Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Eating Good Food All The Time (and losing weight)

Hello there!

I want to chat to you about food.

I don't know about you, but I seem to be in a very positive state of mind at the beginning of a new year.  Right now my body is recovering from a rather heavy dose of rich food ~ which was highly enjoyable but never-the-less, not really what makes it tick.

So I wanted to share a way of eating that me and my little family have been following since the end of October, with great all round results for both health and well being, not to mention weight.

I stumbled upon the low GL (which stands for Glycaemic Load and sounds very sciency but is actually very easy) way of eating after reading about it online, and it sounded good, like something I could'll see why.

The most interesting, and nicest thing about the low GL way of eating is that you get to eat every 2-3 hours...honest. This sounded like Manna From Heaven to someone who has struggled with various diet fads over the years, hating the gaps between meals and feeling like giving up after the first day at it because the hunger pangs were too much to bear.

So, since October I've dropped 11 pounds without really trying.  And I've been eating real butter, good oils, chocolate, desserts and drinking the odd glass of wine.  I kid you not.


Here's the book I've been using - you can find it here.

The best thing is, it's not really a diet, it's just a really simple, good way of eating that suits the whole family.

And simple is what I'm after this year, oh yes - I've taken a real good look at my little world and discovered just how cluttered and messy it is, and I've discovered that cluttering makes me feel heavy - not good.

Here is a simple little Low GL dinner we had last night:  Smoked salmon spaghetti with lemon and peas...

I've adapted this meal from a recipe in the book (as I didn't have all the ingredients) and it's got double cream in it, parmesan and freshly grated lemon zest. Finish up with ground black pepper and some parsley, it's very good.


Now I suppose you might be thinking...hang on, isn't this blog meant to be about art and stuff? What's she waffling on about food for?

Good question.

I've decided to make this blog of mine a little fuller, a little's going to feature all sorts of things, stuff from my little world that I think you might like, things I found that have worked for me that might just work for you, my dear readers.

I'm still going to share peeks of my sketchbook with you, my paintings as they unfold - the ones that work out (and the ones that don't)!
I'm going to write about how I journey through the busyness of being a Mum and an artist with a little I try and make that work, the highs and the lows, the successes and the cock-ups.  

I'm going to share my travels and discoveries here, I'm also going to feature other artists and craftspeople's work whom I think you would like to see.

I do hope you will still enjoy visiting me ~ why not get in touch if you have an idea for a subject you would like to see here?  I love hearing from you, and good ideas are always welcome.

I'll see you soon, have a beautiful day,

Julia x x x


  1. Hi Julia, the low GI way of eating is what I am on now...after Christmas..'cos I really have to lose weight and it does work and I feel a lot healthier after only a few days! to hear more from you re this subject. Thanks.

  2. Yum yum that looks really scrummy. Must try it.
    A x

  3. I am intrigued. That supper sounds right up my street. So does chocolate pud and wine. I need to say goodbye to a few new bulges which have appeared over the last few weeks so maybe this will be the way...
    Am loooking forward to reading your new multi-subject posts this year. Ax

  4. That all sounds good to me Julia. I am feeling over-full after all the rich foods and have just eaten a huge bowl of soup full of veggies and nuts...yum. Love the sound of your blog though I always felt you included your life anyway which is why I love it so much! x

  5. The 'real butter' and 'a glass of wine' got my attention. I need to loose 10 pounds. Christmas is just so magical, but theres never a quick spell to make that fat around my middle disappear.....x

  6. Love it,like going to a friends for a chat! Although I eat a little fish(not shell fish) I don't eat meat,would this be a good eating plan for me? Happy New Year to you, thank you for visiting and leaving some love last week,Julie x

  7. Just a few tweaks to a diet can make all the difference thanks for sharing.
    I love a blog that has all sorts to offer will look forward to future posts.

    Jo x

  8. Your blog is always inspiring and I think you should write about anything you like, because it's bound to be interesting seen through your eyes, so to speak! As you say,even an artist's blog doesn't have to be about work all the time - and you will bring your artist's take on every thing, maybe without realising it. Have a wonderful creative and happy year in 2011. Helen x

  9. Food for thought there Julia -lol. We are what we eat, that's for sure! Looking forward to your renovated blog too. x Jo

  10. I've just had a very virtous root veg salad for my lunch - it was delicious and just what I needed after the Christmas excesses!
    The salmon looks delicious!

