Wednesday, 22 March 2017

This Wild Land

(Snow storm over the Holme Valley)

Yesterday saw the arrival of my birthday and some very wintery weather, which was a shock after last week where we enjoyed real warm sun for the first time in months and honestly thought Spring was, at last, here (we ought to have known better, we live up north and Spring never truly shows it's face properly until the end of April).  

We had planned to go on a walk in the Holme Valley, which is about 25 minutes away from my home and despite the plummeting temperatures and random squalls of hail and snow, we decided to give it a go.  

We wrapped up and donned our walking boots, a stark contrast to the t-shirt I was wearing up the moors last week!

It was only a short walk, about four miles thereabouts, but it took longer than we anticipated because most of the pathways had turned into streams following heavy rain.

Those huge Yorkshire skies, vast valleys and bleak hills were a balm to the soul.

And when we weren't leaping through water logged fields, we were in woodland discovering hidden waterfalls...

...and then, we were back out into the open...

When I walk, it gives me a space to empty my mind and really relax.  I love being high up, away from the noise of the traffic with only the sky and the hills and the birds for company.  This walk was particularly spectacular in that we could see the ever changing weather fronts barging in over the Peninnes at us. It was breathtaking!

I also find myself getting ideas for new work when I'm out in the elements so as well as keeping me fitter (which was one of my goals for this year) it is also proving to be the source of new inspiration.

Back in the studio...I'm busy working on a special commission for a private customer and this will take up the rest of March as it's quite a big one!  I have plenty of new ideas on the back burner which I am going to look forward to getting busy with once it's finished, and I'm also looking forward to completing the Godrevy Lighthouse piece you might remember me sharing with you last time.

(a glimpse of the sea on the new Godrevy painting)

The effect of the acrylic paint on this gesso board is really lovely, I am very happy with the different, smoother texture that I'm getting, and the way the white of the gesso seems to shine through the paint.
  I have also practised working in a looser style with the sea, and am pleased with how it's coming along, enjoying the difference of these fluid strokes in comparison to the more detailed flower pieces I've been doing.
Anyway, time for a quick cuppa and then back to it.

Enjoy your day, thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love the effect of the sea you've created in that close up from the Godrevy painting! I'm looking forward to seeing the whole painting when you've finished. Congrats on getting your bluebell picture published! It has such beautiful light, I'll look out for it in Whistlefish next time I'm there in the summer.xx

  2. Just stumbled into your blog and feel it would be rude not to wish you a belated 'Happy birthday'. Wonderful skies.


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