Sunday, 9 January 2011

A Great Escape

On Saturday, I escaped.

I went up to Cumbria, to the Lake District for the day with my other half who had a job to do in Kendal.  It seemed terribly frivolous, leaving the Little One to stay with her Grandparents, abandoning the daily routine, laundry, chores (all the normal stuff), to head off to the great hills and peaks.  It took a good hour or so before I could begin to enjoy the journey becaue it's not very often that I take off without planning or warning you see, I'm a gal who likes to be organised! But on Saturday I discovered that deep down I'm still a gal who loves spontaneity and adventure!

So we journeyed up country, and as you get further north leaving the industrial towns and cities behind you - something magical happens to the landscape.

It starts to undulate, become rounded, greener, richer looking (yes, even in the winter).  The sky was bright blue, the sun rose higher and in the distance, unmistakable in their timeless majesty stood the snowy peaks of the Lakeland hills.  It was breathtaking, so very beautiful - unspoilt, untouched.

Once we arrived at Kendal, I found the station and took a little train to Windermere...there is something very exciting about jumping on a train I think, it signifies escape and adventurous happenings.

Dark clouds were accumulating as I made my way down to the lakeside, so that treasure of a view I saw of the bright white peaks against that cerulean blue sky never made it onto camera.
But it still looked impressive non the less, in its brooding winter colour palette of white, grey-blue, russet and charcoal.

Lake District Love (on the side of one of the wooden huts by the waters edge)

Being in or by nature, and away from it all is sometimes a necessary tonic, especially when your Mojo (read inspiration) has taken a hike some place and you have no enthusiasm to create anything.  It could be because it's been a long time since I really painted anything what with Christmas, being busy with orders and a happens sometimes, when life has been full of other things.

Those big views and huge mountain peaks helped something settle inside though, that part of me that had been feeling frustrated about the lost enthusiasm, the missing inspiration.  I knew in a second that when the time was right it would all come back.  Then I was able to relax.

On the train travelling back to Kendal, I found myself taking out my little Moleskine - I found myself writing things down and I smiled.  The Mojo was returning.  All it had needed was a little rest, a little break - just space to breathe and gather itself together again.

And as the train rattled east, the clouds cleared, revealing snow topped peaks against that bright blue can just make them out in the distance if you look.  I suppose it's a metaphor...if we just let things be without the worry and anxiety, it all comes clear again...eventually.

I'm looking forward so much to sharing some new work with you over the next few weeks.  If you've popped by today, thank you so much for reading ~ it's always a pleasure to have your company.

I'd love to hear what you do when your Mojo leaves do you deal with the frustrating bits, when the creative well runs dry and nothing seems to work?

Will you let me know? You know I'd love to hear from you :)

Sending love
Have a great day
Julia x 


  1. Sounds like you had the most lovely tranquil, relaxing day with your thoughts and that was obviously just what was needed! glad to hear the mojo has returned :) xxx

  2. Oooh. I am green with envy. A little solo train ride and some time. Lucky lucky you. And how very rewarding that after a bit of guilt you managed to settle into the whole thing AND get your inspiration back. Hooray! Can't wait to see what you've been encouraged to do. Ax

  3. what a heavenly day out, a real treat xxx

  4. Sounds like the perfect tonic for you. I love train journeys in the open countryside. They are particularly enjoyable when you haven't got a meeting to rush to.

    How do I get my mojo back. Often its to do something for myself that seems frivolous and to be wasting precious creative time - a trip to the hairdressers, window shop around a gorgeous town, sitting with friends, go to a museum. Anything that my inner nag thinks I shouldn't be doing but actually is exactly what I should be doing. Getting away.

  5. When my mojo leaves town I just let it be these days. I think if I force creativity then nothing happens. I read something interesting recently which asked 'do you want to be more creative or more productive?' I think my answer was the latter. I am now spending more time on creative processes raher than always having to produce an end result. I think your train journey looks wonderful. I love the rhythm of a train travelling along. The journey is sometimes better than the destination! x

  6. Thank you for your ideas - so far they're sounding great! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    J x

  7. When my mojo leaves town - I read blogs for inspiration - you ladies work wonders for me. xxxx

  8. What a great way to spend a day! I must remember to do this more often. Am not that creative myself, but trying to discover it gradually and days like these will certainly help. Thanks for sharing, Julia. Can't wait to see what the Mojo brings you.

  9. What a lovely day you had soaking up the environment, having some me time in a tranquil and beautiful place. Sometimes we just need to be still in the hustle and bustle of life.
    I try to make time to be still, without doing anything for a period of time. I just let everything settle around me. It can be just sitting outside (weather permitting) with a hot drink or just closing my eyes for 10 minutes. It works wonders for me. If you have time, take a look at Tina's blog "Rubies' Place", I think you will enjoy what she has to say. She is from downunder too.
    Happy creating and resting,
    Anne xx

  10. thank you so much for sharing your lovely escape with us :o)

    wishing you a lovely week xxx


  11. What a lovely day you had!

    When my mojo leaves town,or I just need to get things back into perspective, I go somewhere where I can appreciate the beautiful world God has made - the sea, the mountains, or just the starry sky at night. I sit and look and just let myself be, and let it all go...and somehow I feel at peace again and the world seems right :)

  12. I love the Lakes. We go every year and after seeing your post - I think a trip is due very soon. But, what? Without children? Wowza now I am green with envy! Glad your mojo is returning. x

  13. I am sitting at the kitchen table surrounded with cuttings from old magazines, pictures etc, I feel inspired and fopcused now ! Great post, thats my old neck of the woods, i really do still miss it so :)

  14. How wonderful to escape and to Windermere of all places. I love The Lake District and you described it beautifully. As for my mojo when it goes it goes I just have to wait, but then always comes back.
    Jo x
    ps I enjoyed your post about eating the GI way so I've posted about my morning muesli and will link to your blog if that is ok.

