Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I Wish for Spring

I don't like to wish my life away, but I wish for Spring.  I wish for warm air as I open my back door and step into a new morning.  I wish for a scent of promise and optimism in the morning breeze as I hang out my laundry, a wish for that feeling of contentment as the sun arcs the sky like a splendid white gold ball.  I wish to sit outside on my bench with a cup of tea and a magazine and close my eyes to feel that warmth on my face, and to open my eyes to a blue, cloudless sky.

I long for days when colourful flowers open their tender buds and share their colourful beauty, and I wish for the days that are cerulean blue and forever posted in my memory like hazy snapshots that makes me feel deeply happy whenever I remember them.

I look around my little home, my tiny, crochet strewn home and I feel grateful for it's warmth and cosy interior on this cold Winter day; the sky is the colour of dirty dishwater and even the skeletal trees that stand like sentinels on the riverbank seem sullen and miserable.  I buy a bunch of Spring flowers and they instantly cheer me, remind me that Spring is just a whisper away, that already we are flying into February at the speed of sound and the first month of our new year is almost over.

We take walks in our nearby countryside, the air is cold and bites your skin, and there are icy puddles for jumping in.  There is a weak sun, and at a lone farmhouse someone is burning wood; fingers of blue grey smoke curl up into the still air and hang like fine gauzy ribbons along the valley.

We wander through enchanted forests and hear birdsong from the treetops. Now and then something small and unseen flits between the branches, we sense movement and life, but see nothing.

We come across a gaggle of geese on one of our jaunts, their bright orange feet a cheery contrast to their snow white bodies and the hard white frosty ground.

We admire the frostbitten seedheads, wintery sculptures that line the side of the river before turning towards the cafe to warm our hands around fat mugs of hot tea.

Winter is making the most of the crisp outdoors, and cosying up indoors with gentle projects and crocheted blankets.

There are lots of things to cherish and enjoy in the Winter...but oh, I wish for Spring.

J x


  1. Thankyou for sharing your winter walk. :) Your pictures are beautiful as are your words. Spring will be here before you know it!
    Jess xx

  2. What lovely words and I echo your sentiments.
    Helen xx

  3. I long for it too. Today is bright and cold and I don't mind that so much, but I too long to fling my doors open and sit on my back step with the sun on my face and a drink in hand. Not too long to wait!

    Hope you are well my lovely

    Big love

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxx

  4. It's coming. Just give it a chance.

  5. Dear Julia, I do agree with you!!! I almost need my fingerless handwarmess when typing this! But sooner than we realize it's spring, sunny and flowery! I wish you love week with spring dreams! x Teje

  6. I am happy for all the seasons and all in their time. There is much to enjoy about them all. The weather is not life, just a back drop to it.

  7. I too wish for Spring. It is always warm and sunny in my bedtime dreams year round. I dream of swinging on my front porch with my knitting at hand and the gentle breezes blowing...

  8. I have to say i agree with you to. I long for warm days and sunshine as much as i like being cosy inside during the winter and sewing etc my body and joints prefere the warmth. dee x

  9. Oh I am wishing for spring too - although it was lovely and sunny here today it is soooooooo cold. Am fed up of being cold now! Hopefully it won't be too long, though we may have to get through some snowy days first, they're forecasting it for later in the week! xx

  10. I have not enjoyed this winter, as it has seemed so dark and dismal for so many days, then the wind, uugh, least favourite weather. But little shoots are peeping up in the garden, I'm so glad I planted those bulbs, I knew it would bring cheer. Hope you get some sunshine soon.Frosty sun is Ok for now!

  11. Love, love, love this post Julia! Gorgeous pics and beautiful writing. I haven't struggled too badly with winter so far which is most unlike me, but am now desperate for spring. zz

  12. oh yes i too cant wait for the sunnier day with the warmth on my face, its been rather cold here too in cambridgeshire x

  13. What lovely words and |I agree your sentiments entirely, but we are now in the depths of winter and spring seems a long way away.
    have a lovely week.

  14. Your post reads like a fabulous poem - it's beautifully written. I'm wishing for Spring too, but I do like these crisp, clear, cold days we've been having. Stay warm! XX


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