Friday, 1 January 2010

A New Year

Happy New Year dear friends

I hope you have all enjoyed a lovely Christmas time, and I wanted to take this time to thank you all for the last year in Blogland, for your friendship and support. Ive really enjoyed getting to know you all, and I look forward to following your journeys in 2010!

The picture above is a cherished view near to our home looking over the Loxley Valley, it looked beautiful on Christmas day following the huge snowfall we had awoken to on Christmas Eve. My sister and her family had travelled north the day before that, so we braved the icy roads to join them at my Mums cottage and had the best fun building snowmen with the children, having snowball fights and sledging races down the hill next to the house. It was one of the nicest Christmases Ive had in a while. I think the snow made it feel all the more so as well as the fact that we were all together (which doesn't happen every year).

So, as quick as Christmas arrived and departed, so a New Year came creeping in. Did any of you see the lunar eclipse last night? It was also a very special moon in that it was a Blue Moon. That means that there were two full moons within the calendar month which is not that common (hence the phrase, 'once in a blue moon'), but for a Blue Moon on a New Years Eve it was even more amazing as its only once in every 20 years that it happens.

For those of you who are interested in moon energy and cycles, its a very prolific time to set intentions and goals for the coming year.

Which got me thinking about what I would like to achieve this year.

I would seriously like to start growing my little art business. 2009 saw me supporting my other half in his business venture, climbing the peaks and navigating the troughs. Everyone we spoke to agreed it had been a hell of a year for anyone in business, especially a small business as this one is at the moment. To have survived it and come out the other side feels nothing short of a miracle and I admit to feeling worn yet more learned from the experience. Life sends us these lessons to test us, to see if we are ready and willing to grow, and I think we have grown. We have lived on the breadline and we have also experienced moments of wonderful abundance. We have travelled through very testing times. Despite the difficult bits, we are beginning 2010 with a renewed sense of possibility and optimism and I have made the promise to myself to devote more time to my own business too.

I am in the midst of planning some regular work time with my Small Person being in the house at the same time. I know from a bit of reading that its quite possible to do this. It just needs some forward thinking, such as lots of exciting activities to keep her occupied and regular mini breaks where we will spend time playing together, or having a snack or a sing-song...
Im also discovering how to help her understand that Mummy will be having Work Time, because at first she won't realise whats going on. We are going to ease ourselves into it gently, just a couple of hours here and there, nothing too much. It will, I hope, create a happy balance for all of us and help my little art business grow into something a bit bigger that will eventually help towards supporting our little family.

Im reading a couple of really good business books that are created for creative people too - none of this technical mind boggling nonsense for me, hardcore business manuals just dont resonate and after a bit of inspiration from a friend, Ive been overjoyed to discover some excellent reading material that will hopefully serve to expand upon what I already know.

So that is what Im aiming for this year. :D

What are your goals and ambitions for this new year?
What do you hope to achieve in this new month?

I send you sparkling scoops of goodwill and comfort for the journey, and look forward to catching up with all of you again soon.

Much love
Julia x


  1. Hi Julia,
    It was lovely to read your post this morning , I always believe when you are in learning mode the teacher presents him or herself. If you would like any free business mentoring I do offer on a limited scale advice
    about keeping going through the child rearing age. Think of it as a continual investment in you as an individual.
    Take care Susanxx

  2. That all sounds really positive and exciting Julia - I wish you good luck for 2010, and you never know, we might end up meeting eventually this year!! xxx

  3. Wishing you much luck and success with all your ventures in the new year. I think the blue moon was a good omen, and I spent many minutes with it last night studying it and meditating with it. Have a wonderful New Years.

  4. Happy New Year to you and yours! I hope you achieve all your goals and ambitions, they all sound so exciting. Those peaks and troughs do make us stronger, but I confess to hoping that this coming year brings a little less strength and a little more peace!

    I hope my little family continue to grow in our little cottage in this corner of the world, that there is a little less dust, a few less hurdles and lots more smiles and laughter - here's hoping!
    Hugs Debs xx

  5. Happy New Julia! I hope it brings you all that you wish for. x

  6. ...and a very Happy New Year to you too.

    The moon has been amazing these past couple of nights, but I still can't seem to take a picture of it!

    Good luck with the business - it all sounds very exciting and your artwork is gorgeous.

    take care and here's to 2010,

    Nina xx

  7. Julia it sounds like you had a truly wonderful family Christmas. I can only imagine a White Christmas and all that it entails.

    I wish you much success in your art ventures this year...I feel 2010 will be a very positive year for creativity.

    Looking forward to visiting your lovely blog again throughout 2010.

    Jacky xox

  8. Happy new year Julia. I hope you reach all your goals and all your wishes come true! I was very interested to read about the blue moon, I only found out about all this after the event!

    Carolyn x

  9. Lovely julia,happy new year!!
    Thankyou for your very sweet new year wishes.
    Like you i plan to be more creative in 2010 & put myself to the test & do the things i keep saying i will do & havent!!
    Glad you had such a lovely christmas with your family,look forward to reading your blog in 2010. xx

  10. Just discovered your lovey blog and will be following from now on! Love your work and wish you well for 2010.

  11. Hi Julia, Thanks for stopping by my blog and chekcing out my 2010 Art Journal Calnedar. Happy New Year, Paula

  12. Happy New Year Julia... what an inspiring post... again! It sounds like you have an exciting year ahead of you.. lots of new opportunities for all of the family. Will be walking it with you. Xxxxx

  13. Hello beautiful Julia! I was so excited to see your name appear on the list of creative dreamers. You are so very inspiring to me.

    I loved your list and I look forward to celebrating with you as our dreams take wings.


  14. Like you, I have felt especially energised and positive, and posted a similar blog myself a few days ago.
    Good luck with all your plans...

  15. Hi Julia,

    Good to hear that you were able to spend time with all of your family members :)

    I saw the moon on that night - wonderful!!

    I'm so glad there's still some more snow over the New Year! Have a fabulous 2010 :)


  16. Hello Julia and a very happy new year.
    I'm in a similar situation to you at the moment. Wishing to move my creativity forward and make it pay like a real grown up.

    I wondered if you'd mind sharing the title of those books? Especially if they are plain English, I'm not in the least business minded. Teehee!

    Wishing you all the luck in the world with your little business.

    love Fi x

  17. Hi Julia, i'm wondering what the creative business books are that you are reading?Its the sort of thing i need to be reading too x x x

  18. Happy new year to you and lots of sparkly thing too.

    Thank you for your visit and kind comments. Nice to meet you :)


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