Friday, 7 January 2011

Artisan Feature: Meet Jenny Arnott

Hello there!

Today is a bit of a special day in that this little old blog is hosting it's very first Artisan feature! 
I am so pleased to be able to introduce Jenny Arnott to you all, her work really rocks my boat and is both fresh and inspiring.  Take a look...

Jenny Arnott is a designer maker who is based in the beautiful Somerset countryside.  She creates bright and beautiful textile art and accessories ranging from cushions and bags to badges and buttons.

As a child, Jenny loved to create, paint and draw and she went on to study her degree at the Winchester School of Art.  It was during her time there that she discovered her love of textiles and fabrics and developed a great interest in traditional screen printing methods.  A few years ago she began to experiment with embroidery and the stitched line, and this was to become the turning point from which a whole new collection of distinctive accessories were developed.

Beach Hut Cushion

Jenny's work has a charming illustrative quality to it, and features freestyle embroidery and applique work which gives an almost hand drawn effect.  She uses a wide collection of colourful and pretty fabrics, from gingham and florals to polka dots and stripes.  There is a strong attention to detail which is very evident in all her pieces.

'Flowers' Bag

Jenny has recently created some brand new textile gifts, including badges, magnets and lavender bags...

Cupcake Lavender Bags

...and also has a great stationery and print range!

Greetings cards

Like most artists, Jenny finds her inspiration from many sources such as vintage china, the seaside, flowers, fairground rides and old red buses to mention but a few!  With such a diverse subject matter to work with, Jenny's collection is constantly fresh and contemporary.

Garden Button Collection

You can discover more of Jenny's work at both her website and her Not on the High Street shop.


I really hope you have enjoyed this feature as much as I have.  I'm going to be hosting these Artisan Feature slots on my blog from now on (albeit somewhat randomly), and will be constantly on the look out for inspiring people and makes to share.  If you know of anyone you think would make a good feature, or indeed if you feel you would like to showcase your own art or craft business then why not get in touch with me ~ I'd love to hear from you!

'Til next time, have a great weekend.

Julia x


  1. Love the idea of your new feature! So many talented people to choose from as well! Love Jenny's stuff, I have one of her Christmas badges and can't bear to take it off my coat yet!

  2. Wonderful crafts, such colour and especially welcomed this morning, dark as night almost, heavy rain and sleet and snow mixed in together and really cold. I shall certainly visit her website and like the previous commentor, love this idea of yours, of featuring other crafty folk.

  3. Great idea. Jenny's work is lovely. Will check out her website too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello all of you!
    I'm really pleased that this idea has started to receive such great feedback already, Im delighted you have enjoyed the feature, thank you for your comments here, they are always appreciated!

    Have a great day, wherever you are in the world!

    Julia x x x

  5. Love it. Thank you for the introduction! Am looking forward to the next artisan... Ax

  6. Ooh it's so lovely to hear people say nice things about my work:) thanks once aagin for featuring me Julia! Jenny xxx

  7. Thank you so much for the tip! Jenny's work is simply beautiful. Very appreciated!

  8. Pati from London7 January 2011 at 13:30

    That's a nice feature and an interesting idea for future features. Jenny's website is also lovely. Thanks for bringing these artits to our attention. x Pati

  9. Hurrah, I love Jenny's work too! It always makes me feel so cheery even on rubbishy days like today. Great new blog feature Julia - Kirsty at the top of comments would be a good one to do as her stuff is lovely too x

  10. Funny you should mention that Pipany... :D

  11. Hello Julia! How nice to meet like this wonderful new creative people! Really lovely idea!
    Have a great time! Teje

  12. Jenny's work is really lovely. many thanks for the introduction.

    gosh it's been raining cats and dogs in somerset these past 2 days.
    wishing you a lovely evening whatever the weather xxx



  13. What a good idea!! These are fabulous things. xxxx

  14. Very interesting Julia. I am always interested in where artists get their inspiration from! x

  15. Oh they are gorgeous, what a wonderful post Julia. I was talking with a friend today about your art, she too is an artist :)

  16. Leading me astray wicked woman....!

    A clever lady indeed, and a lovely idea from you.


  17. What a lovely post! I love Jenny's work, it's so fresh and colourful. It's a great idea to sometimes showcase other artist's work - I have found several lovely new (to me) artists through blogging (yourself included!) Have a great weekend. Helen x

  18. Hi Julia, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I'm so glad you want to follow it :-) I look forward to following you!

  19. Wonderful.... love finding new artisans and Jenny's work is lovely! Love those bags!!!

    Jacky xox


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