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Popcorn Flower Granny Squares Tutorial


What a smashing response to the Popcorn Flower Grannies!! I was over the moon to read how much you liked them, thank you so very much!

Without any more messing about, I reckon we need to get down to the serious hooky business of a PATTERN for you lovely people. I have taken plenty of helpful photographs for you, and done my best to write an understandable and easy pattern for you to follow.

And here it is! For info purposes, the stitches are in Ameican terminology, so I hope it doesn't cause too much confusion!

Popcorn Flower Granny Tutorial!

Ch 4 and join with a SS to make a ring.

Ch 3
1 DC into the ring
Ch 1
This is the first cluster.

The next cluster stitches are going to be DC2TOG (or sometimes, I think they're called Bobble Stitches) ~ Here is how you do it:

Into the ring, do 1 DC as usual, but stop when you have 2 loops left on your hook.
Next, yarn over, hook through the ring, pull up another loop (4 loops on the hook), and pull through 2 loops (3 loops on hook) and then yarn over and pull through remaining 3 loops on hook.

Following this, Ch 1
DC2TOG, Ch 1*; Repeat from the * 6 more times so you have 8 DC2TOG stitches in the ring.

Join with a SS to the 3rd stitch in the first chain to finish.
Fasten off.
Your circle should look something like this, if it does and you are happy with it, count up the stitches round the edge and make sure there are 16 in total.
Join your next shade of yarn.

Into the first stitch of the ring, hook under and chain 3.

This next part is the Popcorn Stitch. If you aren't sure how to do it, here is how:

In the same stitch, DC4 (the chain counts as the first DC stitch here)

Next, pull up a loop on the last DC, and take your hook out...don't panic, this is the fun bit!

Count back 5 stitches (this should take you to the top of the first chain) and insert your hook under the stitch.

Then, push your hook through the raised loop on the last DC, and pull this through the first stitch.

This draws the stitch together, secure it with a chain stitch which will sit nicely just at the back.

(We are going to do seven more of these, to make a total of 8 popcorn stitches). So, lets just go through it one more time:

Into the next stitch, do 1DC

Into the next stitch, do 1 Popcorn = 5 DC into same stitch, pull up a loop on last stitch, hook under 1st DC stitch, collect the loop, pull through and secure with 1 chain stitch.

Repeat 6 more times until you have 8 popcorns each seperated by 1 DC.

To join, make a SS into the 3rd stitch of the very first chain you made. You will discover this has laid down a bit behind the first popcorn stitch, and may take a bit of hunting out...don't mistake it for the chain stitch you made to secure the popcorn stitch.

The picture above is a rough guide to show you where your 3rd chain stitch will be, can you see it, hidden down the bottom there where my hook is shoved through?!.

Fasten off.

And this is how your Popcorn Flower will be looking now you have fastened off!

Attach another shade of yarn.
This is the part where we start to turn it all into a granny square. Look for the chain stitch you made to secure the popcorn stitches, it will be laying just behind it and these chain stitches are what we are going to crochet into all around the flower.

Hook under the Chain Stitch (where my hook is pointing), and Ch4

Into the same stitch, 3 DC.
3 DC into next chain behind next popcorn
Ch 1
3 DC into next chain behind next popcorn, Ch 2, 3 DC into SAME chain behind same popcorn to form a corner.

This should complete your first side.

Continue your way around the flower, until you have completed the 4 sides with granny stitches. The last stitch will be 2 DC instead of 3, the first chain you made at the beginning of the round counting as the last DC stitch.
Join with a SS into the 3rd stitch of the original chain and fasten off.

We're getting there!! Its starting to look like a granny!! Hurrah!

Attach your next shade of yarn, this bit will be plain sailing for most as its literally a case of granny around as usual, starting with a Ch 4 and 3DC into the first space:

I know many of you are familiar with granny squares, but for those of you who aren't, then you are going to be crocheting into the spaces below that you created on the last round of granny stitches.

On each row you simply DC 3 into a space and follow with Ch1...and so on until you reach a corner, where you do 3 DC, Ch2, 3 DC all into the same space, and then continue as before.

