Thursday, 17 December 2009


And there it is!!

A two page spread about me and fellow Craft Candy member Lucia Kempsey (Im the one on the right of the page, posing by my heart wreath)! We found out yesterday that it was going to be in todays paper instead of yesterday and would accomodate two pages instead of one, so that was very exciting and a grand bit of publicity for us and the group.

Needless to say I couldn't wait to read it! Jo talked to Lucia about making Christmas presents, and featured some of her homemade gifts, including her really excellent idea of recipie jars, which she creates by adding ingredients to a Kilner jar with the instructions for the recipie on a hand crafted label! I love that idea and might give it a whirl myself! Lucia makes wonderful things using thrifted jumpers such as the teddy in the picture, as well as corsages, brooches, badges and bags.
You can find out much more about Lucia by clicking the Craft Candy link in the sidebar and looking in the members section :)

For my part of the interview, Jo talked about how my Mum and Gran had been a big influence in all areas of art and craft and how my Mum had finally been able to teach me how to use a sewing machine when I received one last Christmas. She wrote about all the decorations that were in our home, the ribbon wreaths, gingerbread men and snowmen tree decs, festive bunting and my thrifty ideas for wrapping gifts using recycled brown paper, coloured twine and strips of handmade fibre papers. Its been a really good experience and I hope the article will inspire some of the readers to go Handmade this Christmas themselves!

I remember one of the questions that she asked me was about my supplies and the cost - now Im quite lucky in that Ive already got quite a stash, and she did mention in the article that I like old clothes from charity shops - well its a good place to start isnt it? You can sometimes come across the most vile blouse with the most exquisite vintage buttons imagineable on it for just a couple of pounds, or a skirt with the nicest pattern on it thats just ripe for a makeover (ie: textile picture, lavender hearts...)

So Handmade doesn't have to cost a fortune, thrifting is a Good Thing, but Im also quite happy to splurge now and again in John Lewis, or on this fabulous website I found today:

And splurged I did :D

There has been a dusting of snow on the hills here today, and the temperatures are very low - time to get the crochet out and a nice mug of G&B's hot chocolate.

Thanks for all your fabulous comments on the last post, I thought about it afterwards and realised its probably terribly British to be quite modest and afraid to sound shouty and loud about achievements - however, you were all right, and I do feel very chuffed!!

Keep warm, chat again soon!

Love Julia x


  1. Your blog post is fantastic as usual!! You have a great way of writing that draws people in Julia.

    Really pleased that you enjoyed the experience. It's snowed here too - haven't been out yet but might go for a tiptoe round in a bit. Can't miss the snow ;)


  2. Congratulations Julia, I hope you're shouting from the rooftops!

    G&B hot choc is my nightly vice, can't go to bed without it!

    Diana x

  3. Great to get a feature, well done!

  4. Fame at last!! and very well desereved. All of your crafts are so lovely. Hope you are wrapped up nice and warm - its so chilly today!! I too am very thrifty - until I get into John Lewis's (or Cole Brothers as I still call it!!) Such a tempting emporium!! xxxxx

  5. How lovely Julia. You need to put that article up in a frame! I bet a lot of people will be inspired by the article to give hand made a go. I am glad you had a 'splurge'. If you can't splurge at Christmas then when can you? x

  6. Looks a great spread. Well done Julia, you look great in the picture.
    Yes shout it from the rooftops. I know what you mean though as when I've walked into our village shop and they say "saw you in the paper." I still think I wish I'd worn a disguise. Hard to be as cool as needed.

    Have a fabulous christmas won't you.

    Lisa x

  7. Thank you for all the pleasure that your posts have given me Julia.....I may not always comment but I always appreciate your adventures and we have snow too!...Every blessing to you and yours this Christmas....H

  8. Have a very happy Christmas!

    Pomona x

  9. hope you have a very merry christmas!
    fliss xx


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