Tuesday, 15 July 2008

art journalling

Ive been reading a couple of books lately about art journalling, and have decided to begin a journal again with the idea of creating a daily sketch or piece of art.
Im currently being inspired by Danny Gregory ~ and Im finding alot of good things unfolding from taking his lead and noticing the small stuff.
The illustration here is from an older art journal I kept a couple of years ago and shows the concept Im trying to describe: a normal everyday situation like coffee and pain-au-chocolat. Recording those items which are fairly normal and to some, perhaps quite uninteresting, evoke memories of that sunny morning in Barcelona whenever I look at it. OK, the drawings aren't perfect, or exact reproductions of the actual items-but its how I saw it at the time, and the ink blobs and tiny bits of descriptive writing are in some way better than a photograph, capturing feelings and emotions of that time.
I intend to become an explorer in my own back garden. Im going to look into the faces of flowers and draw one without looking at the paper (a zen concept, ~ drawing with the left side of the brain, which has the power to ignore any other unimportant data coming in to create an image almost magically onto the paper ).
Im going to draw my daughters toys, clothes piled on top of the washing machine, wine bottles waiting to go to the recycling bank, shoes in the hall, gardening tools, a new batch of freshly baked cupcakes...the list is endless. I can create art everyday.
And thats the important bit for me.
As a Mum to a one year old, my time is mostly spent with her, and I love every minute of it but sometimes the artist in me misses being able to sit down and paint every day like I used to.
By beginning a daily art journal, I can let off steam by checking out of normal everyday life for 10 minutes or so (when she naps) and finding something ordinary to record. I will have that feeling of fulfillment that comes from creating with colour, and a feeling (as I have read and understood) that is of deep peace, this comes from concentrating very carefully on a single object and drawing from the soul.

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  1. Me likey your blog. It's everything I need to see and read.

    Anyways, I like Danny Gregory too. I used to go to the book store while my daughter was at youth group. I picked up his book every week.

    I beg to differ with your comment about the drawing not being perfect. I think it ROCKS and is totally YUMMY!! It makes me want to drink some coffee and eat chocolate. I always write on my paintings. I have more to express than just a 'picture' can say.



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