Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Anyone for Crochet?

Hello :)

Do you remember quite a while ago I started a blanket from that lovely book by Nicki Trench ~ Cute & Easy Crochet...

I had a stash of acrylic wool (a mixture of King Cole and Stylecraft Special DK), and started in earnest to make four hundred or so little squares...

...well it's been a while since I did any little squares, but at the weekend I decided to dig the yarn bag out and crack on.

Thing was, I felt a little bit burdened by the idea of making four hundred squares.  I know I could have made a smaller blanket, I suppose you can make any shape or size you like with a pattern such as this one, but a New Idea presented itself.  Just as I was thinking 'well if I'm not making my little squares blanket, what on earth can I use all this wool for then?' the answer to that question popped in my head and there was no going back.

I would make a cushion out of the little pile of squares for my little girl's bedroom, and I would use the rest of the wool to make a Granny Stripe! blanket

So that's what I did on Sunday.

As luck would have it I already had a small square cushion pad, and I had sixteen little squares already made up which fitted just right.
Sunday afternoon was spent crocheting them all together, along with many cups of tea and spontaneous games and lego building in between.

I made the cushion envelope style, and sewed on some sparkly pink buttons to fasten it together.  Needless to say, my little girl is over the moon with it, and it now sits with Bunny on her bed.

But you know how it is, when you've got the seed of an idea blossoming in the recess of your mind, you want to get cracking on it.  Well, I do at least.  I was itching to start my Granny Stripe once I'd made my mind up to do it and once Small was in bed, I got busy.

Out came those gloriously sweet shades of wool...and out came the hook...a couple of hours of delicious hooky bliss ensued...

I confess to being in love with Granny Striping; how easy it is, how lovely and rythmical...how soothing it is to work up and down those colourful rainbow enriched rows, and how quickly it seems to grow!

I can heartily recommend doing a Granny Stripe blanket to anyone - it is one of the most satisfying things to have in your WIP basket.  I've decided to make this blanket for my daughter, the colours are so sugary bright and just right for a little girl.  As for the wool, I think I've mentioned before that as far as acrylic wool goes they seem pretty good, not overly greasy or squeaky, and the colours make it a very happy crocheting experience. 

I'll keep you updated on my progress, if I carry on at this rate it might be finished in just a few weeks!

Before I go, I'd just like to thank you for your comments and enquiries from the last post, you're very kind and it's much appreciated :)

I hope you're enjoying a bright sunny week, thanks for popping in to see me today...

Love Julia x


  1. What a pretty little cushion. I can see why your little girl loved it. Love the bright colours you're using for your blanket too.
    I'm just crocheting an edging on a baby blanket I've knitted for a friend's expected baby. It's such a lovely thing to make for relaxation :-)
    A x

  2. This looks so beautiful Julia, you make the whole experience sound lovely, I wish I could get back into crotcheting, I used to do it years ago, but can't seem to get started. Those colours are fab, I would like to sit and twiddle away with the hook, sounds great.

  3. Love the pillow and love the granny stripe! :)

  4. LOVELY LOVELY !!! ;>)

    Inspired by this beauty :
    I just started crochetting a squares blanket a few weeks ago (see my blog) and I'm totally HOOKED !

    ENJOY, dear Julia!


  5. I love the sparkly button fastenings on your cushion! I'm making a 'granny stripe' blanket from acrylic too at the moment. It's so easy to do, you can switch off mentally and before you know it, your knees are covered in glorious colours of the rainbow!
    Jess xx

  6. Love your cushion! And the stripe blanket too! Lovely bright colors!
    Olga ☼

  7. Aw such a dainty little thing just perfect for a little girls room! Don't you just love the never ending granny possibilities!! And that granny stripe!! The colors are gorgeous!!! LoL I'm all full of !!!! today. But honestly both are just beautiful! :-)

  8. The cushion looks fantastic. I'm bet your daughter is glad you changed your mind about the blanket because the pillow is beautiful.

  9. Your cushion/squares are just gorgeous! What a great idea. I also love the granny strip pattern. It makes such a neat blanket. Every time I use it I discover different colors that come together making it seem "new" every time. Great post!!!

  10. I just wanted to say hello i have wondered over from Bunny Mummy blog who i have been following for a while now. I saw you crochet and that was it i was hooked you could say ;-)) Such a pretty cushion. Have fun with the blanket. dee x

  11. I'm sure she'll adore that lovely granny stripe blanket as much as she's enjoying her cushion! I'm working on a granny square blanket that's taking FOREVER, so I know that feeling!

  12. Oh it's beautiful I feel your pain with that blanket, I blogged about this very issue just a short while ago
    I have decided that I am going to plod on and go for the blanket, but I was sorely tempted with a cushion!
    I think if all the women with a little stash of these squares got together we could have put them all in a pot and done a draw for who gets the lot then at least one of us would get a blanket :0)
    Kandi x

  13. Loving the cushion with it's pretty pink sparkly buttons ~ just right for a little girl's room. I'm also in the middle of a Granny stripe blanket ~ mine is blue for my little boy though. I agree that it does work up really quickly and easily and is a joy to work on too :O)x

  14. Well - what an amazing co-incidence! I too started this blanket in the summer, and I too got sidetracked by other things. And I was feeling a bit guilty for consigning them to the craft box.

    I think, if you dont mind me being a copy-cat, make mine into a cushion too!

    And Im so in agreement about granny stripes!

    BTW I have a giveaway at the moment at my blog, please pop over and join in!


  15. Hi Julia, love your cushion...I would be daunted by all those small squares too. I LOVE granny stripes , as you say so quick and soothing to make and the finished item has lovely drape too.I made one in blues and greens for one of my boys...remember it ?? He loves it.
    Jacquie x

  16. It is beautiful, I got that book for Christmas but haven't made anything from it yet.
    I've just posted details of the blanket I'm making which is good one for stash busting.
    Carol xx

  17. Oh Julia that cushion is so pretty, perfect for your little girl. I've yet to make a granny stripe blanket BUT I think I shall be trying now, it looks a very relaxing process, not too much hard thinking perfect 'for been at work knackered but want to do something sort of crochet' x

  18. Hi Julia! That was great idea to make a cushion and a stripe blanket! You made me want to crochet a blanket with stripes, whichs I haven't done yet. Happy crocheting! x Teje

  19. What a pretty cushion, I also have that book but have not used it yet - I know I should. If I had a lovely crochet hook like you have I think I would do more, Where did you get it from? have a great weekend.

  20. yes i have the same pattern for that blanket with 400 odd squares, so many to do but i love the idea of making a cushion, i just need to make a start on it, your cushion looks lovely, love the colours x

  21. Can't believe I've never been on your blog before! Your projects are stunning! Beautiful pillow!

  22. Oh No! it's me again! The list gets longer Julia ..... fish and chips (with lots of vinegar!) seaside, Yorkshire, Decopatch, and NOW I too have finished my first Granny stripe blanket, which I loved, loved making. But that's not all Julia ..... before coming South, I lived in Glossop in the Peak District!!!!
    You will be fed up of my comments ..... to think I used to just look, read and enjoy your blog .... now I comment too!
    have a lovely day tomorrow,
    Val xx


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