When you have finished the 4 sides, you will make just 2 DC into the last space, and join with a SS into the 3rd stitch of the original chain. Fasten off and attach new yarn colour.

This is the final edging round if you want to add it (or feel free to just granny away and run off and make a blanket at this point).

Push your yarn under the first corner stitch next to your yarn, as shown in the picture.
Ch 5 (this counts as 3 + 2 = 1 DC stitch + corner)
1 DC into next stitch*; repeat from * until you reach the next corner.

Ch 2 (to make a corner)
1 DC into next stitch as shown above.
1 DC in next stitch*; repeat from * until you reach end of row, and continue until the 4 sides are completed.
SS into 3rd stitch of original chain to finish, and fasten off.

Sew in your ends...grrrrr, I don't like this bit especially, but it does make things look much better if we do it.

So, with my little edged 'PFG' squares, Im going to be making a little bag - but now, Im also tempted to begin another blanket, and perhaps you will be too!! Will you let me know if you make anything with this pattern? I hope you have fun with it, and if you get stuck, just holler and I'll do my best to try and help you. I really hope it has made sense and that I haven't missed any bits out (I've read through a couple of times so fingers crossed, it looks alright and I haven't forgotten anything).

Phew!! I feel a cuppa coming on after that!
Good luck and Happy Hooking!!

Love J x


  1. Hello Julia, thanks for giving this pattern in such detail! Your colorful projects are lovely!

  2. I'm fairly new to crochet. Thanks for the tutorial - I'll definitely be trying this!

  3. Your works are so inspiring!
    Thank you so much for this tutorial!


  4. Yipee! A full step by step piccy tutorial! I love it and you are now at the top of my christmas card list! Posting a link on my blog if thats ok with you hun?
    Deb x

  5. Thanks for all your efforts to produce this fab tutorial - I shall enjoy trying it out tonight. Might have to google american/british equivalents as I am a mere amateur!!

  6. Wonderful. Thanks. I see you join new colour of yarn different from me... curious about how you do it. Looks very neat.

  7. Well done Julia. I'm looking forward to trying this out soon. You've been so very thorough I don't see how I could go wrong. Thanks very much.....

  8. Oh my lordy Julia. I'm sure that you have been as clear as spring water with all those amazing photos and explained in basic english in the easiest possible terms. But to me, a complete non woolly, hooker, pattern reading person, that was chinese.

    I am really looking forward to seeing the end results and wish everyone who undertakes this gorgeous popcorn challenge lots of fun and luck. But for me, no. I'm going to stick to the beans. Axxxxxxx

  9. Thanks for sharing Julia! :)
    Vivienne x

  10. This is wonderful. Going into my favourites! Thank you. x

  11. Julia, you do wonderful creative work evident on your blog. Such a clear
    tutorial. There are so many new crocheters and just one blogger to another we can all share. Great stuff.

  12. I like the look of those. And in tutorial form, even better! I'm adding it to my project list for a cushion cover, at some point (must complete "the blanket" first or I'll never get it done). Thanks for sharing, very generous of you.

  13. Hi Julia, Thank you for sharing, such a detailed tutorial! I made a popcorn stitch cushion a while back and found such pleasure each time a stitched popped! Have a lovely weekend, Anna

  14. Hi Julia
    Thank you so much for the pattern, now I am going to start with all that odd wool balls I have hanging around, what ply do you recommend? you can tell how new this is to me, although I do know how to crochet I think!!!it all looks so pretty!
    hugs Jill

  15. Hi Julia! I'm so glad you found my blog so that I could find yours, too. This tutorial looks great. I'd definitely love to try it out sometime.

    And I would highly recommend making a shawl. It's fun and shawls are wonderful for keeping the chill away.

  16. I love this tutorial. How clever to crochet and take pictures at the same time. Like the colours as well.
    I shall have a go at this. Thank you!!

