Sunday, 13 December 2009

A Crafty Christmas Interview

All of a sudden it seemed, Thursday morning dawned, and as I opened my eyes I was forced into sudden conciousness as I realised I still had much to do before Jo, the reporter from The Star (Sheffield's city newspaper) arrived to do the interview later that afternoon.

You probably know by now that even despite my best intentions of planning and preparing well ahead of schedule, I always at the last minute (for some ludicrously unknown reason) decide to bestow extra tasks upon myself and therefore turn into a human whirlwind in order to complete said tasks.

But this is good. It means I feel very confident about what Im doing, and on that day in particular I wanted Jo to come and have lots to look at and talk about.

I finished the heart wreath that very same morning, in the midst of some decorative wrapping and other sewing projects. I must say, I was quite pleased how it turned out, it being the first one Id ever made.

I decided to hang it amidst my Festive Crochet Bunting on the chimney breast...

...and then, it was time to get the house ready! Plumping cushions, putting some Christmassy music on the stereo, some orange and frankinsence oils in the burner, displaying the WIP Big Blanket on the sofa (if you look carefully you can just see the new garden squares Im edging the bigger squares with around the sides) laying out presents, hanging home made decorations on the tree...phew!! Im worn out just remembering all of it!! :D

Anyway, Jo turned up around 4pm, and the afternoon was already nestling in early twilight by then, so she arrived to twinkly tree lights and flickering church candles.

I showed her all my hand made goodies, including this holly embroidered candle decoration, and a ribbon wreath I made (after being inspired by the images on Joharos blog recently). You can just see a corner of it by the candle there...
I got the coffee on and we settled down for a chat, she asked me where I drew inspiration from, whether it was it cost effective or not to make your own stuff and how long I had been crafting things.
The photographer turned up after a while, and I had to look busy with some work (another ribbon wreath) while he took some pictures. I must admit, it was a bit strange, although lots of fun being asked to pose with my work around the lounge!

So! The article is due to be in this Thursday's edition of the paper, centrespread no less!!! - although she did hint that it may be the week after if it wasn't this week as one of their reporters was just back from Afghanistan and they were running a feature on that throughout the week. I will be keeping a look out as I will want to bag a copy as soon as I can to see what the article is like!

Now Im about ready to put my feet up and relax a while, but the little one has Christmas parties to attend, and the Christmas shopping needs finishing, presents need onward we go!

Sending you all love, thanks to you all for your smashing comments on the last post too, I felt that I was rather excited, and then became alarmed that the post may have sounded a bit showy-offy...I do hope it didnt, it was really just pure excitement at rather scrumptious stuff happening all at once, so forgive me if I did sound like I was blowing a bit loudly on my own trumpet!! :D

With love, mince pies and mulled wine to you,
See you soon

Julia xxx

*edited to update the day the feature will be in the paper, not Wednesday as previously thought but Thursday for anyone who is local and fancies a read! :)


  1. Goodness me - There was no blowing of your trumpet, its all very deserved, and so lovely to read about from this end of the 'puter.

    I will make every effort to go to the village post office & get a copy of the Star on Wednesday.

    And the Christmas decorations are lovely too...


  2. Hi Julia,

    You're a star and very brave to be interviewed!! It was lovely to read about you being so happy and excited about the article/read all your friend's encouraging comments :D

    I am looking forward to reading the paper and looking at the pic's.


  3. You didn't sound at all show-offy Julia and it would have been fine if you had! It's all most exciting isn't it? Don't you revel in that amazing feeling of having a blissfully tidy house and just forget the hassle it took to get it there! Love the bunting xx

  4. Dear Julia - you can blow your trumpet as loud as you like!!! I would be thrilled if a newspaper wanted to feature my work in it too! It looks like you have an exciting year ahead of you. x

  5. Much deserved credit I think is the reality - fantastic!

    I am more than happy to share my wrist warmer thoughts with you - pattern sounds a bit too precise, more like a guesstimate! I'm not sure I have the confidence to write a "pattern post" as most ideas are taken from lots of others things, but I could always email what i have done and you're very welcome to use it. hugs Debs xx

  6. You blow your own trumpet as loud as you jolly-well like! It must have been great fun to be interviewed and photographed for the paper, and to share your lovely crafts with the outside world.

  7. Hi Julia
    How exciting, I think I would have been blowing my trumpet if it was me! Hopefully it will bring you lots more sales for the New Year.

    Lovely of you to stop by my blog too!



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