Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Art of Comfort

Hello ~ how are you?

After a bright and Spring like day yesterday, we are today shrouded with thick fog.  Crystals of dew cluster on the leaves of daffodils and the air is cold and damp.  It's days like this that I like a bit of comfort and here are some of the things that warm my soul.

My Sofa is a great source of comfort, a place I comandeer on a regular basis, a rainbow haven of crocheted cushions and blankets - an invitation to snuggle and relax. 

One of my ultimate foody comfort favourites is The New Covent Garden Food Co; Chicken Soup.  This is indeed fodder for the soul, especially a tired and weary one.  I admit to being a person who sometimes turns to food for comfort, but there's nothing wrong with indulging our tastebuds with something nourishing and delicious, that makes us feel good inside and out!

Sarah Ban Breathnach is a wonderful author and I have a couple of her soul soothing books.  Filled with beautiful scoops of wisdom it is a book I turn to when I'm feeling a little lost or in need of replenishment deep within.  It works every time.

Lavender Oil is something that I use for comfort as well as relaxation.  The scent is such a grounding and reassuring one, and I like to use it in a warm sea salt bath (with candles of course!) or to dab on my pulse points.  I've found this oil to be especially helpful when I'm feeling anxious.

I love to watch the film or read the book Chocolat.  It's one of my favourite stories of all time - I never tire of the plot, and of course the fact that it's chocolate based helps enormously (and it's got absolutely Nothing to do with the fact that Johnny Depp plays a rather attractive river gypsy in the film ~ nope, nothing at all!)

Speaking of Chocolate...

...I'm loving trying out different varieties of Raw Chocolate.  Several of these delicious bars arrived at my house last week and I confess to now being addicted to them.  Raw chocolate makes other chocolate pale into insignificance, and a little slice of one of these bars (which you can order online from Living Food of St Ives ) lifts the spirits and gives you that chocolatey comfort that is oh so necessary in life! :)

So those are a few of my favourite comforts - I wonder if you'll share yours with me? :D

Before I go, I'd like to say Thank You's to all of the people who have signed up as Participants for the Being Creative project so far.  The Sign Up is open throughout the year, so if you haven't joined yet and would like to then you are welcome to visit the Being Creative page to find out more and add your name to the list.
Already there are a few images appearing in the Flickr Group which I'm very excited about and I've had rather alot of emails from people about the idea itself which is very, very gratifying - so Thank You for joining me with this, it's going to be a fun and rewarding journey and I can't wait to see what unfolds.

I've just this morning created a little piece of art for the project - the fact that it wasn't work related made the whole process feel different - light hearted, playful, relaxed.  I can't remember the last time I made art just for the sake of it, and as much as I love my painting it was fabulous to work in a different medium just for pleasures sake.

So if you're taking part, how are you getting on with your Garden theme?  Don't forget you can post pictures to our Flickr Group (there is now a link in the right side bar under the Being Creative button), or if you prefer you can wait for the Gallery post at the end of the month to share links of what you are creating here on this blog.

Right - time for a cuppa!  I'll see you again soon - I hope the sun is shining in your part of the world!

Sending love
Julia x


  1. I'm a huge fan of Living foods of St Ives - the chocolate and chilli pie is my fave!! When I'm in St Ives, I go for my lunch everyday for a box of their delicious salad with feta and Bombay potatos - DELICIOUS! Youve transported me to Cornwall - can you tell?xxx

  2. Oooh Diane that sounds gorgeous! We're off to Cornwall this year (hurrah!) and will have a long awaited pilgrimage to St Ives where Im looking forward to visiting Living Foods and stocking up! :D

  3. Ooooh lovely comforting post Julia! I ADORE that film too! It has become a ritual to watch it on christmas eve as we wrap a few last minute pressies with a big glass of wine! I would be very happy to run a chocolate shop like that...and it really has nothing to do with dishy Johnny Depp (laugh, laugh!!)

    I have a special spot on the sofa right next to my yarn baskets! Have to say though, it's the most worn part of the sofa....what does that say about me?!!!!!!

    And Chocolate, of the eating variety. I have a a slab of cinnamon chocolate and a slab of pink peppercorn chocolate awaiting opening. I am saving them for a special moment where they will be well and truly enjoyed!

    After a very foggy start to the morning, it has begun to become nice and sunny. I hope the sun makes it up to you!

    Sending love and hugs

    Vanessa xxx

  4. Oh, I just love your bullfinch! Now, would you consider doing more English birds? I have a framed drawing of a chaffinch that I bought at a charity shop in old town Eastbourne years ago. It's song is supposed to sound like this..."you naughty little boy, I'm going to beat you".

