Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Creative Space

In my dreams, my workspace is an airy studio with lots of natural light and a view over the sea. In reality I have a 'kitchen table studio' and not alot of room!
I often used to imagine that I needed the perfect workspace before I could start painting, and for a long time I felt inhibited by those thoughts and didn't do a thing.
Of course, with age comes wisdom and as the years rolled by I came to the conclusion that I was going to have to start somewhere and make the best of whatever space I had, wherever I happened to be at the time.

Now some of you artists reading this may laugh, as you've maybe always painted wherever and whenever the fancy took you, but Ive always had a big relationship with procrastination-and I came to realise that by putting off painting until I had the right location, was really just a way of avoiding the fears that went with beginning a piece of work.

I create an ambient place to work now by playing music that I enjoy, having juicy glass jars brimming with scented flowers, and sometimes burn a mix of essential oils to set the mood. I lay all of my equipment out and allow myself the delicious pleasure of looking at all my paints and brushes in anticipation for an hour or so before I begin - by the time the little one has been picked up by the Grandfolks, Im more than ready to start.

These rituals help to break down the fears long associated with opening a watercolour block up and finding a big white piece of paper staring back up at me. It allows me to slip slowly into my role of 'Artist', gradually allowing my role of 'Mum' to be discarded for a couple of hours, responsibility half forgotten as that wonderful carefree feeling of having the gift of time resonates.

I know without a doubt that one day, I'll have my studio with a view and lots of airy natural light - but for now Im more than content with the sacred artist space I create each week inside my home - or outside if the weather is good!

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