Friday, 15 January 2010

Soul Longings

It seems like months since we last saw grass, greenery and tiny peeping new shoots in the garden...and it seems absolutely ages ago since we were mooching about in crocs and summer dresses, sand between our toes, walking in shallow aquamarine waves...

The longing for the summer is getting stronger, so I made a mosaic of some of my favourite photographs which are all things South West, summer and beach to cheer myself up.

Isn't it lovely?

Just looking at it makes me feel happy...and its easy to ignore the rather intense freezing fog which has pervaded every nook and cranny of our valley this evening when Im looking at those pictures.

As I was in the process of uploading my pics to the magical mosaic maker, I was browsing a few blogs and discovered that Diane over at Heartshaped was having similar coastal longings and had posted the most beautiful photograph of Porthmeor at sunset...I think this time of year can be especially hard, so I love that fellow bloggers are sharing their sunniest, most emotive pictures here to lift the gloom that January sometimes brings.

Meanwhile, in the art corner... is a-happening. Oh yes, after a faithful pledge at New Year to devote more time to my art in 2010, I have so far managed to do this and Im currently engrossed in a new illustration piece that Im very happy about. Its not quite finished, but if you take a peek in the photograph below, you might just be able to see it!

Can you make it out? I'll post a proper picture of it sometime next week when its all finished :)

Im feeling very inspired at the moment, plenty of ideas swirling around in the old grey matter - Ive shelved the sewing stuff for the time being in favour of the painting, and will perhaps make bits and bobs along the way. Id discovered of late that I was perhaps pulling myself in too many directions, and whilst I cannot deny that I love crocheting and sewing and making etc, Im not going to let them become pressures that overwhelm and bring headaches. I have been reading my business books, (some which are proving to be more useful than others), have taken part in some of the exercises and answered some thought provoking questions - and you know, its really rather good to have someone ask you this stuff. It makes you think. And it made me think about direction and goals, and what I want to achieve, what is important to me and what is not quite so important...

and so I know now, without a shadow of a doubt that my first love is my painting, that I couldn't live without it...and perhaps my second is crochet as its a wonderfully meditative way to switch off from the world. Sewing and felting etc all come after that, and by acknowledging this, its been a bit like a permission slip to ease up on myself, not put so much pressure upon little old me to make and do in every single medium.

And that feels very, very good. :)

Its story time now for a certain Little Someone, so I shall bid you all a fond goodnight, and look forward to browsing your blogs over the coming weekend - speaking of which, we are hoping (fingers crossed the Woodhead or Snake passes are open again in time) to amble across to Salford on Sunday, to The Lowry where there is a fabulous exhibition on til the 31st January called 'The Sea'
featuring work by Lowry and Maggi Hambling (the wonderful artist responsible for the big Scallop Shell on the beach at Aldeburgh, Suffolk).

Whatever you do, keep warm, remember each day is lighter a little longer...and the snow seems to be melting, in Yorkshire at least!

Much love
Julia x x x


  1. A beautiful mosaic and a lovely post. I can see that you particularly like "St. Ives Blue". I shall look forward to seeing your illustration when it's finished

    Have a lovely weekend Julia
    Carolyn ♥

  2. Seems we are "together" geographically and mentaly at the moment you and I!! I love your mosaic. Do report back on the Lowry if you manage to get (but be careful - both those roads are "hell" even in the middle of summer!). xxxx

  3. Hello Julia! I was just thinking about you and was about to email you and noticed that you had just posted! The snow has melted here at long last but now it hasn't stopped raining for about 2 days!!! I am looking forward to the spring and it will be here before we know it. I am glad that you have been feeling creative and doing your painting too. I will email you regarding 'The Creative Entrepreneur'. x

  4. Lovely to see some sunshine! And I am glad you are finding your way through the new year's challenges, too!

    Pomona x

  5. Oh Julia, You are so Pretty! You have such a Sunny face :o) It's Lovely to see You and Lovely to be reading your gorgeous blog again too. I have been away for aaages (seven months all told), not sure You'll even remember me after all that time. But anyway, it's good to be back in the blogisphere.
    I completely understand the beach thing, the need to lift out of the winter blues and into the the Summer Blues.

    Good to see You again my dear xxx


  6. HI julia, thaw is all around here in west yorkshire too, although our little street is determined to remain an ice rink...what a lovely picture of you painting...we have been planning our holiday too thinking of the sunshine....more adventures in the little green van...

  7. Hi Julia, lovely mosaic and what a good picture of you at work, can't wait to see what you've been up to! x x

  8. A beautiful collection of photos and just what I needed. I'm tired of the grey,overcast, rainy days we are having in Northern CA. I am ready for spring!!!


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