Thursday, 23 September 2010

Toasty Mitts

Morning folks!

As promised, today is Free Tutorial day, for a pair of cosy arm warmers.
For those of you who don't want to read all the pattern bumf, you can scroll down for a scoop of other news at the end :D
My pattern is written using USA terminology so for those who usually follow UK, I hope you can convert it easily. Only the basic stitches are used, SS (slip stitch) SC (single crochet) and DC (double crochet).

I used Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK wool in three shades, on a Number 4 hook to make my warmers, and here's how you can make yours!

'Toasty Mitts' Arm Warmers Pattern

First of all, measure your forearm roughly half way up. Mine measured 24cm and you will need to keep a note of this so that you can create a cuff that fits snug (without being too loose) to this length.

Make Your Cuff: Chain 10 + 1 (11)

Push your hook under the 2nd Ch from the hook and single crochet into each stitch along the row until you reach the end (this is a fiddly bit, yes).

Ch 1 for turning chain, and turn your crochet around to work the next row.

On this row, you are going to crochet a SC into the BACK LOOP of the stitch only.

Here is my hook, going under the back loop to show you:

Do a SC into the back loop of each remaining stitch on the row.
Ch 1, turn your work and continue, SC into the back loop of each stitch.

As your rows grow, you will notice a pretty rib pattern emerging:

When you have crocheted enough rows to meet your arm measurement, you need to join the cuff to form a ring.
Turn your crochet work around so that the rows are vertical when you look at them, and push your hook into the topmost corner stitch at the other end of your crochet work to form a ring:

Join with a SS.

Next, we are going to work around the long edge of the cuff with DC stitches.
These need to be evenly spaced, and if you study your work you will see a space at the top of each rib indentation, and a stitch roughly at the top of each rib protrusion (if that makes sense, oh I hope it does!)

First of all, push your hook under the first stitch on the cuff...

...and Ch3...

DC into the next stitch:
Continue around the long edge of the cuff, until you reach the end of your piece.
(here the hook is showing you roughly where to be looking for your stitch to DC into).

When you reach the last stitch space, DC into it and then join with a SS to the 3rd Ch of the first chain you made.
Fasten off, and tie/add another colour.

Hook under 1st stitch, Ch3, then DC around the row, SS to join into 3rd stitch of first Chain.
(it may be a good idea to have a stitch count, to make sure you are keeping each row the same length).

Work this way until you have approximately 14 rows (feel free to add more if you want them longer though).

Now its time to make the thumb holes:

Now this is where the arm warmers differ slightly, and is the only difference in the pattern that you need to take note of. To keep the seam running inside the glove (ie, palm side) we do our thumb holes in different places on the two gloves.

Hook under 1st stitch, Ch3 and DC around.
When you have 7 stitches left at the end of the row, it is time to create your first thumb hole.
Do 1DC (6 stitches left)
CH 4
Count (and miss out) 4 stitches and DC into the 5th stitch.
DC into the 6th stitch and SS to join to the 3rd stitch of the first chain.

Fasten off, tie in your new colour and as before, hook under 1st stitch, Ch3, then DC all the way around, simply DC into the 4 Chain stitches you used to make the top of the thumb hole as normal.

Hook under 1st stitch, Ch 3 and do 1 DC into next 2 stitches.
Count 4 stitches and Chain 4, DC into the 5th stitch and carry on with 1DC in each stitch until you have completed the round.

Fasten off, tie in your new colour and carry on, as before.

You will need to crochet 3 or 4 more rounds of DC, depending on where you want the arm warmer to finish on your hand. To finish the arm warmer, the last two rows are both SC done into the BACK LOOP of each stitch:

*Attach new colour wool.
Hook under 1st stitch, Ch1
SC into BACK LOOP of each stitch to complete round.
SS to join into the 1st chain you made, fasten off.
Repeat from * for the second round.

You will now need to join together the edges of your cuff - there are a couple of ways to do it:
Turn your arm warmer inside out. You can simply sew the two edges together with the same colour wool, or you can SC them.
To SC the edges, hold the two edges together and push your hook through the two outside loops of each stitch. SC down the edges until you reach the end, finish off.

All that remains to do now is that nasty job of sewing in all the ends - just turn your arm warmers inside out, get a big pile of biscuits and a cuppa (always helps at these crucial mundane moments to have something nice to take our minds off it I think) and get busy.

By now I hope you are posing in your new Arm Warmers and making Happy Noises :D
I also hope the pattern has made sense - I really do, please holler if there are any bits you don't understand or you don't think Ive explained very well, I will email you back with some help.


I don't want to turn this post into War & Peace, so I will just quickly tell you about two other bits of news before I go - the first is very nice - two very kind and thoughtful fellow Bloggers have given my little blog an award! Yes, Two of them!! I couldn't get my hat on to be honest and feel very pleased at being chosen.
This one was given to me by Jessie
...and this one was given to me by Hilde at Quilts & Boxes

Thank you both so much!

I know I'm meant to distribute these awards, but you know me of old - I can't choose to save my life, there are way too many good Blogs to pick from - so I invite each of you, my dear readers, to please take a wee award for yourselves, you each deserve it for stopping by and reading my waffling...I trust you're still haven't gone have you? (although by this point I wouldn't blame you, it's been a lengthy tome hasn't it, what with that pattern!)

I will also endeavour to share some vital bits and pieces with you on my next post, as the rules do state you have to reveal things about yourself...but I think I've gone on quite long enough today!

Although there is one last thing before I go...

