Friday, 25 February 2011

Things that make you go Mmmmmmm (or Oooooh or Aaaaahhhh)

Hello there

I have been knocked for six this last week with influenza - yucky nasty virus.  So today, as energy levels are still way below par I am sending you a post full of delicious things of the visual and edible kind. 

These cakes were a treat yesterday afternoon - taking advantage of the very warm February sunshine, I was coaxed out to Wentworth with my other half and daughter.  Tea and cakes under a bright blue sky on the verandah of the cafe was just the tonic - now that's what I call medicene!!

And Ohhhhhh would you look at those beautiful primroses? So very, very bright and spirit-lifting after so many of those dreary, colourless days we've had around here.

And more flowery lovliness - a little bunch of buttery yellow tulips - these have been glowing like sunshine on my table this last week and make me smile everytime I see them.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm of the highest order here.  This is about as good as chocolate gets.  Have you ever tried Raw Chocolate?  No?  Well neither had I - and I decided to order some from my friend Kate Tregellas who is an artisan chocolatier based in North Devon.  I was curious to try it as the health properties are second to none.
They also taste pretty damn good too - Im so happy to have given raw a go and if you are curious, you can contact her directly by visiting her FB page for more details of the fabulous flavour creations she makes.  Hot off the press news, she is currently working on a divine Easter chocolate range!!!

Oooooooohhh!! Now what have we here?!!

In my last post you might remember that I fell swoonily in love with a certain crocheted waistcoat.  Well, a bit of investigating on the interweb brought up nothing...I was starting to wonder if this waistcoat actually existed so I got in touch with the company to ask about it.  My mole at CK tells me it is going to be launched at the end of March but I'm too impatient to be hanging around that long, so as you can see - I've been getting busy....

...making my very own Cath inspired waistcoat.  Now, I want to just clarify - this is going to be my Own Pattern - I'm not copying anything here folks.  I was very inspired by the colours of the original one in the magazine (which is what caught my eye in the first place) and have picked similar ones from the Rowan Handknit Cotton range (thinking cotton would be nice for summer).  I also thought it would be fun to design my first garment, something I haven't attempted yet apart from a scarf which doesn't count, as it's just a long rectangle.

I have already started one of the front panels as you can see, and it's going really well.  I will of course do my best to work out an understandable pattern for you in due course, but when it comes to things like this, I tend to just launch head on into it with the idea in my head and hope for the best.  But I will do one, I promise.

I'm working it in a cluster stitch.  I tried a sample of granny stripe as I originally thought that would look good but afterwards I didn't think it suited the look of a waistcoat.

Although I do love the granny stripe - can I feel a blanket coming on?? No, no...I must stop tormenting myself like this!

Well that's it from me - I'm feeling in need of a cuppa - got to keep those energy levels ticking over, and a slice of that Raw Chocolate might be necessary too...Ooh, just before I go, many thanks to all of you for the kind comments you left on my last post about the Oyster Catcher textile art work.  Thanks also to all of you who stop by and visit my little world and read my ramblings, it's so very nice that you do.

Sending you sun~filled days and things that make you smile.

Love Julia x


  1. I love raw chocolate - I buy it in St Ives (I love the variety that has chilli in it!). Your waistcoat is going to look grand. Twas indeed a great day for sitting outside with a cupcake or 3 at Wentworth yesterday . xxxx

  2. Ohh the waistcoat is going to be beautiful! That pile of Rowan cotton is just lovely.
    Kandi x

  3. That waistcoat looks like its going to be lurvley! The cluster stitch looks super-dooper. I see you have a couple of the new Rowan Handknit colours...I think they have done themselves proud with their new additions this time round they are smashing! Have a lovely weekend. ax

  4. The waistcoat is coming on a treat, I did wonder how long it would be before you started one! Can't say the cupcakes or chocolate do anything for me, the former look way too sickly - too much top and not enough bottom (sound familiar?) - and I can't eat strong chocolate any more for health reasons. But LOVE the tulips, I have some too... and love the crochet obviously. Your colours are gorgeous.

  5. Ooh! I could just dive right into those cakes!Just popping over to check out the chocolate too!!!

  6. What a scrumptious post, Julia! I'm pleased you are starting to feel better....there is nothing like cakes and an exciting new project to help in the recovery process! xx

  7. Hope you feel very better soon, poor you!

    Seriously impressed at you making your own pattern for a waistcoat...

    Yum to the cakes and ooo to the chocolate - have never tried, but if it has medicinal qualities, then I am all for a bit of reasearch!


