Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Ten Things

1. Bluebell woods in Spring are the most happy, smile inducing places to be.

2.  Letting our newly hatched Painted Ladies into the wild one early morning...well, trying to.  This one hung about for ages sitting on my daughter's hand.

 3.  The sea.  In particularly, our beautiful Yorkshire coastline on a sunshiney day.

4.  Watching the gannets at Bempton Cliffs, and being awed by their enormous size and their cliff side habitats.  We also spotted puffins, razor bills, kittiwakes and fulmars.

5.  Seeing my newest original paintings hanging in the very lovely Art House Cafe, at Penistone.

6.  Sleeping.  I do absolutely love going to bed with a good book, and settling down in this comfy nest of warmth.  Currently enjoying the latest Inspector Montalbano novel, and as I've almost finished this, I'll be looking forward to a Jenny Colgan next.

7.  Bits and Bobs.  I'm a bit of a lover of pretty things.  I have filled my house with them, bearing in mind the famous saying by William Morris which went along the lines of ~ Have nothing in your home that you do not consider to be useful or beautiful.  It may not all be useful, but it brings great pleasure to surround oneself with pretty tat.

8.  Drying washing outside.  That pure, sunshiney, breezy scent that infuses your laundry and that you just wish you could bottle and keep all year round.  This may be a sign of getting older, but I never fail to have a small moment of rapture upon gathering in my washing after a drying day.

9.  Getting organised.  After a very busy few weeks preparing for the exhibition with Hen's Teeth, I am now making headway with my paperwork and updating my website with prints and such like that have for too long languished by my desk, pleading to be put on sale.  'We're not much good stuck under here now are we?' they taunt.  So, I've done them the kindness of listing them in my shop.  Oh, and I've also done my accounts in record time this year.  Go me!
Seriously, you have no idea what a chore this is!  One day I would like very much to have a wonderful assistant who can help me wade through this side of running a business.

10.  These two.  My dearests; my other half and my little dot of a daughter.  Life would be pretty pants without them.


  1. Everyone else seems to be leaving theirs at the moment, so, very nice that you appreciate yours (no 10).

    Totally agree with no 7. The more useless and pretty the better. Good luck with your exhibition and well done on having your accounts done so early. A thoroughly unpleasant task you now have out of your way.

    1. Hello!
      Thank you kindly for your comment, the accounts are very much an unpopular task now done and dusted, great feeling! Thanks for visiting xxx

  2. Awe, this is such a beautiful post Julia. It's a lovely thing to just take note of the little everyday things that you love and make you happy. The bluebells have ended in my garden and I am so sad to see them go. I also have an incredible soft spot for butterflies. I went to London Zoo a couple of years ago with family and they had a butterfly enclosure. OH MY WORD, it was the most beautiful thing ever, to just walk and have the most beautiful exotic butterflies flutter past and land on you.

    WOW, too to your coastline. Just such a beautiful image you have showed. A good old coastal walk sure does blow the old cobwebs away!

    I bet it's such a lovely feeling to see your artwork displayed. You have such a beautiful talent Julia. And yes, here's to family.........as life really would be rather pants without them!

    Take care my lovely xxxxxx

    1. Dear Vanessa, thank you for visiting! So lovely of you to leave me such a nice comment too - I was much inspired by your own blog these last few days, and noticed you too had done a post about Ten Things ~ I hope you don't mind that I was inspired to do my own! :)
      Thanks again, much love xxxx

  3. Your ten things left me with a lasting smile. Straight to the heart! Alexine in Maryland

  4. What a pleasing post Julia, very refreshing. I was in Argyll last week and saw miles and miles of Bluebells, they are simply exquisite aren't they?

    Good luck with your exhibition.


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