Tuesday, 10 August 2010

New Hooky Stuff

Hello there!

I have something to share with you today, something of the Hooky Sort, something new and exciting.

I was playing about early last week, rumaging in my bag full of left over balls of Rowan pure wool yarn and wondering what I could make out of those scrumptious bright colours. Such a shame for that lovely wool to be stuffed in a bag like that and left, that just wouldn't do, not at all. So on went the thinking cap, a spot of doodling followed and then a light bulb moment presented itself. I would make a Tote Bag!! Hurrah!! A colourful, bright and cheery bag made from these pretty rainbow yarns! But before I got stuck in, I wondered if I might be able to make my own little pattern, my very own little square from which to make it. I do like a challenge, and before long I could think of nothing else. I knew what I wanted it to look like, yes that was the easy bit - but it took a few sums and much scratching of the head before it came right.

And then, much hooking ensued, much unravelling and some quiet cursing too.

But eventually, I was happy with it, and here it is; Popcorn Flower Granny is born and what do you think?!

This has made me rather happy and excited all at once, these delicious squares have a rather nice 3 dimensional quality to them, due to the plump raised nature of the popcorn stitch.

Here's another one...(as I write this I confess that the pile has grown a bit more, I'm totally besotted with these very easy grannies)...

I am working up a little stash of these, and just about to start edging them - I cannot wait to show you more as I go on.

Would you like a pattern tutorial for these Popcorn Flower Grannies?

You would?!

Fabulous. I will of course be writing one out and will share it with you lovely people here as soon as it is done. Just think what you could do with this little square ~ my goodness I'm having palpitations just imagining blankets and cushions made out of them! :D

Anyway, aside from all this, we have managed to squeeze in some more Seaside Time. This time was in South Wales while we were away visiting some family. We spent several lovely hours on two of the days down on the beach by Porthcawl, the Little One was in her element...but then, so was I. There is nothing I like more than closing my eyes at the waters edge, hearing seagulls and inhaling that wonderful Seaside Scent with the warm sun on my face. Bliss.

On Saturday evening, after a smashing meal at a country pub, we drove over to Penarth which is a little coastal resort very close to Cardiff. It was one of those perfectly warm, blue summers evenings, one that made you feel glad to be out and about. We strolled upon the beach and looked across the water to the islands of Steepholme and Flatholme. You could see the Somerset and Devon coast over on the other side of the channel too.

There is a very pretty little pier at Penarth, which reminded me a little of the one in Southwold. We had to have a mooch on it, eating an ice cream of course whilst watching the boats sailing about. It was lovely and relaxing until the Small Person in our party thought it might be fun to climb the railings... lemming impressions were not on the agenda that evening and Mummy nearly had a heart attack when she realised what was going on! The rescue mission was carried out in the nick of time with Daddy swiftly scooping the escapee up and hoisting her onto his shoulders before removing her to the safety of the pavement! Phew!! Never a dull moment!

So a nice weekend was had by all - made all the nicer by a phone call from my dear Mum to tell us they were going to whisk us away to Northumberland for a week in a cottage...oh my word, I could hardly believe my ears!! You will know how I fell in love with the place on our visit back in May, I wrote about it here - now a chance to spend 7 glorious days in Bamburgh...Oh my word, I am counting down the days already!

Anyway, before I go, I wanted to let you know that I'm going to be having a bit of a giveaway on my Facebook page once I reach 100 Likers. I'm up to 97 at the moment so perhaps with your help we could reach that magic number and some lucky soul could receive something nice from my arty stash of goodies! You can click on the link in the sidebar if you are interested.

Talking of art, I am still drawing but haven't had much time for painting of late. I'm working on some new ideas for some new work and also some new prints. As ever, I welcome all your comments and thoughts so do get in touch if you have a question or an idea about my work, or maybe even suggest some subject matter for me to paint, I sometimes get a dreaded dry spell and other people and their inspiration can be a tonic at times like these!

