Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Lazy Days

Did you have a nice Easter?

We decided that we would have a rather lazy time of it following on from the somewhat hectic week before! How nice it was to get up on the weekend and bake a pretty scrumptious 'chocca mocca' Easter cake with the Little One (decorated by her good self too) and then wander outside to plant some new seeds. The sun shone on us and we took a break for snacks and juice on the riverside bench, just the tonic after a good spot of gardening!

On Sunday, we got up slightly later than usual (8am - its a real lie in for us nowadays!) and drifted downstairs to discover the Easter Bunny had been and delivered a bounty of chocolate eggs along with a small fluffy version of himself! Needless to say, our Little One was delighted beyond words and proceeded to eat chocolate for breakfast (ah, just this once - as long as you have your orange juice - you need some vitamin C you know...!).
We enjoyed toasted hot cross buns dripping with rather too much butter and big mugs of coffee and agreed that it was a very pleasant way to begin the day indeed!

Having decided to avoid the coast (for two reasons - pretty chilly temperatures had been forcast, and we couldn't be faffed with the queues) we got a picnic ready, picked up my folks and headed off to Baslow.
A nice brisk walk was in order, and although it was bitterly cold the sun shone regardless.

Our walk eventually took us through the grounds of Chatsworth House, it's very beautiful there and one of our favourite places to visit.

Whilst walking along a splendid thing happened. A little covered trailer which was decorated with streamers and Easter bunting etc, had just dispensed the Easter Bunny from a crowd of cheering children on to the ground. The bunny waved and jumped about as the trailer was driven slowly away and our Little Daughter stood transfixed on the edge of the grass watching in wonderment.
And then a Magical Thing occured.

The Easter Bunny turned around and waved at our Little Daughter who waved back furiously...and then, he beckoned her over...

...under a large old oak tree, the Easter Bunny crouched down and gave our Little Daughter a pink packet of foil wrapped eggs, and a cuddle. It was one of those very special moments that none of us will forget for a long time to come.

Driving home, the landscape away to the Pennines was bright and blue, full of scudding clouds that added to the drama of the scenery. You might just see that the hills in the distance are topped with a dusting of snow, to give some idea how very cold it was this weekend!

And so moving on to other things, our Little Daughter wasn't the only one to receive goodies this weekend...! On Saturday, our dear Postie brought an interesting looking parcel for me which I opened to find this inside:

I was very, very lucky to win a give away recently, held by Vivienne at Green Rabbit Designs.
Vivienne makes the most beautiful bags and corsages from her home in Ireland and her blog is really worth a visit, do please go and see her gorgeous work if you haven't before!

And so I held a wonderful package, wrapped in green tissue and gingham ribbon, complete with a cheery card...

...and what's this inside...?
...a surprise package! I wonder what could be in here? Ah, I needn't wonder for too long - little helping hands are at the ready!

Oh yummy!!! Our favourites!!! :D

...and double yummy!!! Would you look at that delicious hand knitted bag!!! It's the most scrumptious colour and the inside is lined with a beautiful contrasting fabric, the stitching is exquisite too!

Aren't I just so over the moon happy?
Yes I am.
I cannot wait to parade this about. Already it is being filled with Life's Essentials so it is ready for it's first outing. Thank you so very, very much Vivienne! :)

On the art front...yes, it's been a tad quiet on there of late due to one thing or another. However, sketches keep occuring at randomly snatched moments and I have a couple of pieces of work I'm itching to get started on. Due to Other Half's Work Stuff I've not had a lot of time to spend on my painting so I'm sure you will understand that I'm climbing the walls with mild frustration - I do need my fix!! Painting, for me you see, is as necessary as breathing, but a little doodling in the sketch book is better than nothing and keeps things gently ticking over...

Until next time...I send you a jam jar of anenomes and narcissi,
a slice of your favourite cake and much love! Thanks for coming to visit me ~ I'm so glad you did!

Julia x


  1. Baslow is lovely, but can can very busy!!! Your walk sounded lovely. xxxxx

  2. Lovely uplifting photos julia and a blue sky too! It is fairly mild here today but grey and overcast. The Easter bunny story is wonderful. I bet your little one will treasure that memory for a long time. x

  3. Lovely images and a happy story!
    the bag you won is gorgeous:0)
    Your comment about painting being as necessary as breathing made me smile because my Mum is a lifelong painter,if I leave her to sit in the car for ten minutes she will sketch something!
    Jacquie x

  4. Sounds like the perfect Easter weekend. We didn't meet the Easter Bunny but spotted his friend, Peter Rabbit, in York!

  5. What a special walk...I'd love to have seen your happy daughter's little face...a picture you'll remember for a long time I expect!!
    Take care

  6. Thank you, Julia, for such a wonderful visit!
    Oh, what a magical moment with the easter Bunnykins!
    And your bag is simply delicious...
    I hope you get more painting time... We NEED you to have more Painting time!!!
    Sending you sunshine from Cyprus,

  7. What a lovely Easter, full of good surprises. Elaine

  8. Awe Julia thank so much for your lovely kind words, I really appreciate it! I'm so glad my little bag went to such a lovely home.
    As always your blog is a joy to read. You seem to have had a great Easter. The story of your little girl and the Easter Bunny is so beautiful! :)
    Hope you get back to your paints really soon.
    Take care,
    love Vivienne x

  9. What a lovely post and beautiful photos! Hope you get time to paint again soon! x

  10. Sounds like such a perfect weekend! Your photos are lovely. I love, love, love the bag...very envious! LOL!! Cx

  11. love your bag - glad you all had agreat time with the Easter bunny

  12. Oh I bet your little one was over the moon. How magical. You really do write beautifully Julia. I love to read your blog and it always has such beautiful pictures.
    Love the new painting and thankyou so much for the cake and flowers.
    Love to you all
    Rachael xx

  13. What a fab post. That bag is just lovely and that story about your little ones encounter with the Easter Bunny made me really smile! You should do a painting of that encounter to keep it in your memory forever more.

    OOhh and that last piccy of your painting reminds me of my little man with his curly red hair - so sweet.

  14. Hello again,
    looks like you had a very relaxing weekend hoping to do some of that this weekend.

  15. How lovely that in these days when there is so much suspicion about concerning strange adults and children, that the Easter Bunny still manages to delight.

  16. A precious Easter memory for sure for your little one and yourselves.

    Looove your pink knitted bag, I will definately check out that blog...thank you for the link.

    Your new painting is very sweet, lovt it.

    Thanks for the flowers etc.

    Jacky xox

  17. Congratulations on your giveaway win! That bag is gorgeous, I really love that colour. I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to pop over to my blog, it ends tomorrow though so I do hope I haven't told you too late.xx

  18. Sounds like you had a fantastic time, and it was lovely looking at your photo's.

  19. beautiful grounds at chatsworth house...wowza what a wonderful/stunning view! ;0)
    gorrrgeous piccys you have taken.
    lovely easter treats and treasures.
    i am a great fan of your art work! and beautiful blog ;0)xxxx

  20. oh dear after looking at your blog I really want some chocolate.

  21. oh dear after looking at your blog I now want chocolate !

  22. OOOh Julia...i just love that hot pink knitted bag! it's terrific!

    thanks for coming by!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina was here


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