Friday, 11 March 2011

Being Creative


Ta~Dahhhh!!! I have something to share with you today...

Being Creative is an online monthly project I have created, to inspire creativity in both myself and others.

As a busy Mum/Artist with not much time to spare, I realised a while ago that I missed the fun of just creating for the sake of it, without pressure, deadlines or judgement.  I wanted to be able to play with my lino cutting tools, dust off my box of jewel coloured oil pastels and make wild smudgy marks and swirls.  I wanted a focus that wasn't about work and encouraged creative playtime. 

Being Creative grew from that tiny seed of an idea many moons ago...and it grew bigger as I thought about other kinds of people who might like to join in; people who hadn't created for years and who wanted to tentatively start playing with colour again, people who created regularly who would enjoy the fun of a monthly challenge, people who might have been told that they were hopeless (you really are not) or people who wanted to try working with a new medium with a specific theme for focus.

So here are the basics:

Each month I will post up a theme, and you will have the whole of that month to create work in any medium you wish.  You then have the opportunity to share your work with the rest of the group via a monthly Gallery that I will post at the end of each month here, and a Flickr Group.  
There will be a discussion facility within the Flickr Group to chat about the project, or to share support where needed.  I will also offer tips and ideas as well as encouragement and guidance for those who may just be starting out on their creative journey.

There is no pressure to create amazing works of art here, there are no teachers to answer to - this is a project that is all about having fun and allowing creativity into your life - and you don't have to do it every month, be as regular or as random a contributor as you like.

If this sounds like something you would like to take part in then just click here (or on the tab at the top of the page) to find out in more detail how Being Creative works, to see the list of Monthly Themes for 2011 and sign up as a participant.

This theme for March is:  GARDEN

I'm really looking forward to Being Creative - will you join me?

Julia x


  1. I would love to join in with this, what a fantastic idea.

    I am being a bit blonde about getting your button on my blog - usually there is a code to import, not sure how to transfer as a picture, could you help me out?

    Have a gorgeous weekend.xx

  2. Yes, yes, yes, count me in. Off to find out more as soon as I have finished commenting

  3. Oh I'm so tempted by this Julia....I am in the middle of the 52mmmc thing but they could overlap, couldn't they?
    I have an idea for something for Mother's day which happens to be something that could come under the heading of GARDEN....will ponder some more. Read about it etc.....
    Feel free to give guidance/talk me into it!

  4. What a wonderful idea Julia - I've signed up! Would it be OK to include creative doings in the garden itself e.g. use of thrifty containers, willow weaving etc?

  5. Go on then!!
    What I love about this is getting a topic to play with. An opportunity to create something for the sake of it, about something you ponder over and make totally yours. Normally I make for someone specific, or our home or simply to eat with a cup of tea. I've never explored things like Spring or the Ocean before.
    I'm very excited Julia can you tell?

  6. Such an exciting morning, Im really happy to see that names are appearing on the subscribe list already! It's going to be great fun, thanks to everyone for signing up so far!
    J x

  7. dear julia ,
    i would love to join you for this lovely , motivating creative ride .
    i will soon be getting my regular net connection then i will be hopping more frequently in blogy land .
    please add me .i am your follwer and fan too .
    have a great weekend

  8. Hello Julia I have just joined! I don't have a Flickr account - does that matter? It will be nice to have a theme to focus on and see everybody's interpretation of the theme too. I think this will be a lot of fun! x

  9. Hi Julia! You got the best idea!!! Thank you for doing this! Oh my my - I have signed - but a little bit nervous! But it's going to be fun!!! I'm exited! Lots of creative wishes! Teje

  10. Hello Julia! I can't seem to get the button work as there isn't a code attached to it. Can you help? x

  11. Oh what a truly marvelous idea and I love the idea of each month being themed xox I've just signed up to benumber 20 on your list xox

  12. Hello Julia, I have been reading your blog for a little while and have been inspired to sign up for the "Being Creative" Thank you so much for a great idea. Kim

  13. Great idea, Julia - I've signed up!
    Emily x

  14. Thanks to everyone who is signing up today! :D

  15. Fab. Please can I join in? I am a bit ditsy about the whole flickr thing and putting a link on my blog so please bear with me and I will try my very hardest to find the time to Do It All Properly. Love it, Ax

  16. Dear Magic Bean, so happy you are joining in - please just holler if you need a hand with anything :)

  17. What a great idea. I'm in.

  18. Signed up & ready to go! Thanks so much Julia... x

  19. Love this idea Julia, so I'm in! ♥

  20. Julia, that sounds like a fantastic idea! It might help me begin to feel a bit more creative as at the moment I feel a bit creatively rubbish!!!!!!

    I will try and give it a go and see if anything the least bit creative and gardeny is produced!!!!! ha ha

    Hope you have a super Monday!

    much love

    Vanessa xxxxxxx

  21. What a great idea! I've been getting back into art lately, and always ideas have been the hardest part for me. So this will be fun!

    Amelia :)

  22. This is to say thank you for the creative encouragement offered by this idea! "Encourage each other and build each other up,just as you are already doing".

    Kay Guest

  23. I can't seem to get the "Being Creative" button to work in the sidebar of my blog. How do you do it? (I have Blogger.)

    So far, I've only been able to get the photograph there, but nothing happens when I click on the button. I see that others have been able to do it, so I know it can be done! :)

    Amelia :)

  24. Hi Julia!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I just got the button to work! I went into the Gadget I'd created for it, and instead of pasting the URL for the photo, I pasted the URL for your "Being Creative" page.

    Just tested out my button, and it now links back to your page!! :)

    Amelia :)

    PS--Thanks for the kind words about my artwork, too... I went to art school years ago, but have yet to sell anything, so I'm a bit nervous about it all.

  25. OOooh yes - count me in too!

    My favourite days are when my list is manageable enough to just make something, because I want to, rather than to meet a deadline for the postie!
    look forward to participating (like I need another distraction!!!)
    fee x


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