Friday, 30 May 2014

Sea Salty Air :: Part 2

The coast for me is a treasure trove of inspiration.  I am drawn towards magical looking shop windows, full of enticing wares, souvenirs and art.  I relish impromtu visits to favourite coffee shops, to catch my breath and relax with a warming drink and a slice of something delicious.  I like simply wandering around and noticing the little details that inevitably make up the tapestry of a coastal village; small windows, lobster pots, a tangle of bright orange buoys, peeling paint on the hull of an old boat.  All of this is balm for the soul, to be surrounded with such pleasing visuals, textures, tastes and sounds.  For me it is part of the experience of being by the sea, the threads that help to weave the memories that I will look back upon in years to come.

Here are a few memories of our days away, of places and objects I found.


I don't know about you, but I love peeking into shop windows whose shelves are laden with enticing treats and souvenirs...

There aren't many shops in Robin Hood's Bay, but two that I like the best are Treat Therapy (top photo above) where you can indulge in an aromatherapy massage, or buy one of their deliciously scented handmade soaps or beach inspired gifts.  The second place is Wave Contemporary Crafts (bottom photo here), which is a beautiful coastal-inspired gallery full of amazing art and craft.

My family and I also love to visit Swell, in our opinion, the nicest cafe for miles.  The staff are superbly friendly and welcoming.  The coffee is delicious, as are their mouth watering baked goodies, and if you're lucky you might get a table on their outdoor terrace with sweeping views of the bay.

Despite the rough weather that we endured in places we did have a few spells of hot sunshine to remind us that we were indeed at the end of May and not the beginning of November.  But that aside, even in the bad weather the beach is magnetic, it draws us down to it's damp sands and churning waves.  The wind whips up the scent of seaweed and ozone, an irresistable perfume that one cannot help but inhale deeply.  Wrapped up in waterproofs against the random showers, we enjoy the simple pleasures of castle building and walking along the waters edge.

Til next time...

J xxx


  1. And I also love part two! Thank you very much for taking me on such a beautiful virtual walk :)


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