Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A Northern Affair


How are you? I'm glad you've dropped in, it's so nice to be back and I'm going to tell you a bit about what I've been up includes some crochet news too, but bear with me whilst I share some pics of my holiday to Northumberland with you...

Last week was spent in a little house in Bamburgh, tucked up a small sandy lane which was just across the road from the dunes. The roar of the sea was a constant and delightful presence and I must confess to feeling quite bereft of it now I'm home.

You may remember my first visit to this beautiful part of our world in May, when I fell completely in love with this wild and remote coast. And it was certainly wild last week...

After a torrential downpour and strong winds, the sea was in a fine frenzy and we stood watching the enormous waves in Craster for ages, drenched in salty spray and loving every minute of it!

It was such a heavy and powerful tide, it turned the foamy waves to thick cream which surged into a rocky gorge!

Late afternoon in Seahouses, and a weak September sun peered cautiously through stormy grey clouds, illuminating for a brief moment the lighthouse on Inner Farne.

I have to confess I am drawn to islands and lighthouses. They are beautifully distant and lonely, yet welcoming all at once. I like to watch silent waves crashing onto the faraway cliffs before sinking back into the surging navy black sea again.

I am also drawn to the birds of this coast, we were spoilt with close ups of oyster catchers, arctic terns, sandpipers and redshanks. Although we hoped to visit the Farne Islands, the sea remained unsettled most of the week and the captain of one of the boat trips refused to set sail despite tickets being sold at the little harbour office. He told us he had been a sailor for 45 years and it was too dangerous to take people out. So we didn't get to visit this time, and they remain enchanting and elusive to us...til next time (yes, there will definately be a next time).

By friday afternoon, we were enjoying almost hot sunshine again, and gentle calm seas...

I made use of my little Moleskine to make lots of notes, and a few sketches whilst sitting on the beach...

...and I also made something else. With wool.

I'm sorry to tell you its not a Ta-Dah reveal of the long awaited Popcorn Granny Bag...I naughtily took some New Wool away with me and rustled up something rather exciting during the evenings. Here's a sneaky little peek at what I made:

I'm sure most of you will have an inkling what it might be already, and I will be sharing a pattern and a proper reveal to you very soon.

Now I'm back (and no plans to depart anywhere else for a while) I am looking forward to travelling around blog land and revisiting you all for a good catch up!
For now, a cup of tea is on the cards and a nice heap of biscuits - my Little Egg started her nursery class this morning, and although it was a very positive start (no tears, tantrums or clinging to ankles screaming etc) I am just starting to realise what a momentous thing it all was! So I'm off for a bit of quiet time with a nice new mag to read!

Oooh by the way, I'm having a Giveaway on my Facebook page as I have reached (and amazingly passed) 200 Likers! If you would like to join in the fun I'm announcing the Giveaway on Thursday (16th September) and will draw a winner a week later. All you have to do to take part is 'Like' my page and then pop by tomorrow, or sometime during the following week, to take part!

Thank you to everyone who has signed up for my Mailing List so far - I've been overwhelmed by all the interest and am looking at sending out my second newsletter within the next week or two.
If you haven't signed up yet and would like to, you can click here to find out more! :D

Righty-ho! Im off to have that cuppa - I'll be posting again soon with some pictures of my current painting which I'm most excited about!

Thanks for dropping by, you are always so very welcome to be here!

Love Julia x x x


  1. wawwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

    what a wondefull place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love your pictures! I just love the sea especially when wild! I have no idea what you are crocheting but it looks very nice. I am curious now. Just going to have a look at your paintings. I am on the lookout for beach huts. xx

  3. Hi Julia
    A lovely blog again x Your holiday destination looks beautiful I know how much you love the sea. I love the colours of that wool! I'm glad this morning went well and well done you, it is very overwhelming when they start. Huge hug and enjoy that cuppa. Chat soon.
    Love Em x

  4. oooh great photos, we certainly had some wild and windy weather last week - and today...... did you walk from Craster to Dunstanburgh? that's one of my fave walks.

  5. Lovely pics! I have always fancied Northumbria but not made it there yet.
    Your crochet is intriguing, lovely colours, can't wait to see what it is.