  11. I love blogs that are about EVERYTHING so i'll look forward to your writing. I like the look of the pasta, we do the Jamie Oliver one that has ham in it, so this looks like a brilliant variation - I love meal ideas! xxx

  12. Oh Julia that sounds so exciting!I shall look forward to visiting here very much! :) xx

  13. mmm that looks delicious, and how amazing that it's virtuous too xxx

  14. Great idea to make your blog more about you as a whole. yummy that GL dinner looks fab, I am a great fan of grazing and it is how my body works best anyway so may have to look that up.

  15. Well, I think it's great that we are going to have more of you in your posts, more of what makes you tick, what fills your time, pleases you and displeases you too perhaps!
    As for this low GL diet... I have to eat every two to three hours anyway for medical reasons, but only take in a low amount of carbs between meals, maybe a sweet biscuit or cream cracker. I never eat butter or cream, or anything rich like that as it just isn't good for me and my poor digestive system. But I haven't lost weight, again because I am fighting against strong meds and health issues, so well done you. I won't ever lose weight again, unless I am taken ill! It's something I have to live with, not nice but there you go. Life isn't always nice is it?

  16. Hello Julia! That dinner looks good! I need a change for my eating habits...but it's so so difficult (coffee and applecake is waiting)!
    I like to learn more of your 'diet' and I like to read what ever you feel to write! It's always enjoy to visit you!
    xxx Teje
    Ps. I have sent some Energy today!

  17. must be about the only diet i haven't tried but just popped over to amazon and have read the first couple of dozen pages then ordered the book!! well £4 it's worth a go especially as it says I can eat small amounts of green and black choc!! Thanks

  18. it sounds good, wonder if it works for vegetarians too?
    i tend to eat 5 small snackish meals rather than 3 big ones anyway and i have never had problems with my weight. but i do get periods of very low energy. i am always aneamic, even when my doctor bullied me into eating (free range) chicken and fish a few years back, it made no difference so i returned to my vege diet. i just don't absorb iron and have to continue with the rotten (painful) injections. i'm just wondering if this diet might help, it may not sort out the iron deficiency, but it might just boost my energy levels, i think i will give it a go. also chocs are iron rich aren't they? ;o)

    bon appetit



  19. p.s.

    i am looking forward to seeing more little tit-bits from your world

  20. That all sounds like a good plan! We generally eat well but obviously over Christmas that goes out of the window, so making a few adjustments won't hurt.

  21. hi

    thank you so much for popping over my place to tell me about the veggie recipes. i will definitely buy the book and give it a try

    hugs xxx


  22. actually, i have just followed your link and bought it...yay! am looking forward to it arriving in the post :o)

  23. Sounds like a good idea to me. Looking forward to reading your posts x

  24. I love the way that a lot of blogs adapt more into the writers life rather than the intended reason for starting the blog!

    Looking forward to reading more.

    Vanessa x

  25. Oooo very exciting! I suppose a mars bar or coke every 2-3 hours when I am at work isn't very healthy, so I look forward to reading.

    Food should be about pleasure and goodness...

    Its going to be a very interesting 2011 at yours!


  26. I love the idea of you expanding your blog, not that I don't like your current blog. :) Interested in learning about GL too, sounds good.

  27. Hi, Julia, I'm presenting you with 'The Versatile Blogger' award! I really like reading your blog and I'm curious to learn some new facts about you!

    You can find the facts about the award here:

    Wishing you the loveliest of days,

    Mojca XXXX.

  28. That looks delicious! Low GL how is that different to Low GI?? I'm curious now, will have to check out that book...any diet that includes wine and chocolate is right up my alley :-)

  29. Good that you have found a way of eating that suits you and your family Julia. I tend to eat smaller portions of food and walk more and that helps to keep me in shape!x

  30. Hi, Julia,

    I'm so glad you appreciate the award! To answer your question, yes, I used to spend every summer in Britain during my university and 'pre-children' years. I had many pen friends and I spent some time with one of them in 1988 and then in 1990 I stayed as an au-pair with a lovely family in the south-east. We became good friends so I spent every summer with them (even after I'd got married, I have a very understanding husband!) until the year 2001 when I had my first child. After that I only spent a long weekend in London three years ago but I'm definitely planning on coming back. I would really like my two children to see the place of my dreams! I'll keep you posted...

  31. Hello Julia
    I am so glad the GL diet is working for you and is practical for your family, I am a Dietitian, like Nigel Denby who wrote the GL book and am a strong advocate of it. Keep up the long term sustainable GL way of eating xox Also, looking forward to hearing about all different aspects of your life too, it's your on-line journal of whatever you want to share xox

  32. I'm defintely going to investigate further thanks for sharing and well done on the 11lbs!


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