I have a new print for you - it's called Bear Hug, and it is a picture with some special meaning for me at the moment. Right now, my Little Egg is experiencing her first taste of nursery...we're off to a shaky start, and this picture is helping to remind her how loved she is, and to reassure her that Mummy will always be there.

I am popping it in my Print Gallery and in my Folksy and Etsy shops (links above), it might just make a lovely wee gift for someone and it costs just £14.00 with free P&P in the UK, and a small shipping charge for overseas.

If you are still reading at this point, can I just say 'Thank You' - and also 'Welcome' to some new followers, its nice of you to drop by!

Have a glowing weekend, sending you steaming mugs of hot tea, apple pie and clotted cream, and a golden September sunset...

Love Julia x x x


  1. Aww bless the little one I hope she settles down soon! No fun for her or Mum when things don't go smoothly.
    Thanks for being so generous with your lovely pattern. :)
    Have a great weekend!
    Vivienne x

  2. Great tutorial. Will try them out for sure. x

  3. I love, love, love your tutorial Julia - I wonder if I could make a pair over the weekend?

    My little one has started nursery too, but I have the opposite - off she goes without even a kiss goodbye, see you later mum - for me this is a toughie, but she's independant and I must let her go.....just a little.

    I love your print and I hope things smooth there way out soon.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina xxx

  4. So kind of you to include the pattern. Bear Hug is very sweet.

  5. I love the Bear Hug print Julia it's so cute. Your little one will settle in soon, stay strong I'm always hear for a chat x
    Love Em x

  6. Thanks for the tutorial Julia can't wait to make some. I have just ordered my print of bear hug, I couldn't resist it is soooo cute.

  7. Oh poor little soul. Isabella was the same when she started nursery, though she loved it while she was there. Each day was a little sad face and tears (and that was just me) then suddenly it stopped. I think you find it is usually only while you are there they are upset. Love those mitts and am determined to have a go soon Julia x

  8. Thanks for the tutorial .... I'll be giving that a go sometime soon.

  9. Hi Julia. Love the mitts and excellent tutorial - I've had a quick scan through it and it looks very 'doable' so I'm definitely going to have a go. Bless you, thank you.

    Utterly well deserved blog awards.

    Hang on in there little egg :-)


  10. All you smug crochet people out there. Just be quiet. I. Can't. Crochet. So please don't rub it in!!! You are clever and I am just very jealous. Love the hand warmers and Bear Hug and congratulations on your awards. Ax

  11. It must be lovely to be given an award for your blog. Mine will never be interesting, funny, exciting, colourful or whatever it is that makes a blog extra-special. Yours is your art of course, and I'm not really feeling sorry for myself, course I'm not. And I do love reading yours. But sometimes, us lesser mortals look at blogs with over a hundred followers, or blogs that get dozens of comments, and wonder why we bother?!

  12. Lovely fingerless mitts! I love your bear hug it's all encompassing and yummy xox

  13. Wonderful tutorial, I have been looking for a nice crochet fingerless gloves pattern, I tried a different one but got stuck! I have bookmarked you and will attemp these. Your latest painting is beautiful, reminds me of my little boy.
    Kandi x

  14. You're so talented your paintings are amazing, I love the bear hug so snuggly. I was going to start the arm warmers tonight but I best finish some other projects first, I hope they turn out as good as yours when I get the time. Knowing me they will be finished just in time for next summer...

  15. Hi Julia,

    Wow, I really must try this tutorial and make me some of those gorgeous toasty mitts!

    Well done on your much deserved award! I truly love to visit you and read your posts!

    The 'Bear Hug' is beautiful. Baby bear loves his nursery time, so luckily no struggles. It also makes me appreciate the days I have with him at home when he is not there. I cannot believe I have to apply for big school for him this year. Where does the time go?

    Have a super weekend

    Love Vanessa xxxxxxx

  16. Thank you for sharing the pattern. Mr Doctor has given me permission to start doing 5-10 minutes crochet a day. I am thrilled! And these will be perfect for a sloooooooow come back with the hook. I can't wait to get to it.

  17. Well done with both awards Julia! Thse mittens are lovely, thanks for the pattern, I hope I get a chance to make some this winter! :o) xx

  18. They are firmly on my todo list!! Lovely!



  20. Hi I am not sure if I have ever commented on here before. I am such a scatterbrain. But really wanted to say what a beautiful picture at the end of your post. And the meaning behind it too is just beautiful. Just love that the colours pop out at you. What a talent you have.

    MBB x

  21. pie...clotted cream...steaming tea...
    Looking forward to trying the mitts, thank you so much for sharing the pattern.

    I'm half way through the 'Handmade Market Place' its brill, thanks for recomending it.

    Hope your little poppet settles soon, bless.

  22. Hello Julia

    Just a quick note to say I featured your pretty mittens at my blog, Postcards From The Coast...

    Vicky :) x

  23. Hello again Julia. Happy to see you at Tangled Happy again today! Sounds like you all are snowed in there right now. I was planning on getting out tonight but then freezing rain showed up. Boo! I agree the snow and frost can be quite beautiful. But just hate the thought of going out in it. Would it be okay if i featured these Toasty Mitts next week? All you projects are so lovely!

  24. Thanks Julia! I will schedule it to post on Tuesday next week. Excited! :)

  25. You are so welcome Julie! Thank you again for letting me share it at Tangled Happy. I really do love your paintings! You are blessed with a wonderful creative gift. So happy I found your blog and can admire your wonderful work. Merry Christmas!

  26. Thank you for this MARVELLOUS pattern - so clear and simple to follow. I've just completed my first pair & can see myself making more!


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