Thursday, 6 October 2011

Tiny Crochet Inspiration


I've decided that I am rapturously in love with tiny crochet.  Have you ever seen it?  It all began a few months ago when I also fell in deep throes of love with a little website that is known as Pinterest...oh my goodness, this place is the stuff of serious addiction, and it was on here that I got a glimpse of something that knocked my socks off, made me almost collapse with desire; that gave me a serious dose of the Wanties....and then a serious dose of the I Can Make It Myself's.

Pinterest, for those of you who are not yet familiar with it, is a place of many beautiful, virtual pin boards.  You can take pictures off the internet to create your own pinboards, or repin other peoples pins from their Pinterest boards.  If you decide to venture into this world of gorgeous, desirable things, then prepare to lose several hours of your life to it.  You will be hooked!

This is a link to my can see how much fun I've been having can't you!

Anyway, I digress...I was talking about Tiny Crochet.  And after being inspired by this here, and this here I got myself a teeny tiny crochet hook, and some very fine thread.

I confess to it being very tricksy to do, after spending most of my Crocheting Years using much bigger hooks and much thicker wool.  But I'm not giving up!
The downside of teeny hooks and teeny crochet thread is that it will obviously take a lot longer to make anything wearable than it would using DK yarn.  But...on the other hand the fragile, web like nature of the finished item is so utterly desirable then I figure it's worth the time and the effort.

So.  Another WIP begins.  Slowly.  Gradually.  


Seedheads & Boats is now available as an open edition signed and titled print!  You can find it in my gallery shop, just click here to go directly to the page and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

I have also just launched a special offer on my fine art cards; you can now buy 5 of your favourites for £10.00, saving £2.50 when buying individually.  You can click here to see this offer.

On the painting front I'm cracking on with my Christmas card design, but struggling to be Christmassy at this time of year.  It all seems so early (and I'm sure most of you will agree that it is) but at the same time it's necessary.  So snow and reindeer it is then!  Perhaps it will come together once I get my mitts on Michael Buble's new Christmas CD -  yes, I'm certain that will help as I'm rather partial to that twinkly eyed chap and his dreamy voice!

But back to Autumn...

...The nights are really drawing in fast now.  I am lighting little lanterns and tea lights of an evening.  I quite like this time of year, when we naturally retreat indoors; I love the wild weather when I can snuggle down and work on my Christmas Gifts ~ did I tell you how much I'm enjoying making my little hand embroidered lavender pillows?  You may remember this one, I shared it a few posts back:

I'm just about done with my second one too, which has a blue and white Cornish ware jug on it full of daisies.  It's such a gentle and relaxing pass time and I think I like it as much as I like my crocheting.  I look forward to the darker evenings when the little one is in bed, when I can get on with my Projects...and by the way, this project is almost done too!

I've really enjoyed working with that beautiful Andes yarn.  I'm going to have a bit left over too, and I'm wondering if it will stretch to make a pair of arm warmers...oh my word, I think I need to put the brakes on a bit with all these ideas and WIP's I've got on the go!!  Anyway, that's about it from me today - I send you mugs of spiced hot chocolate, golden forest walks, warm candle light and lots of love.  Thanks for visiting today,

Julia x x x


  1. oh so glad you've made seadheads into a print I love it. off to look at your pinterest boards, I love that site! xxx

  2. Gorgeous tiny crochet ... I'm neither good enough at crochet, nor brave enough ... but I wish I were. Can't wait to see what you make :D

  3. Dear Julia,
    how about your hand? Hope it is better! I really love your lavender-pillow! The embroidery is too cute!
    Take care!

  4. I have regular looks at Sophie Digard and a few others and then I have conversations with myself about the possibilities. This is totally my kind of thing. I like spending ages on a project I love and am sad when it finishes. It would be making a scarf with the time scale of a blanket. Such pleasure though - before (in the planning), during and after. I think it sounds like a beautiful project.

    Yes, I too do hope your hand is better, must have been a horrible thing for you.

  5. It's good to see your creating mojo briming over again & i look forward to the ta-da moments....


  6. I love the tiny crochet scarves you have linked to, they're beautiful and I'm rather tempted myself now.
    Have you any plans to bring out Seedheads as a card soon -ie soon enough to be included in your special offer?

  7. I love that lavender bag, so very pretty ~ and I love your open edition prints, really good value for money ~ I might put a couple on my Birthday list!!

  8. You've been so busy Julia and do you sometimes find your brain is just too bursting with ideas to keep up with! Mine is and now I want to try some tiny crochet too I have a hook, I have some yarn but alas not the time. Today anyway. Pinterest, seriously addictive!

  9. Tiny crochet is wonderful! I really enjoy using thread and tiny hooks. It's so precise and dainty :)

    That said, it does take some time, and it can be hard on your hands and eyes!

    I'll look forward to seeing what you do x

  10. Looking forward to seeing the teeny crochet project. It all looks lovely, but my eyesight and patience mean I stick to four ply at the thinnest!

  11. This all looks so lovely Julia, I love your pintrest stuff, some gorgeous things on there! Wow, I thought it was all to do with lettering and type etc? The tiny crochet is so sweet, you could combine that with Lavender bag production, some pretty organza under it and all the lovely lavender smells would easily come through, even if it was just one little piece. Any way Fab inspiration, I hope your hand is much better now. Have you seen the website, Rainbow silks, I went there to get some stamping stuff, but it's full of allsorts!:D X Julie

  12. I am as smitten as you were with the tiny crochet!! How beautiful!!

  13. I don't crochet myself, but I love the dainty little pieces that this tiny crochet delivers. Stunning and good luck with it.

  14. Hi Julia! Thank you for sharing your pin boards and telling about pinterest! I'm afraid to start that because as you say it surely takes a lot of time! Love your painting and autumn thoughts!
    Tiny Crochet - so much fun! That scarf is so beautiful!
    xxx Teje
    Ps. I go to see more your pin boards!

  15. A lovely post Julia. I love the idea of tiny crochet. So very french! I have not ventured into the realms of Pinterest as I seriously do not need a case of the wanties right now as purse strings are very tight right now and just don't want to put myself into temptations way. Well, that and I could not figure it out. Well, you have laid that one to bed now lol. Maybe I will have a browse one day. One, very wet and thunderstormy, day! xx

  16. Darn it - you made me look!

  17. I'd love to see a pic of your tiny crochet. The yarn looks lovely to work with! I'm looking forward to your christmas cards too. :)
    Jess xx

  18. Hello Sweet Julia,
    I too got bit by the teeny-tiny crochet bug early this past year, but never quite got past making 7 flowers (the Japanese scarf pattern that's been going 'round Ravelry). It's quite hard on the eyes and one doesn't receive the kind of lovely, squishy satisfation that one gets with a blankie or scarf... but your links to inspiration and your lovely post will take me back to my little pile of flowers... XOXO much love, Ursula


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