything v exciting) and hoping it will be the same. It's looking good so far, so fingers crossed, as I have a lot of walking to do!
    Have a great day, hope you find time/inspiration to do a little more to your painting! xxx

  21. I loved your beautiful spring post! The crocuses are just gorgeous at the moment, aren't they? Your pictures are lovely. We saw a huge bank of crocuses at the weekend and it took my breath away! Your crochet is looking wonderful too - you'll soon have that waistcoat finished. Looking forward to seeing the little painting when it's complete too. I love my new Harbour print from you, it brings the seaside into my studio! Helen x

  22. I love it all Julia, the crocuses, the geese, shadows, waistcoat of gorgeousness and the e-cloth idea. Keep well and bug free xox

  23. I have been loving crocus too today I love the way they open wide in the sunshine - smiling upwards and absorbing the sun. So much joy to come.
    Jo x
    PS Cannon Hall near Barnsley? A family fave that sadly mine have outgrown .

  24. Hi Julia...just delighting in your crocus pics. All your projects are travelling well too. Have a lovely spring weekend!

  25. I've got some e-cloths and they, as you said ..brilliant...just wondering when they wear out though...
    Take care

  26. Ahhh . You know I love a wander around Cannon Hall. x

  27. Love the photo's Julia! I bought a small violet plant today for 99p and I can smell it throughout the house! Much better than air freshner in a can. Ha Ha!

    I have nominated you for a 'Stylish Blogger Award' my lovely :) Louise x

  28. I can't wait for the green and bulby flowers to start poking up through the dirt... any time now... March has to knock us down before it picks us back up...

    Lovely photos!

  29. The crocuses look lovely,
    that first spring sunshine is so good!
    Your waistcoat is looking good - love the colours.


  30. Hello lovely Julia!

    Your crocus pictures are a beautiful sight! It makes a whole heap of difference having brighter skies and and seeing life begin on the ground once again.

    The waistcoat is looking G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!! I am in awe that you are just doing it as you go along! Gosh, wowzer.

    Must check out the e-cloths. They sound remarkable. Have a super monday and I hope the sun is shining overhead today!

    Much love

    Vanessa xxx

  31. Those Crocuses! Like dazzling jewels scattered everywhere, exquisite! Very interested in your crochet waistcoat, that looks very exciting! Love Vanessa xxx


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