    Kay Guest

  5. Ooh Vanessa, we have very similar Comforts it seems!! My patch on the sofa is very squished and worn no matter how much I plump things up (heehee). I hope you enjoy your chocolate, I tried Pink Peppercorn once and found it a very interesting flavour! Let me know what you think :D

    Kay - I've done a blue-tit as well, but having trouble uploading that one at the minute as my camera software is misbehaving! Great fun to do though! :D

  6. Julia this post has been most welcome today. I have already sprinkled some lavender aromatherapy oil around the house and am just about to sit down to a sweet cup of tea with a biscuit (some biscuits!)I love your little bird! I think we enjoy similar comforts! x

  7. What a lovely post and I'll tell you what gives me comfort.... your posts sweetie! I am rather in need of a bit of comfort right now in my life. Struggling with anxiety and also the horrid thought that I may need to return to teaching job AARRRGGHHHHHH!!!! Plus I am once again struggling with weight loss - doing everything right, eating right, running 3 times a week, swimming at weekends and yet again.. nothing.. zip... scales won't budge. Very fed up at the mo. Thanks for your lovely comforting post. I need to do some crochet. x

  8. The restorative powers of comfort and cosy should never be underestimated, I agree! x

  9. I love cozy comfort... afghans and couches... and hot coffee... OH MY!

  10. Oh Julia, lovely post. My comforts are chocolate(of course) preferably 85% dark stuff! My bed snuggling under my duvet, mmmm adorable and my favourite comfort, a hug from my lovely man, the safest most comforting place in the world! I'm going off to get one now.
    Hope the sun comes out for you tomorrow.

  11. I love that finch. Mmmm. Wonder if I can do collage...
    I like reading in my bed with four pillows. I like a cuppa and a bar of Dairy Milk shared with my neighbour. I like lazy film watching with The Smalls in pjs. I like my house. Ax

  12. A gorgeous post, sometimes a little home comfort is what we all need:) am loving your colourful sofa, ours is looking a little sparse in comparison, think I may add a few more cushions to mine to make it super cosy too! hehe. Your collage is lovely too, I agree, I actually can't remember the last time I created something 'just because', everything is always work related in some way! Must make more time for myself is the moral of the story:) have a nice rest of the week, hope the sunshine comes back for you x

  13. Hello Julia! I just love the bird you have made! It's so beautiful! I needed some 'food comfort' also - wasn't so healthy like yours!
    xxx Teje
    I tried to make 'garden' but it just didn't come right - new try...

  14. This is a lovely post Julia and if we look around, many little comforts can be found.
    Your collage bird is beautiful and inspiring me to have a go at something similar.
    Chocolat, one of my all time favourite movies. The scenery, the storyline, the chocolate and then there's Johnny. Well he would have to be my favourite part of the movie! :)
    Have a lovely day,
    P.S. The word verification for this post is kisisse. Most amusing.

  15. When our part of the world seems to be shaking so much..prayer soothes my soul. In addition I'd have to say a good movie..Danny Deckchair or Chocolat takes the mind off anything..and yes a real dose of great chocolate or an extra thick frothy cappucino is medicine for body and soul too! I'm not unusual in that, I think.

  16. It seems to me like Chocolate and Johnny Depp is all it take when a bit of comfort and something gorgeous is necessary (ha ha!!)

  17. A snuggle on the sofa is just what I could do with right now..feeling a little jaded right now. Might give the Lavender oil a go, sounds lovely. Dev x

  18. Well I did a posting full of colourful crochet work on Monday, so snap!
    Not a sofa but a gorgeous conker coloured huge leather armchair with snuggly throw and cushion, books beside me, and basket of knitting.
    Chocolat the film I love to watch, and the book to re-read often.
    The Sarah Breathnach book I also have, along with a couple of others, love her writing, have you tried Oriah Mountain Dreamer, recommend her if you like spiritual books.
    Never tried raw chocolate, what does that mean exactly? Can only eat a couple of pieces of organic chocolate a day without upsetting the ulcers.
    Love lavender too, grow masses of it and live just down the road from Norfolk Lavender, fields nearby full of lavender plants, or flax, which is a heavenly blue, or bright yellow rape... often wonder what it looks like from above!
    Love a comforting post. It might seem a bit self-indulgent to do when there is so much strife in the middle east, and then the Japanese disaster, but.... life does go on, and there is space to pause and remember others in these dire situations, and space to carry on with our lives too.

  19. I've never seen Chocolate. I think I read the book years ago though....my comfort is to make and eat risotto. Love it especially as a Monday leftovers meal from a Sunday's roast chicken, yum!
    A glass of merlot or shiraz and anything from Hotel Chocolat too, if I'm lucky!

  20. Thank you so much, Julia....I have lavender oil on my desk at work,cosy blankets everywhere (including a shawl for work), and books, books, books to curl up with, as well as a stash of Earl Grey teabags and lovely wool. We're heading into cooler weather here in Australia, and your mix of inspiration and cosy-comfort is perfect. Now, to go and contemplate Being Creative!

  21. What a delightful post, Julia! I love a lot of the same things as you do - lavender, chocolate, books - and although I sadly don't (yet) have crochet things around me I do have cosy quilts! I absolutely love the little bullfinch - wonderful! Hope the cloud has rolled away and you are having some sunny days now.
    Helen x

  22. I love your granny squares crochet cushion cover, and the bullfinch collage is terrific.

  23. This is so pretty Julia! And so springy. Linking up next week at Tangled Happy. Thanks for sharing another beautiful pattern with all of us! :)


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