Friday 20 December 2013

The Giveaway Post!

I'm very pleased to announce a Giveaway today, it's to celebrate reaching over 5000 Likes on my Facebook Page
To say a huge thank you to all of you who support my art, and who like what I do, I've decided to offer TWO artist proof prints to you. 
These artist proofs are professionally printed images of Moon Fishing and Dream Haven.  They are printed onto high quality Hahnemuhle fine art paper courtesy of the wonderful Studio 61 Gallery printing department.
If you've headed over to my Blog from Facebook - a big warm welcome to you - while you're here you can choose to follow my Blog if you like by connecting with Bloglovin or by email, both of which you can click on in the sidebar here.  To my regular Blog readers, you are also very welcome to take part and all you need to do is leave me a comment under this post.
The Giveaway is open as of now - and it will remain open over the Christmas holidays to give everyone a chance to enter.  I will do the draw week commencing the 6th January, and announce the winner here.  Facebook friends will be directed back to this page to see if they're one of the lucky ones!
In case you're wondering why I'm hosting the giveaway here, and not simply on Facebook, well - I've read a lot of articles this last day or so about the protocol of hosting such a thing on ones page, and it does seem that there are some rather complex rules and regulations to adhere to.  So, in order not to offend or unwittingly make a mistake, I figured the simplest thing would be to share about it here.
Good luck to all of you who take part, and thank you once again for your amazing support, I'm in deep gratitude to all of you for making it possible for me to call this painting malarkey my job.
Merry Christmas to all of you, I'll be back in the new year to find a winner and share more of my work with you *exciting new things are on the cards too!*
Julia x
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