Thanks for visiting me today, and welcome to some new followers, it's lovely of you to drop by!

Sending love
Julia x x x


  1. Evening. I love the name of those popcorn granny squares... fantastic. Am now going to be number 98 so you'll just have two more to find. Ax

  2. Incredible - I have been looking for a pattern just like this one. Very, very generous of you to write a tutorial on it too - wahoo. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.

  3. I have made these little flowers too.... I am besotted with the popcorn stitch and have a pillow front made up with them.... they are great stash busters are'nt they?

  4. love your Popcorn Flower Granny and it is just what I looking for for my next blanket:-)

  5. Love your popcorn flower granny square !!! Your seaside pictures are pretty too.
    Have great time in Nothumberland .
    Jacquie x

  6. Your granny squares are adorable. I look forward to your tutorial. The seaside looks so inviting, must be a great place to visit.

  7. Your squares look lovely and I can't wait to see more. Learning to crochet is on my list 'to do' but in the meantime I'll content myself looking at your creations :)

  8. Love the Grannies, great design!
    Hope you have fun in Northumberland.

  9. Hello Julia! I like the dimensional effect of the popcorn granny too! If you are ever lacking arty inspiration why not trying painting some of your crochet creations in your paintings? Something wooly, draped over a chair looking out onto a seasonal scene! x

  10. Loving the squares (next year I'm definitely going to learn how!) and great news about a Northumberland holiday xx

  11. gorgeous grannies!

    you'll love Bamburgh, it's beautiful, mile upon mile of beach.

  12. What a lovely granny! can't wait to see what you do with them.

  13. Yummy popcorn grannies. Thanks for the tutorial Julia!!!!!

  14. Hi Julia,

    I LOVE your granny squares. I'm new to crocheting and loving it. I've just discovered your blog, it's beautiful and your paintings are lovely. Have a fantastic day.


  15. well done! I can't imagine having the patience to sit and invent a new square!!
    Can't wait for tutorial..
    Have a lovely time in Northumberland..
    Take care

  16. Hello my lovely! Wow what gorgeous little granny squares...made my heart sing! It's such a lovely feeling to create something new. Ooooh cannot wait for the tutorial.

    I love the pics of South Wales. We visit the Gower a lot as Hubby has family there. Right by the sea and several fab beaches. There is nothing like being by the sea is there!

    Have a wonderful day and cannot wait to see the finished bag!

    Much love Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Hi Julia,
    Your granny popcorns are lovely, looking forward to seeing the bag.
    Bamburgh is lovely, we visited there years ago when the kids were small, absolutely gorgeous beach!
    Vivienne x

  18. Awww...wish I was on facebook.

    Love the new Popcorn Flower Granny pattern with the popcorn stitch and might have a play with that when you post the pattern. I'm not much of a crocheter, but I'm going to have a go! I love your bright and cheery crochet creations. You are inspirational as always.

    Jacky xox

  19. Those popcorn granny squares are gorgeous! What a fabulous blanket they would make.

  20. Thanks for stopping by my garden. I see you have the same love for color that I do. Oh, how I wish I would get motivated and get my paints out again. Love you charming paintings. New follower for sure

    Kate - The Garden Bell

  21. oohh if only I could crochet, they look fab and great colour combos. We had a day at the beach today, so lovely - I did have a bit of a panic when my little ones went missing as they were so engrossed in shell hunting :-o The dogs came too and loved it.

    Didn't know you were on facebook, off there now to have a nose :-)

  22. they're lovely! I love the floweryness of them! Can't wait for the pattern!

  23. Great little popcorn flower - look forward to having a go when you publish the pattern - thanks for sharing.

  24. Julia your crochet is lovely, i find im checking here for crochet inspiration as much as attic 24! i love your use of colour and designs! fliss xxx

  25. Lovely blog you have! Glad I found my way here! ;)


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