Friday, 17 September 2010

Getting There...

Hello again!

I hope your afternoon is sunny and mild like ours - although I do feel a definate autumnal wistfulness in the air and I've baked something for the first time in weeks - an apple tarte tatin (I seem to succumb to these gorgeous puddings at this time of year). It's cooking in the oven as I write and the syrupy fragrance of those caramelised apples is sending me half demented! :D

Well, as I shared on my last post, the painting is...lets say...getting there.
It is, its a slow one though. There is much musing and deliberating, I am wanting to get it just right you see and over time I have learnt to leave things alone when needs be. Sometimes Time is all it needs to solve a hiccup.

I have chosen some jaunty blue, very cornish inspired stripes for my jug (which is still only half finished - few more layers necessary before Im happy with it yet!)- I can also tell you there are some smooth pebbles and a pretty cup as well as something edible on the sill, and I'll share pictures of those bits with you next time.

I have to confess to missing the sea these last couple of days. I miss the sound of it, the smell of it and just physically being by it. I miss the changing colours of the sea and its many moods of wild and invigorating, to calm and relaxing.

I'm also missing Inspiring Beach Walks, when you find things like this:

Just look at the absolutely wonderous shade of turquoise there! And how the paint has worn away in parts, revealing the colours underneath and the sea soaked bare wood...

I love discovering things like this, they make my heart leap and sing with delight - the colours just beg to be put down on canvas...

And so today, I am consoling myself with these pictures, Iris Murdoch's 'The Sea, The Sea' (a fabulous read) and a soul warming tart...

...shimmering crystal seas...

...and memories of really being there, adventuring and discovering...

To cheer myself up a tad and before I cave in entirely to this wistful feeling, I am going to share a little crochet reveal with you all.
Do you remember the photograph of the piece of crochet on my last post? Of course!! Well, I am pleased to share my very toasty and cosy arm warmers with you, and here they are!

What do you think?! I do hope you like them! I am planning to do a tutorial for you next week, so you can have a go at making your own. These were made in the holiday cottage during the evenings and I think the pattern is fairly simple so most people, even beginners will be able to give them a whirl.
The nice thing about them is that you can wear them stretched all the way up your arm (they come to almost my elbow) or scrunch the cuff down a bit and wear them nearer the wrist.

So, if you would like to know how to make your very own pair, come and visit me next week when I will post a free tutorial for you!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend ~ sending love
Julia x x x


  1. Cor, if only I could get my hands on that wood! Love the armwarmers and the painting - especially the Cornish jug. Lush colours! Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Love the arm warmers! Looking forward to a tutorial :D

  3. I loved those colours when I saw them in your little teaser photo earlier - really very nice indeed! :)

  4. Yum yum and yum. You are so clever Julia.
    Have a great weekend,
    Rachael X

  5. There is something so comforting about baking a nice pud at this time of the year and anything with apples in, well you just can't go my opinion that is.

    Have a fabulous weekend and here's sending you some seaside vibes.

    Nina xxx

  6. I love your arm warmers Julia, really lovely colours!
    Have a great weekend. :)
    Vivienne x

  7. Gorgeous colours in that old boat! Turquoise and red are my favourite colours. Love the wristies. I like the fact they have a bit of rib on them. Can't wait to get the pattern and have a go. x

  8. That's me back next week then! I too am in a hooky kinda mood - must be the change in the weather!

  9. What beautiful colours ! I am busy making granny square crochet hand warmers ad loving it.I plan to post them soon. Look forward to your tutorial for making stripy ones xox

  10. Really excited about a wrist warmers tutorial, I am currently fighting with yarn and hooks in an attempt to make a pair of fingerles gloves and it's driving me nuts!
    Kandi x

  11. I thought I was the only one taking pictures of weather beaten boats and their flakey paint, good to know I am not alone. Can't wait for the tutorial, thanks.

  12. I love the arm warmers.
    Looking forward to having a go at them.
    Can't wait for the pattern.
    Have a great weekend

    Bye for now


  13. yes! i am going to give those wrist warmers a go,cant wait! Also cant wait to see the new painting. Its nearly time here in St. Ives when we can go for a lovely beach walk without crowds! Thats what i shall be doing this weekend!! sorry about that what a tease i am!! x x x x x x

  14. Yes, yes, yes....tutorial please and they are splendid. Love your post today with lots of photos, ideas, your inspiration and talent galore. Thanks!

  15. Those blues are delicious Julia...and I love that distressed look.
    Mmm....can almost smell that tart over here. You are making me crave something sweet with your description!!!
    Gorgeous mittens, looking forward to trying that pattern. I love fingerless gloves/mittens.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Jacky xox

  16. I absolutely love the picture of the boat with the peeled off paint. Gorgeous. And I am super curious to see your pattern on the wrist warmers. They look great!

  17. Those armwarmers look so cosy - I will have a go as long as the pattern is easy enough for " a bear of little brain" when it comes to crochet!!

  18. Hello Julia. Brilliant newletter by the way. am planning a re-read later with a cup of tea to hand. I do feel for you in missing the sea. I am so lucky in Cornwall and am hoping to go out in our little boat later today. Thank you for all your lovely comments about my new statonery range - confess to being rather pleased with them myself! Have a lovey weekend x

  19. Hi Julia - thanks so much for visiting my blog yesterday and for your lovely comment. I've just been having a good old nose around your website, your paintings are truly gorgeous. Also gorgeous is the thought of tarte tatin, it is one of my favourite puddings, I hope it tasted good!!!

    Kate x

  20. Wow the shimmering crystal seas make me want to be there :)

  21. They're lovely!
    I have about 6 pairs of arm warmers now... people are commenting on how frequently I change them, but I'm still inspired to make more!
    Even though summer is around the corner!

  22. Ooooh now, tarte mouth is yummy scrummy.

    Your painting is looking gorgeous...of course, my heart skipped at the mere mention of stripes..and cornish ones too, ahhhhh, dream, dream, sigh, sigh!

    I ♥LOVE♥ the photos of the boats. Hubby and his family are all into their cameras, and it's a competition as to who can get the best boat, sign, gate etc shot! It's amazing how a picture of something you wouldn't think to take could look so lovely! I have been surprised many a time! The colour of the boats is amazing!

    I think your tutorial for the wrist warmers will be very much appreciated! I, for one, will be devouring it! Just what I need for the chillier days!

    Have a super duper week you!

    Love Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. Hi Julia, thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!
    Love to see your tutorial, your wrist/armwarmers are wonderful.
    ~X~ Karin

  24. I agree with you, looking at the flaking colours and wood on that boat is inspiring.

    Love the wristwarmers. Not dissimilar to the colours I chose for mine which were a disaster. Must have another go I guess.

    Hope that tart went down a treat.


  25. Hi Julia, I've given you a blog award over on mine :o) xx

  26. Hi Julia, What a wonderful blog and I'm just in awe of your wonderful artworks and crafts. So bright and cheery. Just off to sign up as a follower!
    X X X jen


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