Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Some Happy Times

Half term has been and gone, and I took the opportunity to lay down the paint brushes and have some heavenly time out.  Above is a mosaic, capturing some snapshots of that delicious week.  First off, a trip the seaside with my sister and her family; we went to the Norfolk coast and took a long walk on the sea front breathing in the deep gulps of tangy salted air.  The sea was like a mill pond, as calm as you like and dark silhouettes were framed on the shore line as folks walked their dogs, stark against the milky blue sea.

In the park, the aconites were a bright carpet of yellow and a cheery sight for a winter weary soul...there was also time indoors, leisurely breakfasts, time spent baking with my little girl and the acquisition of some new, shiny tins to put our freshly iced fairy buns in.  There were lots of sofa moments too where we just collapsed in front of the telly, where I crocheted or sipped hot, frothy coffee in my pyjamas.

I think we all need time out like this, time away from the computer, from work, from our commitments.  It's a chance to recharge, reflect and relax.  It was bliss.

Back to work though this week - paintings for the exhibition continue to emerge and I'm on with this one at the moment:

And I'm also on with some of these...

These Easter hearts have been a nice little diversion for me, and I continue to sneak the odd one in here and there between my more Serious Paintings.  I am currently offering these through my Facebook Page, so if you are interested in acquiring one for yourself, you are welcome to message me although I must hasten to add that they are very Limited Edition due to time constraints and so only a very small number will be made.

I have some extra time on my hands today, my little girl is at an after school craft club so I'm away now to take advantage of this extra hour, and get busy with my paint brushes again.

See you soon x


  1. I love the little hearts, especially the one with the bunny but I was too late! Are you planning on doing any painting with bunnies?

  2. Hello Wendy, I'm sorry you missed out on the one you liked - however, I am hoping to be able to squeeze a few more Easter hearts in before Easter, and I'll be sharing these on my Facebook page. As for paintings with rabbits, it's something that I might look at doing yes, once I've got all my exhibition work out of the way! :) Thank you so much for your comment and kind words, love J x x x

  3. Hi Julia! I'm happy to hear that have more relaxing time and enjoyed it with your girls! I love your hearts - especially with hens! Have a lovely time - hopefully it's almost spring there! x Teje

  4. Hi Julia. A lovely post as usual :-)
    I'll have to ask darling daughter to open her facebook
    page tomorrow so I can hopefully order one of your
    lovely hearts ♥ x

  5. Those hearts are lovely and that hen so cute. Happy Easter. :)


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