Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Sea Salty Air :: Part 1

Sometimes I feel a yearning for the coast.  The lure of sea salty air, the call of gulls and distant blue horizons prove too much to resist, and so we fill the car and head off to our beautiful Yorkshire coast.  We can be there in just under two hours on a good day, and so it doesn't seem too far to travel, to quench that longing, that thirst that I have to be near to the sea.

Robin Hood's Bay was our destination this time, my favourite little jewel of a place on the east coast.  We were very lucky this time that our visit included a stay in a comfortable Bed and Breakfast with breathtaking views of the bay - a special treat to celebrate our daughter's 7th birthday no less.  Waking up to the cry of seabirds, a glittering sea and a brilliant blue sky was a tonic for the soul, not to mention a delicious home cooked breakfast, rustled up from the tastiest local ingredients.

Robin Hood's Bay, for those of you not familar with the place is a gem of a place steeped in history and legend.  Tiny fishermen's cottages with their cheery terracotta roof tiles, tumble down the steep incline of a hill towards the tiny slipway at the bottom.  Apparently in days gone by, Robin Hood's Bay was a smuggling hot spot, and apparently a bolt of silk could make its way from the bottom of the village to the top without ever leaving a house.  It is exciting to imagine the secret underground passages that linked the little houses in the olden days, and the people who used them to transport their contraband.

The houses here are an artist's dream!  Climbing roses smother the old stone walls and hidden pathways with street names, lead to tiny doors and hidden gardens.  There are enticing glimpses into windows; a table laid for supper, candles flickering in glass votives, a bottle of wine and a fresh rustic loaf in a bread basket...buckets and spades litter the doorways, and the scent of an outdoor barbecue fills the air with mouth watering aromas.

I think I could quite happily live here!

There's much more to tell, but I'll save these bits to share with you soon; think boats, beaches, coffee and cake, heavenly peeks into shop windows and other delightful coastal details that I noticed on my wanderings.

See you again soon.
J xxx


  1. Lovely. I was there last summer and I liked it much better than Staithes.

  2. Good to read from you again!
    Your pictures are perfect for me! I love the tiny street between the houses, it is like in movies, like I imagine in old time, like I imagine when I read an old book From England.
    There is so much to tell, you are right ..
    Miss xx
    Ps: I live in great spaces, big areas so tiny street are far away from here.

  3. I am really rather jealous :| We were planning on going there this week with the caravan, but for various reasons it was not to be for us just yet. Hoping for a summer jaunt there though xxxx can't wait to read about the rest of your hols!

  4. I love it to follow your blog and these photgraphs you have taken are beautiful! This must be a wonderful place!

  5. Your photos are awe inspiring. I feel my paintbrush screaming to get on with it but my knitting is calling as well. Love reading your visions.:-)


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