  17. Hi Julia, what a lovely tutorial! I love these crochet squares, they're beautiful. It makes me wish I could crochet. I wish I wasn't so impatient at learning new things! see you soon, love Janine x

  18. Hello Julia! I tried this lovely pattern immediately! I've posted my attempts on my blog if you have a spare moment to check them out! thank you for that! I've only recently found you and am experiencing major blog love! your crochet is just stunning XXXXX

  19. So very scrummie,will have to give this a go,Thanks for sharing the tutorial,Julie.x

  20. Oh, my, this granny is so lovely! Thanks for showing us how to do it!!!

  21. Wow, fantastically talented of you to get a tutorial done. I am simply going to have to have a go at making those little squares of gorgeousness! Another one to add to the list! My oh my, the list is growing at an alarming rate, where to find the time! The holidays are totally consumed with bears coming out of my ears! I love the holidays, but Sept will be so welcome so that I get can get a bit of order back into my life! Ohhhh I am so excited by this tutorial! Thanks so much my lovely for doing this post! Have a fab week! Much love Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. so very nice!
    I love crochet and most of the time I work with fine cotton thread, but recently started with wool as well... so soft.

    Very nice blog you have

  23. Hi Julia
    I am on a roll and absolutely lurve making these babies! Can I put the slight panic I have to the back of my mind by asking you how you are going to join all the lovely squares together? I am a beginner with squares so a bit stuck looking at my neat growing pile of granny goodness! Thanks again for sharing a wonderfully easy to follow tutorial.
    Deb x

  24. I love the look of your popcorn granny squares and can't wait to give them a try - I'm in need of a new project. Thanks. Michelle

  25. Just how have I missed you. Popped over from Attic 24 and found a new friend for sure. I see so many other's on your list I know. Off to have a look around and sign up to follower.

    Great Tutuorial, by the way. Already printed.

  26. Been looking for a new crochet project to do and didn't want to do the same old grannies that I've been doing and I think I might have found the answer to my prayers here! Thanks so much for doing this tutorial!

  27. Hi Julia,

    you sent me a message yonks back about the sugar hearts and I went off the radar for a long while, not long after that.
    thank you for your kind comments!
    I'm trying to make a granny blanket at the moment, although I haven't got very far!!I don't think it will be ready before my little one is born...I must have more self control!
    anyway I'll enjoy reading your posts.

    take care


  28. Ohh Julia, that looks awesome! I will have to try it out soon! I can see grannies popping everywhere! :) Thanks so much for the time you took to show how it's done! :)

  29. These are so lovely, I hope you dont mind I have put a link to your tutorial on my sidebar :)
    Heather x

  30. i just finish my first crochet project, a bag, and just starting a blanket project.

    this popcorn flower is so cute, thank you so much for sharing :)

  31. What a lovely little flower. I really like this.

  32. Just wanted to let you know, you were featured at my blog:! Be sure to stop by and grab your button!

  33. Oh! I just found your blog! These are absolutely beautiful grannies! Thank you for posting the pattern! I am excited to look through your other posts!
    Have a great day!

  34. I stumbled upon your Sea Pennies tutorial via Pinterest, and after browsing your site I came across this. I just started crochet and have not made anything fancy, but I am in love with these PFGs! I will definitely be attempting this in the near future! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  35. Hi there...thank you so much for your tutorial. May I ask 1 question though (I am really new to crocheting)? On the popcorn stitches, are we ending cutting the yarn at the end of each one and starting each popcorn new? Your advice is greatly appreciated. :)

    Take Care,

  36. Well done tutorial, thank you :-) One tip from me... when doing scrappy things, rather than sewing in my ends at the end, I hold the tails alongside the working yarn and crochet them in (treating the doubled strand as one) No ends to sew in, tidy, and over the years it adds strength, especially with blankets. I'm still using the granny blanket my grandmother made me nearly 40 years ago...

  37. you are an amazing teacher,and I so enjoyed creating this square while watching the Grammy's! (poor Whitney)

  38. What is the easiest way to put the sq together. I have a problem of them coming apart sometimes

  39. I can not wait to try this out. Beginner.....


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