  8. Mmmmm the raw chocolate sounds delicous - I must investigate it immediately! Your waistcoat idea is looking beautiful - I spotted it in the mag too and thought what a useful little item of clothing and how pretty too! Your colours are gorgeous. Glad you're feeling better, have a lovely weekend. Helen x

  9. Aw - do hope you are feeling better. Max and I used to go to Wentworth - happy days!!!

  10. Really hope your nasty virus goes very soon and you can enjoy being creative again.
    A x

  11. Hello Julia, I'm sorry to hear you have catched a cold - hope you will be well soon!
    Vow you have gathered so many delicious things in this post!
    Well done to start the waistcoat on your own! It's going to be the best for the spring and summer!
    Have a lovely weekend! Teje

  12. Scrummy looking cakes and beautiful primroses! The sun was so welcome yesterday. I moved/replanted 200 snowdrops and it felt so good to be working outside.
    Loving your waistcoat and looking forward to the "reveal".
    Hope you have a lovely weekend too.
    Carol xx

  13. Lovely things in this post Julia , clever you for having a go at a waistcoat...that CK one caught my eye too ...swear I have a crochet radar :0)....your stitch and colours are Fab
    Jacquie x

  14. Hi Julia
    Hope you're back to full strength soon!
    I'm not going to single anything out in this post because I love all of it, thanks for sharing. :)
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Vivienne x

  15. Mmmmm is just what I said when I looked at your pics. What a lovely post. Love your waistcoat. Your colours are lovely and work so well together. x

  16. I made all 3 of those sounds when I looked at your srummy photos;cupcake and choc heaven there! Hope you feel 100% soon,
    Jane x

  17. Oh Lovely Julia, sorry you have been feeling so rotton. Hoping that you are on the road to recovery...and I'm sure those cakes and chocolate have helped a tad!!!!

    They look and sound yummy. Never heard of raw chocolate....must try that one!

    The flowers are beautiful, a perfect pick me up......and the waistcoat is looking dreamy! I am really looking forward to seeing the completed article!!!!!!

    I have spent all morning trying to make a potholder and it has ended up as a bowl/hat!!!! How did that happen????? Still a bit of practice needed there then! ha ha. Think I am a long way off crocheting a garment, although, I found a site where you can translate written Japanese. It's a long winded process but it is making the book I want a lot more appealing! We'll see.....potholder first....I am determined even if it is going to take me all weekend!!!!!!

    I hope that you get a rested weekend...polish off a bit more choccie!

    Much love

    Vanessa xxx

  18. Oh I can't wait to see how your waistcoat comes out, such pretty cotton colours too. I will very much look forward to a pattern one day and admire your bravery in creating your very own pattern xox And I couldn't agree more there is nothing more medicinal than tea and cake :0)

  19. Yummy yummy cakes... I think I should go and made the tea before I raid the biscuit tin, your pictures are making me hungry:) hehe! The primroses are also beautiful, such pretty colours. Hope you make a full recovery soon, have a lovely weekend, xxx

  20. A lovely post Julia. I am ooooohing and aaaahhhhhhing!!! I bet I would love that organic chocolate. I look forward to seeing the finished waistcoat. I hope you feel better soon Julia. Have a lovely weekend.x

  21. I am sure your friend would not post chocolate to Australia so I will keep my eyes open for raw chocolate here. I sure love those georgeous butter yellow tulips too!

  22. This is really a good stuff, This sounds good. I like it. Photo Recovery

  23. thats really lovely , the colours go so well together....cant wait to see it finished

  24. Lovely! I just found the missing green I've been looking for a few days ago and have also started the road of making this pretty vest or waist coat as you call it. I am working it in granny clusters that I take together at the top to make them more round instead of V-shaped if I say so. I am not sure how else to describe it... I think it is coming on pretty well. Although I am faaaaar behind you in the process and going really slow watching my tendonitis elbow... I am so excited to see how your waist coat will look like. Enjoy the journey. :D Xxx

  25. I love the colours you've chosen for your waistcoat Julia, it's going to be lovely when it's finished. Hmm raw chocolate i shall have to check that out, health properties you say excellent just the ticket to extinguish the lurgy that's being bugging me for EVER!
    Hope you feel tip top soon too. Cake eating is of course the best medicine!

  26. That little waist coat is coming along nicely, and how nice to be making your own pattern! Clever you!
    Raw that is something I have never tried. Yummmmm.
    Hope you're feeling better with all of the *medicine* you've been eating.

    Jacky xox

  27. Hi Julia
    Glad you are feeling better now - that chocolate looks amazing and so does your waistcoat you are crocheting - how clever of you to design a pattern, I would be alright at the straight bit but would need serious help when it came to making the shape of the thing!! What lovely colours you have chosen.
    have a good week

  28. Hope your feeling better soon.
    My son was off school with flu the other week.
    Beautiful spring colours on your blog.
    M x

  29. What a lovely brightening-up-the-morning post. :) Thankyou Julia!Well done at attempting your own pattern, even with scarves I never end up with the size I wanted! Your waistcoat is going to be ten times better than the CK one I'll bet! xx


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