Tuesday, 1 July 2008

9 Days of Summer

Today was hot and sunny, 28 degrees to be exact so I moved my studio into the garden and began working under the parasol, surrounded by the fragrant scent of sweet peas and the meditative buzz of honey bees...
The piece of art Ive created today is called 9 Days of Summer - its a montage of 9 different images that are inspired by the beach. After marking up my paper (which is a grid measuring 18x18cm then divided up into individual squares) I lightly draw in my chosen images and then begin to add some colour:
Im painting quite freely, adding paynes grey and just a smidgen of black watercolour to the edges of the crab and going around him with sepia ink. I like the loose feeling of watercolours, Im practising hard not to be so rigid about it, and if the paint bleeds a little Im trying not to mind - its a way of painting that is very relaxed, Im enjoying it more and more.

I gradually add colour to the other drawings, working with both watercolour and sepia acrylic ink. In the distance I can hear the soft cheep-cheep of the ducklings on the river so I take five minutes to go and see them on the water, there's a lovely refreshing breeze blowing down there which is a pleasant change from the overpowering heat of the garden.

I begin to add more detail to the work, and re-wet certain parts of the painting in order to shave watercolour crayon lead into it to create a wonderfully textured and speckled effect. When the paper is dry I edge certain parts that I want to stand out a little more in black fineline (01 nib).

The finished piece, Ive added words in and around the individual pictures - Im really pleased with this piece, it captures all the feelings and things you notice when strolling by the beach!

Right, Im off for a nice cool drink and a rest in the shade - catch you soon!

Julia x

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  1. I love this, its lovely work and raised smile on a gloomy summers day :)


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