  6. Lovely photos of Northumberland. :)
    Great crochet colours, whatever it might be!!
    Vivienne x

  7. Glorious photos Julia!
    What is it about a wild sea that draws us so?
    Enjoy that cuppa!

  8. I love the pictures of the sea! Thank you so much! (Inspiration! yay!) And the colours of the crocheted thingy look great! ;)

  9. You took me away from my sewing to the waves crashing against the shore, I can almost smell the seaspray. On the North Cornwall coast near which is very rugged - my nearest coastline - the Atlantic sea is stunning in the winter time.
    Jill x

  10. Lovely photographs. I was in Seahouses at the end of August, my first time to the Northumberland coast and it was just beautiful. It was quite calm while we were there, I would have liked to see those foamy seas in your photos.

  11. Lovely inspiring photos Julia. I signed up for your newsletter but haven't heard anything yet. I was a bit worried because you mentioned that you will sending out your second newsletter soon and I haven't received the first! x

  12. Hi Julia ~ glad that you had a lovely holiday ~ we are heading off to Eyemouth to spend the day on Monday and to indulge in some very yummy fish and chips in a lovely little restaurant there. I also wanted to let you know that I received my wonderful Daffodils and Bunting print today and absolutely LOVE it ~ I only wish that I could afford to buy the original painting too ~ maybe one day..............! I can't wait to see the big crochet reveal either, the colours look great together ~ Jackie :O) xxx

  13. Fab pics, makes me want to visit that coast for a change! Good luck to your little one at this new phase in your lives!

  14. PS I didn't know you had a FB page - gonna join mine? Haven't been going long - could do with some more likers! (!/pages/Kirsty-Elson-Designs/120370888012928)

  15. Great photos - looking forward to seeing the crochet. I made my first crochet bag last week - a bit basic but the end result is fine!!

  16. You look like you had a great holiday, lovely pictures, I live by the sea and love it, especially of late with the great winter tides!
    Look forward to some wonderful works of art from your holiday memories.

  17. Wonderful photos!!! and your crochet has really lovely colours!
    Wishes Teje

  18. The colors of the sky in the first few photos are breath taking.

  19. oh craster craster how I miss you!! My heart aches for that little place, I so missed it this year. Hoping to go up there in the spring in our Connievan. Glad you had a wonderful time, and I hope things continue to go smoothly for your Little One at nursery :: exciting times :o)xx

  20. Great post Julia - I love reading your words, it's like a story being told and very uplifting!! I can feel the sea breeze!

    Looks like a marvelous time that you had - amazing photographs too!



  21. I love Islands too - and lighthouses. Your photos capture the power of the sea so well. Lovely. Glad the little one went off OK and glad you didnt tantrum and cling to her ankles!!! xxxxx PS the chilli Jam takes only a moment to make !

  22. I love Islands too - and lighthouses. Your photos capture the power of the sea so well. Lovely. Glad the little one went off OK and glad you didnt tantrum and cling to her ankles!!! xxxxx PS the chilli Jam takes only a moment to make !

  23. It was lovely to see photos of your holiday which brought back memories of our own in that area many years ago. Wild and stormy seas are breathtaking aren't they? I like to hear it gently shushing in and out across gravelly sand, but the crash and spray from a stormy sea is so invigorating, whilst being a bit scary sometimes, reminding us of the power of nature.

  24. Wonderful sea pictures - I love the way you captured the white foaming effects of the waves.

    I also love the picture that arrived from you this week - It's beautiful - and it combines two of my favourite things - the seaside and sewing thread! (Oh no, four things - flowers and bunting too!)Thank you.
    Helen x

  25. Beautiful photos! I am drawn to islands and lighthouses too. I lived on an island for the first ten years of my life :)

  26. What wonderful images and I just love the vibrant colours!!!
    Mmmm...the new crochet project looks very exciting, cant wait to see more.
    Enjoy your quiet cuppa and time to reflect (and visit blogs)...I felt quite nostaligic when my boys began kinder and school.

    Take care and pleased your facebook is such a hit.

    Jacky xox

  27. Hi Julia, just popped across here for the first time from Driftwood. What absolutely fantastic photos! Really makes me want to be just there and to feel the wind and smell the sea!! You have a lovely blog and I shall visit again for sure.

  28. What lovely exciting pictures, it's been a while since I was in that area, must remedy that.

    Good to have you back!


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