  15. Hi Julia,
    I love the Lakes, and we have had several holidays there, including our honeymoon over thirty years ago. I lived in Lancashire for a time, so a day out spontaneously, was always heading North to the hills and lakes, which always, always lift your spirits. Now the journey is too much for me, but thankfully photographs, travel journals I kept and books help keep the memories alive.
    My writing mojo left me a couple of years ago. I fought against it, having written fiction for so long. But now I accept that the ideas for new stories have left, that is a phase of my life that is over and it's time to move on and explore, and not worry about it, it's just me, evolving, changing directions, adding something new to the mix. Exciting if you stop fretting about what's gone.

  16. Thanks for popping by Julia I have just finished my post on a GI breakfast.
    Jo x

  17. Thanks for popping by Julia I have just posted about my GI breakfast.

    Jo x

  18. I'm not sure I still have a mojo LOL! It seems so long since I did ANYthing.
    Love the snap of the lakes,with the 'pier', is that Ullswater?
    The GI/GL way of eating is SO sensible when you think about it, sort of mimicking how we were designed to function...foraging!
    Going back to the Pics of Northumberland, are those poppies actually there or 'added'? Nontheless, it's a lovely scene, next to Roses, poppies are my favourites,well, all flowers really!

    Belated 2011 greetings for a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead.

    Sandie xx

  19. Sandie

    I have to tell you those poppies were actually there - I know, they look superimposed or something like that when you see them on the pictures, in real life I could hardly believe what I was looking at, they were stunning!
    Thanks for dropping by!

    Thanks also to all of you for visiting and leaving me such great comments to read, especially about how you mend your mojo!

    Julia x x x

  20. Well my mojo left to. The holidays and being so busy. I too am an artist and designer. So I have been cleaning and organizing all week. I find when I clean my studio I feel so much better... I spend so much time looking for things it gets frustrating. So Today I start...painting. Right after I finish blogging.

  21. Hi Julia, I enjoy reading your blog but don't usually comment so I am just breaking my habit and saying hello now! How good to enjoy your "Great Escape" without having to dig a very deep hole! I am very lucky that my jewellery making/crafts are my paid hobby and they are the way I wind down from my busy professional life working for the NHS- so my creativity is my relaxation.
    Have a creative week, with mojo restored! Jane

  22. Hello Jane - thanks for dropping in and saying Hi! It was good to read about your relaxation method - I used to work for the NHS many moons ago myself and always relished my sketchbook as a way to unwind!

    Have a great week
    Love Julia x

  23. Hello Julia! Thank you for taking us with you to this lovely trip! There is some magic with the trains, perhaps it's the railways how they are continual!
    Beautiful place you visited!
    I think I find my lost inspiration by taking a new material (I mean material I didn't use for a while).
    Have a lovely day! Teje

  24. Lovely photos of the Lakes - some of my best days out have been spent round Keswick. I never worry if my mojo goes (like it did for the last month!). It always comes back. Its as if my brain needs a rest from creating and crafting. Now I feel rejuvinated and ready to go into overdrive again. So, patience - it will be fine!!!

  25. Hi Julia,

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. You completely transported me away too and it was beautiful!

    Do you know I was trying to think what I did when I lose my Mojo...but I actually think I have the opposite problem. I seem to be so fired up all the time, wanting to make, create, try, and taste, I get terribly frustrated that I lack the time and energy to do it. When all the day to day duties of mum, wife, sister, daughter, friend are done there is not so much time to concentrate on any guilty crafty pleasure. I have learnt though, when I feel like this, to take a step back, stop for a while and remember to appreciate the small things that give you pleasure. I dip into 'Froth on the Cappuccino' a HUGE amount. Just a page here and there can calm me, make me happy and make me appreciate things much more.

    It's lovely to be back in Bloggy land and catching up with all your recent posts. REALLY looking forward to reading you in 2011!

    Much love

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  26. Hi Julia, when my 'mojo' goes I look at my exhibiton catalogues and my favourite artists websites and that usually does the trick. All work and no play doesn't help though does it? I find going out into nature extremely inpsiring and always feel rejuvinated after I've been out and about. Your trip looks amazing, lucky you!:) xx

  27. What a wonderful little trip! Just what you needed, and it worked! I do the same thing if I need fresh inspiration - a change of scene, an outing, a change of perspective, and a look through my ideas book usually does the trick. Holiday times and xmas can really break the creative flow, so does moving house! I loved the pink chalk heart you found - a little bit of arty serendipity! Glad you got your mojo back! Helen x


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